Keegan – A Fool or a God?

by Martin

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

There are more than a few old adages in football – ‘number twos don’t make good number ones’, ‘it only takes a second to score a goal’, ‘never employ David Pleat’ and so on, but one that has particular resonance right now is the ever popular ‘Never Go Back’.

Kevin Keegan clearly doesn’t heed such adages, as today he has agreed to return to St James’ Park, the scene of his greatest days as a manager. I am today also about to ignore the same adage, as I am going back to the bookies, to bet on Newcastle being relegated.

For a few seasons at Newcastle he was a god. He took them to the peak of the premier league, and should have won them the title, but his live TV meltdown was something his career never recovered from. He was poor at Man City and his laughable appointment as England manager set a yardstick that the FA only managed to better with the appointment of McCLaren.

The problem with Keegan is that he is all passion and no plan. He is as tactically naïve as they come, yet believes that he can motivate players to win games. Time has moved on since his last spell at the club, and football has too. There is no place for his style, he will be out of his depth and I predict that within 12 months he will do one of his now famous walk outs citing pressure or the fact he is not up to it.

Shearer was never an option. He only said he wanted the job when it was clear he wouldn’t get it. He will never take the Newcastle job. The Geordies worship the man, chant his name when they are down, dream of his leadership. He can never live up to their hype, so why risk losing that status. The only job he is after is Lineker’s.

They could have had Houllier, they could have had Deschamps. They chose Keegan. They are going to pay for that decision in a big way – watch this space…

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  • Darren

    It will all end in tears with big ear phones!

  • John

    Great articles, I think you’re wrong on this one though, King Kev is here to stay.

    We have money in the bank, with Kev on the Toon it will be like sign 22 new players!

    We’ve already been linked with Mica Richards, Wright-Philips & Dafoe & Wayne Bridge.

    Bring it on!

  • Peter Baseball bat

    a painted toon smile…keegan will cry black and white tears into the tyne and make it a murky mix of foreboding mid lower table juice. Jimmy Nail as Spender can’t solve this…Mr Sting and Ant & Dec will all have a big party bag of ice cream…and who could forget the pride of Robson Green.

  • Taiwan Toon

    Where has the game changed? How can a manager who leaded a team to 2rd in consecutive years in the EPL be tactically naive? David Ginola has said this, and I am with him. It is true that he did not get England going, but he did a fantastic job at the toon and were reasonable at Fulham and Man C.

    Anyway, I do not agree with you but you are entitled for your opinion anyway. Hopes you did not put too much money into the bookie tho. Cos I predict you will lost money 🙂

  • Carl Christensen

    Good luck to King Kev.

    I heard that a boozer in the toon really got into the Keegan spirit and was offering free drinks to anyone called Kevin !

  • Bill Sacco

    I think its great that someone with such passion is back managing in the English game. Most footie fans will wish Keegan well, and Newcastle really deserve success – they are a committed deserving bunch up there.

    He has got all the attributes to make things happen

    One thing my boss asked me to mention – if you think its easy picking a successful team you should sign up one of those fans websites – or

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Played 5, goals for 2, goals against 12. Already the initial talk from King Kev of taking them to the UEFA cup places has been replaced with talk of survival. Don’t get me wrong, I like Newcastle and hope that he can turn it round. He was just so the wrong man for the job and I fear for them…

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