John Terry in e-mail own goal

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

England and Chelsea captain John Terry has distanced himself from the rather embarrassing e-mail that was sent out by a small marketing company claiming that Terry, who earns £170k per week was available for commercial endorsements ahead of the 2010 World Cup finals.

The campaign set up by Riviera Entertainment in Enfield was marketed and circulated around the sports community.

“John Terry is available to create effective brand awareness and endorse products and services globally,” said the firm.

But Terry released a statement saying that the email had been sent without his knowledge or permission.

“An email inviting commercial endorsements for me has been published,” said Terry.

“This email was sent without my authority or knowledge and was not approved by me (or those advising me). I have nothing further to say on the matter.”

Terry is one of the highest paid footballers in Europe. He is also the face of Umbro, has appeared in ad campaigns for Samsung, Nationwide & King of Shaves. He also has a sponsorship deal with Konami and was on the front cover of Pro Evolution Soccer  6 with Brazil international Adriano.

Brand Beckham revolutionized sports marketing with his good looks, clean image & pop star wife, which made him an international marketing dream. Terry on the other hand has been no stranger to tabloid controversy, drunken antics on nights out, and a family who only recently were caught shoplifting.

In a Premier League saturated with billionaires and players earning more than most movie stars, has John Terry and his agent scored an own goal with this appalling piece of gluttonous opportunism?

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  • stevie

    totally embarrassing! Peewee Terry would not be a good front man for any brand, who does he think he is?

  • Mike somerville

    As if his mother being caught stealing wasn’t embarrassing enough…!

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