Liverpool – the Premier League’s biggest cheats?

by Paul Connolly

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Is ‘King’ Kenny Dalglish building one of the most unpleasant teams in Premier League history? You’d better ‘king believe it.

His team’s performance against Manchester City on Sunday was nothing short of scandalous. We’ve all known for a while that Martin Skrtel, their caveman-esque centre back, is a thug.

We’ve all seen him rake studs down shins and kidney punch players off the ball. It turns out now that he’s a cheat also, helping to get Mario Balotelli sent off on Sunday. Balotelli’s clumsy challenge saw him lead with his arm.

He caught Skrtel on the side and back of the head. Skrtel went down clutching his face as if he’d been jabbed by Amir Khan. Then, of course, Charlie Adam (he of the notorious Gareth Bale tackle from last season), Luis Suarez (no need to once again rake over his various misdemeanours) and Dirk Kuyt (never a man to simply fall over when a swallow dive is possible) went about their business of getting Balotelli sent off.

And this after a first half which saw Suarez throwing himself to the ground at every opportunity in an effort to get Vincent Kompany sent off.

I guess we should just be glad Andy Carroll didn’t leg it over, can of Special Brew in one hand, fag in the other, and headbutt Balotelli as he left the pitch.

I used to have a soft spot for Liverpool as one of the teams that did it the right way.

No longer. They’re now a disgrace to football.

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  • sgt. pepper

    You are a disgrace to humanity ;-P

  • Mike

    Shut up you prick.

  • Matt

    what a strange blog!

    Like Man City have never had thugs in their side. De Jong, Barton to name but a few!!!

  • 5pointsclear

    Cant argue with any of that. Adams, Suarez and Kuyt horrible players. Good to see RAWK celebrating a home draw, how times change.

  • http://redz redz

    this is the worst article i red in a long time ,pure muck, and u are a low life.

  • Mystical Mike

    Balotelli got himself sent off for being an immature over rated dickhead!

  • Karl Pilkington

    What a load of garbage.

  • Andy

    If you ask for a million. Who is the crazy one? The one who ask for it or the one who gives it? Are your comments affecting liverpool only? Are liverpool players the only one who dive? Is your eyesight ok? Did you visit an eye doctor? Try to answer as many of these questions and you may be able to see better.

  • CharlieG

    What a load of crap!!!! About time the redmen started sticking up for each other, because for years we have lost out on decision after decision over being too nice!
    Arrrr did our boys take the piss out of your team that cost almost a billion quid to build? Dickheads like you make us not want City to do well.

  • hjfjfhj


  • Frank Falzon

    Your article is rubbish. It shows that you hate Liverpool.

  • stevie gerrard

    talking out ur fookin asshole, talking for the fans my ass who the fook do you support you man shitty no doubt fooking dick

  • Karl Pilkington

    He’s just fishing for hits. He has to write garbage articles about big clubs to get them.

  • dexy the dickhead

    What a load of shite.

  • http://yahoo jimbo

    What an ignorant tosser.

  • Towson Tom

    Don’t lead with your arm

  • Jason 5

    I would take your light blue tinted glasses off if you intend to write a blog for a generic football site. Not one journalist has talked about skrtel post match, and indeed the Balotelli incident has divided opinion(to harsh in my view). Ridiculous blog post, ridiculous point of view, poor writing.

  • owen

    What a load of shit.. terrible article

  • stuart

    You talk crap…you are on drugs. If you believe what you are writing then you need serious medication. Biggest load of crap I have ever read. I do not really even know why I have commented on this crap.

  • dinesh

    fuck u for your stupid article

  • Stav Petrou

    Spot on that ,Suarez is the biggest cheat i’ve ever seen in English football,even more so than Ronaldo and Nani.

  • mike


  • Neil

    what a pathetic article and what a pathetic little boy who has put this onto the web for people to read. You are a DICK HEAD

  • dami

    wat a useless article

  • 5times

    Yes, and it’s about time. Thumbs up for noticing.

  • kun>messi

    Anyone see Aguero’s shiner tonight? But if you believe these deluded bin dippers, Agger never elbowed him.

  • kunle

    obviously you must be a mancity fan cause all you wrote here is nonsense.with or with out the red card didnt we play better than mancity?exceept we both watch two different matches;did you see the ball possession and the game statistics? i don’t think so next time you want to write your nonsense blog try and get your facts right and make your critism more objective. We dont need you to have any soft side for us you can go and have it for your club we are proud of our team and yet they might not be the most perfect team but we love and are proud of them.

  • doda

    redz your spelling is a pile of shit go back to school and get an education u scum bag

  • doda


  • http://divingswallows custard

    All you dippers can moan all you like, WATCH the game in question and honestly tell yourselves he is not correct, he is, liverpool have turned from a once mighty football team into a cheating bunch of footballers. Use your eyes and see it, its plain to see for anyone but lfc fans, simples.

  • Jason 5

    dodz, I would check out your own spelling first, it’s ‘you’ not ‘u’, halfwit.

  • Shazam

    My god man you are an idiot, what a usless article. Im an Everton supporter and even I think this is complete bull.

    Do us a favour stop writing such crap.

  • nicko

    man’s got a point – all you scousers on here should shut your whinny gobs and go steal some hub-caps…

  • BizzeBee

    Don’t blame us for the stupid article. We, United fans also think the blogger is a inbred idiot

  • silva

    yes kenny has become an embarrassment with this liverpool squad

    suarez is an absolute disgrace to the league!!

  • http://Talktalk TUCK

    What a very good read and true.

  • http://Talktalk TUCK

    what a very good read and oh so true.

  • Haha

    Man C are a disgrace to football. Look at Micah Richards for example, he dives 10 time every game. They have “the bonecracker” De Jong in their squad. And they cheat with money, look at their debt. Pathetic!

  • Mystical Mike

    how much debt are Manchester United in? Man City are just doing what United did but quicker!

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