Kean has something other managers can only wish for

by Big Fidge

Monday, January 24th, 2011

SAM Allardyce must be a bit miffed. He’s probably sat at home watching Jeremy Kyle with his already sour face looking even more down in the dumps.

You can imagine his mood after being told he’d lost his job as Blackburn Rovers manager. Dark to say the least.

‘Come on everyone, we’ve been sacked,’ he may have said to his backroom staff. ‘Let’s get out of here.’

Out in the car park he notices there’s someone missing. ‘Where’s Steve?’ Allardyce asks.

‘He, er, said he’d be along in a bit Sam,’ says a slightly scared lacky.

Fast forward a month and that Steve – a certain Steve Kean that Big Sam himself had brought to the club just over a year earlier – is now sitting in the former Bolton and Newcastle gaffer’s old office with a signed two-and-a-half year contract tucked in his back pocket.

You can imagine him dumping the pictures of Mrs Big Sam and kids into the bin and in its place putting one of himself with the new owners looking particularly happy.

It seems an odd appointment. At the same time as the club had been trying to get Brazilian World Cup winning megastar Ronaldinho to Ewood Park, they install a manager whose playing career pinnacle was a brief loan spell with Swansea City.

That’s not to say Kean isn’t a good coach (and plenty of better footballers have made terrible managers). While at Swansea he met Chris Coleman, the two became friends and Kean has coached for the Welshman at Reading, Fulham, Real Sociedad and Coventry City.

But with no managerial experience, he seems like a gamble for a Premier League outfit. And two-and-half-years! Why not just til the end of the season and try and get a bigger name. Mourinho may become available y’know. If not, then Benitez

Yet hearing Kean talk, he may be a welcome addition to the Premier League jet set.

In an interview I heard, he answered the questions honestly, articulately and without cliché. He admitted trying and failing to get Ronaldinho and David Beckham. He said he’d tried to get a couple of Fulham players in and said exactly which players had been offered new contracts – ie Chris Samba.

It seems you’ll get a straight answer from the Scot.

Fans and pundits alike may be scratching their heads in some bemusement at the appointment – and Big Sam is kicking his cat across the living room in annoyance.

But having already been allowed to bring Roque Santa Cruz back to the club and sign Jermain Jones from Schalke, it’s clear that Blackburn’s new manager has the support of his bosses – something a few of his cohorts in the Premier League can only wish for.

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