Liverpool FC should be ashamed

by Gary Taylor

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The greed of Liverpool Football Club is astounding given the fact they want to sell their own overseas TV rights and in the process kill of half of the Premier League.

They, well their managing director Ian Ayre, wants to adopt the Spanish model, where individual clubs have the freedom to negotiate their own packages based upon their global popularity.

So that’s all good and well for the bigger clubs in England such as Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea etc but what about the smaller clubs who fight tooth and nail just to stay in the top tier of England football?

How can the Anfield board not be satisfied with the £60-odd million they currently receive for playing football in front of the cameras?

Greed is the only way to describe it because as seems to be the norm in football nowadays, money is the only currency that speaks.

The Spanish model Ayre would like to adopt is dreadful in the fact that there are only ever going to be two teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, who can win the league.

Those two because of their global fan base can attract so much more money than say the current second placed team in La Liga, Levante, who most would struggle to place on a map.

The same would happen in England should this model, which is opposed by both Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal, be introduced to the English game.

Teams such as Wigan and Blackburn would cease to exist because they cannot attract the same millions Liverpool can.

The beauty of the Premier League is that everyone can compete on the playing field and the top clubs already have a big enough gulf without the need to expand it.

If Liverpool want to earn more then qualify for the Champions League, work on some commercial deals and spend less on mediocre players because their plan to kill the Premier League is disgraceful.

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  • adam

    Teams don’t deserve to reap the rewards of their long term success? Look, it’s not as if Liverpool have had some long standing unfair advantage that has made them more popular. They earned it. Liverpool had their times in the lower leagues but it was through success on the pitch that they established their name globally. You can point to money being spent by owners with deep pockets but with Liverpool that hasn’t always been the case. They’ve always spent plenty but they’ve also always earned plenty. If their advantage was somehow ill-gotten or undeserved then you’d have a better argument but that’s just not true.

    I like the idea of fairness and in truth I do think it’s better to share the TV money around, but I that’s because I’m a bit left wing, I give to charity and I like to see those who struggle get a helping hand. But in this case you’re confusing that helping hand with some kind of right. Quite seriously I ask you: what have Wigan done to truly deserve an equal share of TV rights? It’s Liverpool who draw the audiences and get people watching. Wigan won’t sell out every home game of every season but you know they’ll sell out when Liverpool are visiting. Already in that way Liverpool’s long standing popularity is helping Wigan earn a greater income. Liverpool have worked harder, performed better, played smarter and now Wigan are riding on their coat tails.

    I think I’m on you side when it comes to a simple yes or no, but there is no way this is as clear cut or as worthy of scorn as you make it out to be. Liverpool as a football club have done incredible things over the years and if that makes them more popular then do they not deserve to take advantage of that?

  • Rango

    In that case Chelsea and Man City must also be stopped from paying ridiculous wages with money coming from pockets of their sugar daddys who should put this money to help the poor of the world.
    Football must be made simple, $ earned through football spent into football and those who want to own expensive toys should stick to owning expensive Yachts and cars but not spoil the market for football.

  • john

    bollocks,we fell behind years ago to the spending power of the mancs when we were the most celebrated club in the world,time to call in the resources.

  • Joe

    Naive piece.

    Liverpool’s responsibility is to themselves – not the rest of the league.

    Like it or not, they’ve got a case that they are entitled to negotiate their own TV rights and like it or not, as long as the likes of Manchester City behave anti-competitively, who could blame Liverpool for forcing the issue?

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