Lets all lick Man United’s backside – They’re all at it!

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

It’s official, Sky are not alone when it comes to licking Manchester United’s backside. Premier League sponsors Barclays have run a poll inviting their readers to vote for the best ever Premier League XI. The response was pretty emphatic but if you’re not a fan of The Red Devils it’s probably best to look away now…

What do you think of their best ever 11? Is Evra really a better left back then Ashley Cole? And why isn’t the Premier League’s all time top scorer included?

Let banter commence and tell us your all time XI.

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  • Ian

    Even as a United fan I find this galling. I mean, John Terry as one of the centre backs and Beckham in there and not Ronaldo?!… In all seriousness, I don’t think there is a great deal to choose between Evra and Cole, you can make strong cases for either, although I accept Evra’s form has been shaky at best so far this season.

    I guess in terms of the others, a lot of it comes down to an argument over what constitutes ‘best ever’. Yes, Shearer probably does deserve a place on the basis of being the top scorer, but in terms of natural ability and who I would rather pay to see I would put Henry and Cantona ahead of him. Likewise I wouldn’t say Gary Neville is, in terms of raw ability, the greatest right-back to grace the league. But as a consistently brilliant servant to the game you could argue his corner.

    These are tricky and deeply philosophical debates…ones that don’t lend themselves to polls, particularly where fanbase is likely to heavily influence things.

  • stevie

    no Roy Keane? I mean, come on! This poll was obviously run in London only.

    Only 1 of Arsenals invincables? I’d have Pires over Beckham any day

  • Dave

    Wheres Marco Boogers and Francis Jeffers????

  • Ben McAleer

    No Nicola Berti?!?!

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