Little David Beckham to miss school trip

by Charlie Coffey

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I know I’m a big boy now and I’ve been trying not to cry but I’m still dead upset that I can’t go on the school trip to South Africa.  Even though I got a gold star from the nurse for being brave my leg still really really really hurts, and it won’t be better in time.

I’m a bit older than most of the boys now and I know I can’t join in as much as the other summer trips I’ve been on, but Mr Capello said there would be some things I could help out with and said I could come because I’m always a good boy. He said I wasn’t too old to help out with deliveries for the trip and that I’m still as good at that as anyone.

He said as well that I could help Mr Pearce to safely prepare Emile for the other boys to feed off. Everyone knows that Emile is never dangerous really but if you do the right preparation boys like little Jermain Defoe in class N17 can feed off Emile for 90 or even 120 minutes and this can help him to have fun in South Africa!

Also some of the younger boys might need some advice with flying on the wings. Depending on whether their Mummies will let them go, Shaun Wright-Phillips in class M11, Theo Walcott in N5 and Aaron Lennon from Defoe’s class might all need help and advice from me before they get on the plane. It’s frightening to fly without your Mummy and Daddy to begin with but you get used to it, especially me after my big trips to Japan and Korea and Germany.

That was good because I was allowed to take my toy dog Wag with me to keep me company on the plane and to sleep with me at night. But that was when Mr Eriksson was headmaster. Now Mr Capello, the new headmaster, has said the boys aren’t allowed to take anything like that this time as it might distract them. But I didn’t really sleep with Wag much anyway because she’s old and baggy now and she’s really starting to smell. But I’ve had her ever since I was a very little boy and I don’t want to throw her away no matter how ugly everyone says she is.

So me and Wag are going to have to stay at home. I might see if I can have Wayne Bridge over for tea. He’s not hurt at all and even though he did have a fight with John Terry in SW6 nobody can understand why he doesn’t want to go to South Africa. He’s a bigger boy like me and it might be his last chance too.

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