Kaka closing in on Arsenal switch*

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Arsene Wenger is expected to make some big-name signings at long last with days remaining before the transfer window closes.

It emerged that Kaka, Gary Cahill, Leighton Baines, Yann M’Vila & Lille forward Eden Hazard are all possible targets*.

But here lies the problems, Arsenal fans, including myself are fed up with that word. Target, target, target. How many players can you look at before making an official bid?

In a frustrating pre-season which saw The Gunners linked with over 2000 possible transfers, (note hint of sarcasm) Arsene Wenger is under tremendous pressure to bring some quality into the squad. Every pundit, every fan, every man can see this team is not good enough. This is the worst Arsenal squad for 15 years. Players want out, The Emirates is no longer full.

It breaks my heart to say this, but I’ve finally lost patience in The Professor. Wenger was one of the greatest managers of his generation, his new training methods, diet and pure footballing philosophy was a breath of fresh air, the man, quite simply revolutionized the modern game. Just ask Paul Merson.

Like George Graham before him, Wenger has won trophies, but also failed miserably on so many levels. If you win the league or come close, you strengthen your squad with quality. If you sell your best players, you replace them immediately with quality. If you play kids, you play them along side-experienced players. See Manchester United.

Tomorrow Champions League tie in the Stadio Friuli is a massive game, not just for Arsenal but also for Wenger. With the customary defeat at Old Trafford looming, the once invincible Professor could be even closer to the unthinkable.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; Spurs are bottom of the league again!

*As if

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  • JB

    in Arsene we rust!

  • Gooner Paul

    We are re building, stop moaning and support your team

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Addy

    Kaka is nit god enogh for Arsenal, we dt want him

  • abiye

    Wenger needs a rest.. Infact wenger needs Jesus

  • Mikie S

    We’ll sign none of them. I wanted Scott Dann, but he’s on his way to Liverpool. I wanted Mata, he’s signed for Chelsea. I want Hazard, he’ll end up at PSG.

    Our Scouts and agents are a total joke.

  • pistolpete

    I agree with Paul i think a few of the moaners will be made to eat their words.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    the sight of wenger standing in the rain looking like a drenched lost rat says it all!

  • lutfur Rahman

    We Trust in Arsene and if we get fit all our players back,Still Arsenal is a big threat for ….

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @pistolpete I really hope so too, I really do.

    United signed all their players early, (good ones too) and took them on tour in pre season.

    We’ll struggle to sign anyone decent on last day as usual, then will then sit on bench for a few games before finally playing.

    12m on a League 1 player too?

  • goonerjay

    Addy… are you dizzy? the guy was world player of the year just 3-4 years ago. Besides… anything is better than relying on Aaron Ramsey to get the ball behind the defence.
    Wenger has destroyed this team over the last 5 years… this Arsenal team is shocking and the only person to blame is Wenger.

    We were close last season but through it away at the end of the season through lack of depth and lack of experience and defensive quality. During the summer Wenger has managed to lose 3 important first team players, bring in one good but incosistent player and 3 teenagers who are nowhere near ready to be playing first team football at a club as big as Arsenal… Wenger has lost the plot

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @goonerjay couldn’t agree more. Ramsey is the most over rated player in Premier League. He is not the answer. There’s a missing posters in North London as no one has seen him yet.

    Jenikson was out if his depth. Why didn’t Wenger go to Everton and use the 8m we made from the Clichy sale and buy the best left back in the league Baines would cost us 12m, so 4m, not bad for a class player who can also score from free kicks.

  • Sefto11

    Ok guys perspective time. Wolves are near the top of the league, Man utd last season were woeful before Xmas and won the league, Liverpool one by an own goal and an offside goal. We played with Nasri and we still lost. It is two games in to the season ONLY. Look at Blackpool last season and they went down after a superb start. It is all doom and gloom and i am saying this as an Arsenal fan and i mean FAN, we have lost nothing yet. Wenger is building a great team but we have wage structure at Arsenal and the truth is we are actually one of the highest paying clubs in the premiere. What this means is Bendntner, Arshavin, even Squilacci earn so much money no club wants to buy them. I assure you Wenger will buy this summer and buy well. Then we will have four new players plus Joel Campbell. Ryo Myachi, Benik Afobe, Frimpong all waiting to come in. My one big concern is left back, if i were Wenger i would get Baines a superb player. centre b ack i would opt for Cahill, a great start to the season. I feel more than sure we will qualify tomorrow night and then watch the foreign players queue up to come and play at Arsenal. Support your team and the manager, Nick gooner till i die.

  • demo

    i’m sick and tired of wenger

  • demo

    idk how long we gna continue like this

  • goonerjay

    @Sefto11… we are all fans… when we go to the games we cheer the team on… just because we show a passion and an understanding of football to get aggitated when we see players like Aaron Ramsey who is clearly not yet ready to cut it at the top level trying to fill the void left by Fabregas doesn’t make us any less of a fan…. just realistic.

    Wenger has told us every year just before season ticket renewal time for the last 5 years that he is going to strengthen the team and bring in some ‘world class experienced players’ yet at the end of each transfer window we have sold more than we brought in and every year are becoming more and more dependant on our reserve players who are not yet ready, to get through a season.

    Mate no offence, but if you think this current team is going to do anything this season you are as deluded as Wenger…. we won’t even be in the top 5.

    As for your comment about losing with Nasri playing on Saturday…. nasri was our best attacking player by a country mile… imagine how we would have performed without him. Wallcot did nothing over than pass the ball back to Jenkinson every time he got it. Arshavin lost the ball when he got it. RVP barely touched the ball and looked a bit disinterested with it all and Aaron Ramsey consistently lost the ball and did a good impression of Denilson by passing sideways every time he did manage to distribute anything… our attack was woeful on Saturday and Nasri and Frimpong were the only players that even attepted to be more direct and push the team forward.

  • goonerjay

    And just to top it off we pay the highest ticket prices in the league… for what? where does all of our money go because it certainly doesn’t go into building a stronger team which was the whole reason for moving to the Emirates was it not?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @goonerjay is speaking sense.

    We offered nothing going forward. Look at Man City, 42 shots in 2 games. That was us last season. If we don’t buy some quality I really believe we’ll struggle to score goals.

    Ping Pong looks a class act, surely he would grow playing next to a season pro like Parker, even if it costs us 6 or 7 m it will be worth it in the long term as we can sell him to Barcelona for 35m!

  • Sefto11

    Nasri has just agreed terms and is going to citeh now for a medical

  • goonerjay

    excellent… now the only experienced, world class creative midfielder we have is the seriously out of form Arshavin….. It is safe to say Arsenals ambitions as a club are at free fall… no Champions League for us next year, let’s just keep racking in the cash from fans and player sales

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    On the space 6 years we have gone from being the most feared team in the league, to the softest push overs, both on and off the pitch.

    Why didn’t we try to get one of cities players in s swap deal? Even swp would have done

  • goonerjay

    AFC is no longer a football club… it’s a commercial business, there soley to make profits

  • TrueGooner

    Give it a rest lads and get behind the team.
    Chelsea won the double the season before last and then went on to spend £98m on 5 players and finished with nothing.
    Try and keep the faith. Some of the posts have said that Wenger always says he’ll buy players and then never does yet every year we are still battling on all fronts and are always a threat when it comes to winning the title. Who knows maybe if like Chelsea we got knocked out of both domestic cups early then spent £100m on players and finished 2nd maybe that would make you all feel better.
    Wenger will sort the squad out he always does and then we’ll be challenging again and who knows maybe then everyone can stop taking digs at him but i doubt it, even when he won his 3rd title everyone said he had too many foreigners in the side. Having a dig at arsenal is every non arsenal fans favourite past time the last thing we need is gooners doing the same thing. In Wenger we trust.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    It’s looking that way. The Yank is a complete waste of space and shows exactly what he is all about too

  • goonerjay

    RIP AFC…. it’s been emotional.

  • sammy976

    The invincibles season has proved to be a double edged sword. It doubled AW’s reserve to win always by playing computer game perfect football. While this can work in good climates like Spain, in driving rain on a Monday night and a bobbly pitch you lose points. I agree with AW’s thoughts on the overpriced footballer but some of the ems he’s developed they should have taken the hit on the wage structure. Current first 11 could have been Shay Given, Sagna, Vermaelen, Toure, Clichy, Fabregas, Flamini, Walcott, Henry, Adebayor and RVP!



  • nur

    I’m a man united supporter, I can honestly say use are screwed. Lol how do u sell cesc and nasri. Cesc wanted to go but nasri wanted a better a salary but wenger wouldn’t do that even. Seriously wenger needs to go or he needs to start paying ppl the salary they want otherwise arsenal will never reach the potential they were destined to reach. Arsenal is the only team that can play better than barca but wenger is holding use back. Concerned Man united fan.

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