John Terry proves we are all human

by Mark Smith

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

A lot has been said in the media this weekend about England captain John Terry, new revelations about his private life came out this weekend which involved a team mates ex girlfriend. It looks like John Terry has been going behind his wife’s back and sleeping with Wayne Bridges ex girlfriend which probably happens a lot in the real world but being England captain pushes a bigger spotlight onto the story.

In all of this I feel sorry for John Terry’s wife but some the reaction towards this story has been ridiculous, why should John Terry no longer captain his country because of this story? Does it make him any less able to play football and lead his country? Of course not, they maybe some ructions within the England camp but im sure this wont effect England’s chances at the World Cup.

It’s not great timing for John Terry as this is the 4th high profile news story relating to John, first up was his Mum stealing £800 worth of food/clothes, then his dad selling coke to a NOTW reporter after that followed the story that John was taking cash for tours around Stamford Bridge and now this. Terry has been a tabloids writers dream and I feel sorry for him in some cases, I mean he has no control over what kind of people his parents and the other two stories just proves that underneath the fame and fortune that we are all human and make mistakes.

So I say we should give John some slack and not get carried away with the media, but i’m sure the visiting fans at the Bridge will remind him constantly of the mistakes he has made.

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  • Dave

    To be honest, I really dont care about what JT does in his personal life aslong as when he steps out onto the pitch he does what he has always done and that is being when of the best defenders of recent years.

    For me thats all that matters, I really dont care about players personal lives.

  • What_would_Clough_do

    I think Fab needs to play this by ear. What happened to Sven last time, not a fan of his by the way, but that was unfair, Sven was set up, it takes two to tango too, though I think Terry should have known better and has only himself to blame.

    This is a disruption. If there is a new captain, player X, most everyone will see it as he is there because JT is being punished as being a bad boy. IF John Terry remains Captain, that is what we will need to see what might happen. Team Chemistry needs to be paid attention to and the whole of the team should not suffer as a consequence and with that said, it’s only the Captain’s duties that would be moved to another person which I understand is minimal. It’s not like Terry would be kicked off the team. So, let him play as Captain in the next friendly and see how it goes.

  • Ash

    If he’s lost the respect of the players then he shouldn’t be captain, simple as. What he’s done is bang out order to wife anyway but also to do a dirty on a mate regardless if they were together or not, for me is an all time low. I know if one of my friends carried on with my other half even after we’d spilt he’d be lucky if I and the rest of my friends spoke to him ever again. Apply that to a dressing room and doesn’t sound like the sort of guy who you want as captain.

    And your right he is human and has the ability to stop think and say no, but don’t be silly he thinks he’s untouchable even trying to get the NOTW to stop revealing the story. You got caught mate plain and simple and you should have known better. Granted the rest of the England squad are no angles (Gerrard alleged assault, Rio and his drug saga and Lamps adultery) but none of them did was do the dirty on a friend and team-mate.

    I’ve got no doubt he should be in the squad, but as a leader without respect no thanks.

  • rob pullinger

    I cant vouch for the authenticity of this but you never know…….

    You boys’ll like this, I bumped into the old Press Officer for Chelsea the other night who now has her own company doing PR for a number of the players. She was a tad pissed and let slip a few things she shouldnt of! Thought I’d give you a lowdown of the next months News Of the World headlines:

    He is now desperately trying to pay off an underage girl he’s been boning (along with literally countless others), is also £12 million in gambling debt (hence taking cash for tours,selling his Wembley box, remortgaging his houses, dad dealing coke, Mum thieving etc), he has already borrowed 1 million from Abramovich and has absolutely no money. There was a story a couple of weeks ago in all the papers back about how JT was in court as a credit card company were trying to get some money back from a guy who had gone bankrupt and had apparently paid 40k for JTs honeymoon. He was one of JTs bookmakers who made millions from him which is why he paid for his honeymoon. JT has also had to pay Vanessa £500,000 up front and another 100k a year for the next 5 years. Young Vanessa bless her wide mouthed fanny has also been fcuking Ashley Cole whilst JT has also been having a bit of Hilario’s wife. Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole are getting divorced, he doesn’t really give a shit about the new allegations as everyone knows she fcuks about as well and had a fling with Will I Am (and shagged him in an LA nightclub toilet).


  • mickey marbles

    I read about that bloke who paid for the holiday in the paper, does all sound very fishy. What’s Hilarios wife like!

  • Outside looking in

    Fascinating reading Rob you must have the inside track on this one.

    I have also heard that Cheryl has been putting it about and surprisingly with christopher biggins, and since the infamous evening on a bumfest cruise, she has been plagued with calls of i’m a celebrity get me in there.

    When will the paps get some decent photo’s of this young filly as i would pay a months money to leave some man honey on that.

    As for JT he cannot be captain and although he should play he should at least let wayne charge through his ex. Now that would be a team player!!

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