Liverpool farce shows no signs of abating

by Ian Ford

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I’ve just watched Graeme McDowell sink the crucial putt to clinch the Ryder Cup and send the Americans packing. It went right to the last hole; the Yanks, in their efforts to hold on to the trophy, displaying remarkable intransigence in the face of almost certain defeat. How Liverpool fans must be hoping that this story — of stubborn Americans holding on the last but eventually losing their grip — is replicated with the owners of their club.

The glimmer of hope for the scousers is this very scenario, which will likely come to fruition soon. Before next month’s Merseyside Derby, the financial future of the club will be decided by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is owed ¬£285 million by Tom Hicks and George Gillet Jr.

These Americans, of course, deserve none of the respect for their efforts that is rightly being lauded on the Ryder Cup team. Nor will they likely display the same gracefulness in losing. Chances are that they will be run out of the club by the bank, in fact, never to be seen on these shores again. It’s took two years, but following the financial crisis British citizens will finally have a reason to be thankful to RBS.

The trouble for Pool fans is that, in the mean time, the club continue to plumb new depths of ineptitude and farce; as epitomised by yesterday’s 2-1 home defeat by Blackpool. At this point is it is customary to say ‘all credit to Blackpool’. Well, no. Credit to Blackpool: absolutely, as they played a tactically astute but adventurous game. But Liverpool were abject, that’s mainly why the result turned out the way it did.

The doubly troubling thing is that this may not be their nadir. Everybody assumed that was the case with the loss to Northampton. Not so. Now many assume it is the loss to Blackpool. Possibly. But after that Merseyside Derby next month Liverpool could find themselves bottom of the league. A brave new dawn with brave new owners rather awfully put in its place by events on the field.

Everton have their own troubles, that is true. But they have played with greater panache than Liverpool this season and been far unluckier in their failure to pick up more points. What’s more, this weekend marked a massive upturn in fortune with a win away to Birmingham; it should kick start their season.

So what happens? Everton win =  Liverpool bottom = new manager, replacing Roy Hodgson, to go with the new owners.

Liverpool win = nadir over = Roy stays and is given time to weave the magic he did at Fulham.

My money’s on the former. But then, there’s always less obvious options. After all, I bet on Europe to win the Ryder Cup before it started. Few bet on it lasting into Monday.

Hicks and Gillet to stay perchance? It would make going bottom of the table almost a minor distraction to some Pool fans.

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