John Terry should not be England captain (again)

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Sunday, March 20th, 2011

This Sunday SSN broke the story of John Terry being reinstated as England captain. Terry was stripped of his captaincy nearly a year ago for hiding the sausage with England team mate Wayne Bridge’s misses. Capello thinks that a year off as captain is sufficient punishment.

Of the hopeless ego maniacs who fail to lead our great nation, John Terry probably is the most natural leader of the pack. So in a purely football sense, he should be back as captain, after all Fabio has to do what’s best for the team. People will argue that his off field antics should never have resulted in his ban in the first place. The fact is our “stars” will cheat on their wags all the time, but manage to secure an injunction based on European Human Rights law. I think in the few cases we find out, there should be some kind of punishment. They’re role models, and kids need to learn that there will be consequences for doing things that this. More to the point though, everyone wants to be a footballer, they live the dream, so expecting them to behave themselves is not a big ask. From the outside looking in, they have everything anyone could ever want. They should show the rest of us some decorum, and not take the piss.

There is another issue here though. Fabio’s U-turn shows he is weak, and clueless. So many good managers have tried and failed to get our lot to stop being donkeys and play some football. I think Fabio has now failed. Who else would have brought on a big useless log when you desperately need a late goal? And this is further proof that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You just can’t do that. You can’t sack someone and then re-hire them again. It shows he has no back bone, and is resorting to means like this to try and improve things on the pitch.

Part of me thinks all this is irrelevant. No John Terry shouldn’t be England captain, but does it really matter anyway? They should all be leaders, and all pull their weight equally. Who the captain is will make absolutely no difference to the performance of the side, and the hopes and dreams of its fanatics. We’ll call this regime a write-off. Fabio will be gone soon, and so will a lot of the current crop. Hopefully the next manager is a) English, and b) can find some young talent who actually want to wear the shirt.

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  • dexylongshot

    Here’s food for thought, if papers are to be believed (well ahem), a couple of very high profile players currently have a few injunctions out, i wonder if they too were in the running for Captain duties?

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