Liverpool fans are contributing to their team’s downfall

by Charlie Coffey

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

The anguish of Liverpool fans is completely understandable, but by venting their frustration during matches they are hindering their team’s chance of recovering from their worst start to a season in over 50 years. As their side stuttered again, this time against a Blackpool side who conceded ten on the road to Chelsea and Arsenal, the boos coming from the Liverpool fans cannot have helped a team so short of confidence in the first place. Any criticism of the players should be voiced before and after matches, as is the vicious criticism of the current owners. Booing from a team’s own fans can only ruin players’ concentration, as was seen so clearly with England in their draw with Algeria in South Africa.

By taking just six points from seven games in the league and having already been knocked out of the Carling Cup by Northampton of League Two, Roy Hodgson has only succeeded in joining George Gillett and Tom Hicks as a public enemy in Merseyside. ‘Kenny Dalglish’ was the chant that echoed round Anfield as the side that won the Champions League just five years ago were beaten at home by Blackpool and stayed rooted in the bottom three of the league table. The last time Liverpool found themselves in this position after seven games they were relegated at the end of the season.

Dalglish, the man who was apparently overlooked in favour of Hodgson in the summer, must be hesitant to take the job of manager should he be offered it. He was sitting in the stands at Anfield on Sunday alongside another former Anfield legend, Ian Rush, and looked ashen faced as the boos rang out from the Kop. So revered is the Scot at Anfield that surely he has nothing to gain by taking charge of his former club apart from money. Unless one of the fleet of mooted potential owners actually completes a takeover and puts up substantial funds for transfers, Liverpool have little chance of winning the one trophy that the fans now want above all others: the Premier League.

Fans of Liverpool’s bitter rivals Manchester United can now, for possibly the first time in their history, feel sympathy toward fans of their rivals. Although Liverpool fans revelled in the ‘USA’ chants they used to sing with glee at Old Trafford, they now find themselves in the same situation as United under the Glazers, who pillage the club’s income to fund a crumbling empire built on credit and exploitation. The difference is that in Alex Ferguson United have a manager for whom failure is not an option. The true test of United’s fans would be if their team’s performances on the pitch went the way of Liverpool’s in past six weeks.

Liverpool fans are enduring testing times at the moment, but those that boo their team before the final whistle has gone must realise that they are becoming part of the problem, rather than offering any semblance of a solution. Under such embarrassing circumstances Roy Hodgson and his team will struggle to regain the confidence that can form a basis for a revival and, if Hodgson is eventually sacked, men like Kenny Dalglish will be unlikely to want to step into his shoes. If Liverpool is as big a club as its fans believe, they must be big enough to see their current side through what is a relatively minor blip in a long history of success.

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  • dave

    Liverpool fans never, ever boo. Finally, after 14 months of sheer rubbish on the pitch, they had the audacity to boo the players for going in at half time 2-0 down at home to Blackpool? Are you serious? Like a lot of the journalists and radio people and ex-footballers like Steve Calridge, you have absolutely no idea what is going on at the club so your comments mean zilch. Nada. Sweet FA.

    That is all.

  • Chas

    When I first saw the title of this blog I was ready to have a go as I thought/expected you to be having a go at us for demonstrating during the match against the shysters whose farcical reign as custodians of our club is more like a systematic rape of all that we love.

    However on reading the article I have to say that I agree with you with regards to booing our team NO MATTER WHAT we MUST stay behind our players once they pull on our red shirt and cross the line to represent us, even the likes of Poulson, but that’s another story.

    I’ve supported Liverpool since the early 60s and this booing thing is something that has come about over the last few years… A modern thing from supporters ( I thin that’s what they are anyway) who don’t understand what supporting your team s all about. they are the:
    entertain me now
    I’ve paid my money I am allowed to boo
    I’m a sheep who follow the guy next to me booing mentality type of people.

    They are the type of supporters who stood in the chippy gorging their faces on curry and chips and take pictures of the march rather than actually taking part. They are the shallow supporters who will be gone to pastures new if shyster 1 Hicks the Prick gets his way and refinances and our spiral of pain continues…….. YOU SHOULD NEVER BOO YOUR TEAM ON THE PITCH… You can vent your frustration to your friends, on forums etc but be a real upporter and GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM!!

  • Tim

    I thinks true to say that Liverpool are in a serious crisis, I don’t think hogdson has helped by bringing in below average players.

    He must b given more time though, dalglish hasn’t done anything for years, hevhas a squad of top class players when he was there, this is a whole different ball game now

  • Tim

    Ps birmingham city fans booed their side after their home defeat to everton, it was their first loss at St Andrews for a year!

  • pablo

    @ dave: wake up mate… stop kidding yourself!
    @ chas: well said. ive been a supporter since the original aussie craig johnson played. we support our team to the end if we win or lose. We congratulate other teams when they have outplayed us and clap them off the pitch too. LFC supporters have changed over the years and it has to be a modern thing where people dont know or understand respect or passion. Look at the way rafa went out… love him or hate him, that was disgraceful what LFC, or should i say Hicks and Gillett did to him.

    Anyways, you see it all the time with big businesses when they fold over. Its like cancer, starts of small and grows and grows and grows. Our problem isnt so much with the talented players we have, or the mediocre manager we have. The problem is the owners and the board. no vision, no direction, no stability… When this gets sorted out by a new owner, we will only go forward (which will not be overnight but at least a year or two). oh, and if your a potential buyer, you would be crazy not to wait for the club to go into administration to pick it up on the cheap… so we have more heartache to come.

    Back to your story and our supporters, the right thing to do is to support your team on the pitch, no matter how bad or good they play. They might get paid huge dollars/pounds, but they still need our support out there. Bitch, boo and complain about the owners before or after the game and in the pubs or home, but our players really do need our support out there.


  • Vincent

    Well, Liverpool fans booed when they went top of the league after a scoreless draw with West Ham in 2008. So I’m really not surprised anymore if they actually booed during the match for a performance like that against the mighty Blackpool!

  • Martinmarx

    Indeed a very sensible and sober article. It really is crazy what’s going on right now. I’ve supported the club for 30 years and this really is a new lowpoint. It’s 7 games, S-E-V-E-N games. Here we’ve had to endure Houllier and Rafa’s crap footy for more than a decade yet Roy’s head’s being called for when not even a fifth of the season is played. They say he brought in mediocre players. I don’t know about Meireles and Konchesky being mediocre. At least they didn’t cost us 40 million like Johnson and Aquilani. But hey, Rafa never did anything wrong, did he? He just got 6 years and hundreds of millions to spend yet couldn’t get us into the CL. Whereas Roy after a few poor performances and results (not all our performances has been bad, mind) should be sacked. The lunies really have take over the place.

    I’m aint saying it’ll happen but IF we win our next 5 games (and bigger miracles have surely taken place in this club’s history) we’ll find ourselves well and truly within touching distance of the top 4.

    Can’t believe the fickleness among the “most knowledgeable fans i the world”.

  • Tim

    I think the key issue here is money has fcked our once great league up, the premier league brand doesn’t give a toss about football any more, they r more than happy to let billionaires put their pocket money into our clubs as long as it makes the brand bigger and richer.

    The old days of real football are over, and one if the worlds most famous clubs are taking all the backlash

  • Adam Webster

    I would say ‘scrap the Premier League’ but guess that Sky and Beeb would baulk at it.

    Face it, the fans lost possession of the game in 1992. Since then, it’s been a business and not a sport. The ‘real’ football is now played below the Premiership – you want to see a good proper game of football why not head out to your local non-league side and give them some support?

    What Murdoch et al forget is that they have less money than we do as one group. Without our money, they make no profit. If we turned our backs on the Premier League, maybe then the message will hit home. Maybe.

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