Levy Must Display Ambition This Summer to End Tottenham Heartbreak

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013



At the final whistle of Tottenham’s 1-0 defeat of Sunderland, Chairman Daniel Levy appeared understandably despondent. Frustrated by the North London’s side’s continuous inability to better their local rivals and dejected at the prospect of yet another season of second tier European football.
Yet the proverbial finger of blame is largely pointed in his direction. Levy’s resounding influence over the transfer proceedings of the Lilywhites is well-documented, and his failure to secure the signatures of the players identified by his manager in both the summer and winter markets ultimately proved to be a fatal blow to a side that lacked the creativity and free-scoring edge of teams past.
Voices of disappointment from the Tottenham faithful slowly turned into one of optimism. Words of pride in their team’s record Premier League tally worked its way into conversations, whilst more defiant fans asserted that this season represented one of transition from the Redknapp regime. The reality remains however, that like last year, Tottenham missed a glaring opportunity to overhaul their London rivals Arsenal and Chelsea when they were at their lowest ebb and most vulnerable. Whether this chance re-presents itself in 2014 is an unknown. Critics will argue this appears unlikely with the impending figure of Jose Mourinho ominously hanging over Stamford Bridge, and a seemingly fiancially rejuvenated, re-focused and stable Gunners squad emerging. So where does this leave Villas-Boas’ side? In short – at the mercy of Daniel Levy and his billionaire boss Joe Lewis.
No longer can those in charge at the top afford to jeopardise the security of Champions League football by tying up transfer deals on August 31st. No longer can Tottenham afford to miss out on key players due to a restrictive wage structure or excessive frugality in the market. Villas Boas must now be financially supported to be able to form the team he has been seeking to form from his very first day. No longer can Spurs afford to incessantly lose players central to their progression – and in this instance, never has a player been more vital to Tottenham’s progression than Gareth Bale – and Levy will know this.
Embarrassingly premature judgements of a shift in the ’balance of power’ come from the dressing room at the slightest hint of good form. Having gone 7 points clear of Arsenal, Villas-Boas insisted that Arsenal were entering into a ‘downward spiral.’ Arsene Wenger’s side proceeded to collect 26 points from a possible 30 to deservedly take a Champions League position. Ironically, it was Tottenham, who fulfilled the prophecy of their manager. One would think it were now time that all the talk matches the walk.
Yet in reality this Tottenham squad is deceptively weak. An injury to Lennon upsets the balance and pace of the team. The absence of Dembele removes Tottenham of its midfield authority and without Gareth Bale, quite frankly, the team are unlikely to register a victory. Tottenham’s squad was indeed ill-prepared for the challenges of both European and domestic success, let alone prepared to consolidate the ‘North London power shift.’ Whether Levy understands this issue is an unknown.
This summer will either outline the true ambition of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club or show the North Londoners to be pretenders. Tradition must be temporarily abandoned, and the club’s prevalent motto must be put to the ultimate test. ‘Audere est facere’. To dare is to do. If Tottenham are to carry the slightest hint of a serious assault on the big time – their transfer policy must be equally as daring.

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  • Jim smith

    Spurs are nearing a crossroads.

    Either keep as they are – well run financially, in a 36,000 stadium, and therefore selling their best players every now and then, and not winning many trophies.

    Or, bite the bullet, secure the funds for the new 56,000 stadium, and really go for it, keeping GB and future good players interested at Spurs – like Mackay, Greaves, Jennings, Chivers in the past.

    Comes downc to money – get those naming rights, get a share issue going. It could work, and make Spurs an attractive purchase for someone.

  • the_unchosen_one

    Brutally honest, and I’m not about to argue with it. This summer will sort the men from the boys, its time for our owner/board to step up to the mark and support avb, lets see what their real motives are for owning a great football club.
    Its not too late, chelski might have Jose coming but they could be in flux for a while, ditto both the Man’s, and everton too. arsenal will be arsenal and we already we can take them down.
    Maybe Bale is staying because he knows things will change?

  • Terry Williams

    I couldn’t agree more with what you say mate. Really well written!

    These businessmen seem to be shrewd though. Let’s hope for a change!

    I would definitely like to see a new striker, wonder if this Damiao kid is any good and definately another winger!


  • Catcher

    The 7 point lose is greatly over hyped we did not play badly but we did have a horrible run of fixtures against Arsenal’s easy run in. The other point you have to consider is the soft decisions they get five penalties, we have not had a penalty for two seasons. When oh when will the officals realise that Bale is constantly being fouled, not only do we not get a pen but Bale receives a yellow card. The ref on sunday was the only guy on the planet that thought it was a dive, no wonder Arsenal over hall Spurs each year.

  • Stratty

    Exactly. Finally, there is nowhere to look for the cause of Spurs’ limitations but the owners. If we want to overhaul the teams above us, we need the resources. It’s that simple. The world is not the same as 2009-10 – Man City have since removed one of the Champions League’s spots and we’re not going to do it on the cheap again. It’s going to take money. The question is, how much do Lewis and Levy want it?

  • Baba Adekoya

    When are you Spurs fans gonna learn?!
    North London is red and always will be. Even in Nigeria everyone knows this!
    All the money in the world won’t save your football club. Bale is likely to leave this summer to Real Madrid, there will be noone to score or assist. At the moment, top players will not want to play Europa League football so even if Daniel Levy decides to open his purse to AVB there will be no top quality signings.
    You will only get players like Morten Gamst Pedersen to replace Bale! #COYG

  • Danny Burgess

    Agree about the bigger stadium.

    Think how much Arsenal are worth, then Spurs – the difference in valuation would more than pay for the new stadium.

    In other words, could buy Spurs, build new stadium, and total cost would be lower than current Arsenal valuation.

    Well worth thinking about !

  • Stratty

    I think the run-ins were deceptive. We had already lost it by the time the Arsenal game came round. We lost it the mind game during those weeks where we were comfortably top 4, but had no chance of overhauling the top 2.

    On those weekends, it looked like we could afford to lose, because we wouldn’t immediately fall out of the top 4. The team weren’t motivated. And so when the tough games came, instead of being clear and being in a position where we could afford to drop points, we were on the brink and fell apart.

    The City game at home temporarily gave us hope. We won because of City’s prior midweek exertions at Old Trafford.

    The fact is that there are far more weaker teams than there are stronger ones, and the points tally when you play those sides are what count in the final analysis. 6 points off Manchester doesn’t make you top 4. Three months of scrapping with poor performances but picking up the points evidently does.

  • Baba Adekoya

    I am a retarded cunt, ignore me.

  • Spongebob

    Baba,you a mug.

  • Keith Possee

    Keep hearing of people wanting to buy Arsenal.

    Could buy Spurs and build new stadium for less money, and then build a team to really stuff Arsenal.

    Sounds like a plan.

  • SP

    During a transition season, the Goons managed to hold on while playing absolutely dreadfully, by huge slices of luck, dodgy refereeing decisions and all the of the end of season fixtures panning out perfectly for them (playing United a week after they won the title, and then only getting a point thanks to an offside goal; QPR a week after relegation; Wigan a couple of days after an FA Cup final; Newcastle a week after EPL survival confirmed).

    If you think the wage structure is restrictive then you haven’t understood the wage structure. THFC pay an overall percentage of revenues in wages. As revenues go up, just by staying the same percentage, the wage threshold will increase. There is no upper limit beyond which we won’t pay – it just stands to reason that the more you pay one player the less of a pot there is for the rest. By following this policy we are one of the few clubs in rude good health for the FFP regulations. We currently pay far less in wages, as an absolute lump sum of cash, per year, and they are currently paying a higher percentage in relation to their revenues (which are higher) than ours – which is why they continue to look unhealthy in FFP regulations.

    It is crazy to talk of abandoning this structure now, on the back of missing out so narrowly during a transition season. Our squad will naturally improve (players like Sigurddson, Holtby, etc.) by next season. Sandro and Kaboul will be like two multi-million pound, top level, signings. Our youth set-up is looking increasingly exciting, and will hopefully provide a few more squad players for next season.

    There is no need to go mad – keep the wage structure, so long as we can give Bale a decent rise within its boundaries; buy a couple of top level players and I think we will be good to go next year.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Think Roman Abramovich should sell Chelsea and buy Spurs.

    Under FFP, can’t sustain Chelsea without new stadium, and all sorts of problems with new Chelsea stadium.

    Spurs new stadium sorted, just need the money.

    And even if Chelsea could find a new site, under FFP, Spurs new 56,000 stadium would be cheaper to run than a Chelsea version, because in a cheaper area of London. But income would be the same in each.

    Therefore, Spurs more attractive proposition.

  • RhinoNeal

    Don’t understand why Levy looked upset at the end of the game against Sunderland. Did he really think that his team would get Champions League when he hasn’t invested any money in the team. All he has spent in the last five windows is the money he makes from selling players and is actually £23 million in profit over the last five windows. What he is good at is selling players for £30 million and bringing in players for £15 million…the guy’s a muppet. You cannot keep diluting the strength of the team and expect them to get better. The idea is to strengthen not weaken. Until he decides he is behind the times with his outlook and by the way everybody is wise to Daniel Levy now and so he won’t find bargains like Rafa Van Der Vaart. Unless he changes and realises that he has to spend money, increase the wages and bring someone in to go after players then we will go backwards and all the hard work will be down the pan. It doesn’t take a genius to know that you have to speculate to accumulate. Build a great team and the revenue will come in. You cannot penny pinch to save up for the stadium because you won’t have any bloody fans left except for the sycophants who continually support Daniel Levy no matter what.

  • Jimmy Gilzean

    Think Alisher Usmanov might buy Spurs.

    Arsenal don’t seem to want him on the board. Come to Spurs, be the power over the water, and put one over Arsenal.

    Good man.

  • Philip

    Arsenal are Arsenal, we can take them down? What like you haven’t for the past 16 years

  • Justin Martin

    Whilst I agree that we must spend, Tottenham are run as a viable business. Chelsea and Man City are just one of the many toys of their owners. They run at a loss and should their owners find another, better, and more extravagant outlet for their enjoyment: “They be fucked” to coin a much used term used in the US. United, whilst in a shit hole of debt are quite capable of managing their debt due to their income. We on the other hand will not go bust but at this rate nor will we ever be a top four side. Yes we may challenge but unless we get money from somewhere it will be difficult. However, should levy blow money to the detriment of our sound financial footing? I would love to see some money spent but we must be realistic. COYS!!!

  • Arsenal

    Please dont say Arsenal had an easy run-in as if the season was decided by the run-in or we didnt face all the team you faced.Table doesnt lie.Oh and also remember mind to the gap!

  • Danny

    From a Gooner, this was a good post but after reading your comments I have to laugh. The problem with you lot is your obsessed with finishing above us and nothing more, after 16 years I supose I can’nt blame you. Arsenal have been stagnate for a long time now and I feel you have now missed the chance to overhaul us, Arsenal are spending big now and will be even harder for you to catch. As for being lucky, Wigan away rings a bell for you lot, the table does not lie, YOU LOSE AGAIN

  • kimm

    Arsenal are a global brand, it will take 15 to 20 years to get spurs anywhere close in terms of marketing value, just look at their new kit deal, no trophies but command a higher fee than anyone, why ???? because the world watches them.

  • Marchi on emirates

    In the 1960’s Arsenal were a team supported by old men, because they hadn’t won anything for ages. Spurs were Super Spurs, and were fab.

    Plus, they are a real team, with history, winning the 1901 cup. Arsenal are a franchise team, from Woolwich, and now with few roots, and didn’t win anything until about 1930.

    If you read their history, there are lots of nasty folk around, but even Arsenal websites can’t find much bad to say about Spurs.

    So I reckon in the long run Spurs will out perform Arsenal, given a bit of investment and good management.

  • Philip

    Have you heard the song long time when we were fab?

    Well, that’s you lot that is

  • Stu

    Arsenal will lose their champions league qualifier. You watch. They are the new liverpool spiralling further down he pecking order year by year and Spurs continue to rise. You can’t keep fluking it for too much longer C O Y S TRUE NORTH LONDON.

  • Philip

    Spuds will never ever win a league title. Let alone go a whole season unbeaten. The only chance you have I’d
    A) a very rich sugar daddy buys you a title
    B) there’s a mass brawl and the top 6 teams get deducted 60 points between them
    C) to mix things up, they swap team names for one season and Spuds swap with Man U.
    D) Barcelona decide to play at White Fart lane for a season
    E) world war 4, and only 2 teams enter the league. Spuds and Hartlepool

  • Paul Lennon

    If George Harrison/The Beatles could be around again today, they would be brilliant. But they can’t be.

    But football teams are different. They CAN be reinvented. A reinvested Spurs could give Arsenal and anyone else a run for their money.

  • danny

    great article, i agree this is how i see it as a spurs fan, bale could be the gate opening to our future, and either joe lewis and levy realise they either buck up their ideas and spend this summer to mount a challenge for top four spot which is more realistic or get the players to mount a title challenge which i highly doubt but who knows expect joe lewis and levy. they have to do it now because i see bale staying at least one more season, but if we fail this summer which purchases and fail to get champions league football they will be labelled as a club who buys players make them good and sell them, for profit or they actually challenge because if we dont get top four next season bale will 10000% leave and it would be like a 4 year backward step and we will just be going in a cycle and back to challenging top 8 rather than top 4 so its up to them really maybe naming rights for the new stadium can help this but i doubt anything will happen because this is tottenham so we will see

  • danny

    oo yh and for all you arsenal fans i have to agree with some and be realistic the end of the season table position shows who deserves top four and i hate to say it but arsenal do deserve it because they got the points when they needed it and i blame two people for our final league position and thats joe lewis and dainel levy, the failed to strengthen the squad in january and it cost us so well done arsenal for another great comeback

  • Paul Lennon

    Sadly George and the Beatles can’t be reinvented.

    But football teams CAN.

    So Spurs could actually come back as the best – given some investment and good management.

    They have a good cv, probably the best TEAM ever, 1961, Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith, Allen, Dyson – and crucially, for any investor, GOODWILL – most people quite like Spurs, and what they stand for.

    So COYS, come on you Spurs investors.

  • chas

    My God…. absolutely perfectly put.. when are folk going to realise that all this hype about how good Levy is in the transfer market is nonsense… he sells our best players… carrick… berbatov… van der vaart… and of course modric… normally sold at 11.30 … and oh ghosh we just dont have time to spend the money… dream on if you think we are gonna get anybody good in the summer we are already linked with some bloke from Wigan…. our only hope is to be sold … soon…….

  • micky boon

    Hilarious, clinging onto the Beatles now!!

    What ever next?

    Spurs are a small club. Always have been, always will be. And you ask any other London what they think of Spurs and will always same the thing. All mouth and no bite. Woof

  • Stu

    Pricky boon, Tottenham Hotspurs 1882 true north london giants. Get back to muslim woolwich boy.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    If you’re talking about bands, then if the current Premier League clubs were bands, this is who they would be.

    Man Utd = The Beatles – Tons of hits, great tunes
    Liverpool = Rolling Stones as above
    Arsenal = Oasis = As above, but tunes not as good
    Everton = The Who, great tunes, not as many number 1’s
    Spurs = Joe Dolce, one hit wonder, Ah shut uppa ya face

  • Jim Morrison

    Shut that door.
    Only mentioned the Beatles because of the when we was fab point.

    The DC5 were more Tottenham. Glad all over.

    If we can get it down to Spurs 56,000 new stadium to Arsenal 60,000 newish stadium, then I would always back Spurs in the long run because Dr Who has sussed out the next 100 years and told me.

  • Stu

    Its not the same as matt le tissier at southampton is it? Journalists are acting as though bale has no chance of success staying at spurs. Runners up to united in the final in 2010 with spurs, quarter finals of the champions league again with spurs and this year we should have thumped basel after eliminating inter, lyon two big teams along the way. World class training facilities and a new stadium as well as players such as hugo Lloris, Sandro, Kaboul, jan vertonghen, Lennon and Dembele. He is at a great club with huge support and a glorious history.

  • Bob Dylan

    Rubbish. Spurs would be me – like a rolling stone – hopefully rolling up the High Road very slightly to a new stadium.

  • Philip

    What’s a matter Spud? Gotta no respect, what do u thinka ya do, why u looka so sad, Europa is the place, Souds top 4? Ah shudda uppa your face!!!

  • Philip

    Er Dc5 glad all over is what Palace come out too

  • Henry Norris

    So a Tottenham band has gone south of the river.

    Shucks, my team went north of the river about 100 years ago.

    To save all the trouble I should have bought Spurs in 1913, and got my grandson to build the new stadium last year.


  • http://aol bazza

    Do,nt hold your breath on Levy, if he was preparing to open Joe Lewis,s purse strings, he would have sorted out Gareths new contract by now!! This would then have given him time to look and buy the better players that we most certainly need. No, once again it will be rumours, maybes and broken promises until near closure of the transfer window, then at ten minutes to midnight we will see more has beens and never was,s coming through the WHL doors!!!!

  • http://. noel conway

    Well said Danny. A thoughtful and well written blog. As a gooner for over forty years standing I know a thing or two about the Spurs/ Arsenal rivalry ! The one thing that stands out for me is the fact that both clubs are inextricably linked. What happens to one will have an effect on the other. Time and again we cross swords in an effort to get one over on each other, but thats football ! Reading your article proves the point. If you change a few names, for example for Gareth Bale read Robin Van Persie , for Danial Levy read Ivan Gazidas and for Joe Lewis read Stan Kroenke. The very same criticisms are levied at the owners and board of Spurs as are levied at Arsenals crowd . Spend more money, sign some big names and everything will sort itself out. But as we all know (and it dosen’t matter what club you support _except Chelsea or Man City) football don’t work like that. The same frustrations and wish lists that you have listed Danny would be mirrored by the average Arsenal fan as well. Clubs like ours have to live in the real world . And while Arsenal have the financial advantage at the moment , that advantage does not imply good management or success on the field. Clubs like Chelsea and Man City can carry on “buying” titles , but sooner or later someone will have to pay the piper and I for one would not like to be a supporter of either club when that happens (Portsmouth, Rangers etc) Long after these clowns are distant memories there will always be the “spuds” and the “goons” fightin, abusing and laughing at each others misfortune ….the joys of football !!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @noel conway – Brilliant reply. And very true.

  • Mrs Robinson

    Someone once said, I think, best get the sex out of the way first, then get a good relationship, or something like that.

    With the Spurs it’s something like 1961 – how can it ever get better – just hope hope that one day it might – 1961 is only 52 years ago !

    Can even a billionaire solve a problem like that. The passage of time.

  • danny

    @noel conway – i completely agree with you, your right.

  • Thomas Houghton

    This is Tottenham’s last chance to make a step into an elite level. That will require as many people above have said the owner and chairman backing AVB in summer. Bale will stay at least one more year, Mourinho has left Madrid they are in a state of transition (bare with me for the lack of a better term) because Spain is and will be for quite sometime a two horse race. Bale won’t leave this year but should Ancelotti have a phenomenal first season then he could definitely make his way to Madrid next year (or to Bayern with Pep). That being said if he does leave this year well that’s a minimum of £55 million pounds to help he team out I personally don’t want this but such is life.

    The bottom line is spurs will have to prove they are a “big club” by investing this summer and should they get a striker and add some depth out wide while clearing out those who do not fit into AVBs plans they will in my opinion achieve top four. Now as for the rest of the bunch Arsenal are poised for a huge year, they are the only team in the top four with a returning manager along with the huge sponsorship deals they will spend more than they have in a long time. They are probably three players away from winning the title and this ia coming from a die hard spura fan. Chelsea is a for sure in the top four but who knows about the title cause Jose is a man of many faces. Both Manchester clubs though look weaker to me. Both clubs lose their managers for different reasons, united will not intimidate the same way without fergie his aura and genius are gone and though I respect Moyes he will not win the title his first year especially with Rooney all.but gone. City are a bunch of idiots, fire Mancini after he has said all year they needed to get better from their title winning side cause that is the only way to consistently compete in the EPL, to add and get better. Rodwell, Garcia were not who he wanted, he wanted Martinez who went to Bayern and we have all seen how their season has gone.

    Is spurs invest and build the team AVB envisions then say what you want but it will be a Manchester club out of the top four

  • Neville Kurt

    Horse, Stable and bolt come to mind. I’m afraid we’re now the Unicorn that missed The Ark. Levy is entirely to blame for not getting us a quality striker – something we’ve needed since Berbatov went. Now all the cash rich clubs will come for Bale and, like Modrich, DL will be unable to resist. So mid table mediocrity beckons – we don’t have a COCKrell on our shirt for nothing!

  • Niven Frey

    I think this is the best most truthful article I’ve read on Spurs and the con that is Daniel Levy. How Some Spurs fans cannot see how he strings fans along is beyond me! Mr. Wartemberg please keep the articles coming. You call it as it is! Well done.

  • Adzspur

    Anyone else think that all the fronting from the goon fans on here is a little misplaced since the margin between us was a solitary point. While it is disappointing that we didn’t take 4th I think there are positives to take from our season – the gap between us and the teams below us is obviously increasing , despite us losing 2 of our best players in modric and vdv , while berbatov STILL hasn’t been replaced, all at the same time getting used to avb’s system. Looking forward to next season , where I’m sure we will be challenging again COYS

  • Danny

    I agree last chance for spurs to break into the elite clubs hut i dont think they will i think levy is there to make money and sell our best players but this summer will prove whether spurs will challenge or come the end of the season sell bale and take a hugw sstep backwards

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