Liverpool – You’re an absolute laughing stock

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Liverpool suffered yet more embarrassment with a woeful display at home to Championship strugglers Reading.

Out of the FA Cup, The Champions League, The League Cup, and 12 points adrift in the league, with only the poor mans European Cup left to play for, two weeks into the new year and Liverpool’s season is already over.

Reading had to come from behind to claim a famous victory. The Reds took the lead with an own goal as Ryan Bertrand deflected Steven Gerrard’s cross into his own net.

Reading drew level 4 minutes into injury time as Gylfi Sigurdsson coolly slotted home a penalty.

10 minutes later Reading were 2-1 up as Shane Long headed home a well deserved winner.

Rafa Benitez once again fluffed his lines as star duo Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard failed to finish the match due to injury.

This latest defeat piles more pressure on the Liverpool boss. With financial troubles off the pitch Liverpool are stuck with Benitez who has somehow managed to turn his Liverpool side into Championship hopefuls to an absolute laughing stock.

So will Rafa really be out of a job by the weekend or will he somehow turn their season around by at least qualifying for the Champions League? I somehow doubt it!

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  • John

    As a Diehard Liverpool Supporter…. I agree with you mate…

  • red mcdavin

    mike you retarded man, calling Liverpool fc one of the most successful clubs ever to play in England a laughing stock look at the history and try and laugh then and also id like to know who you support because at present the are no big teams in the premier league that are not having problems, so fix up and sort your posts out 🙂

  • Darren

    I agree with the author, one of Europe’s most successful teams have become a total joke!

    I think it’s about time you stopped defending your very sorry team who, lets face it, won’t even finish in the top 4 this season…

    Get over it, life goes on, your team is rubbish, FACT!!

  • James

    your dreams are our reality.

    Liverpool 5 London 0

  • Darren

    my car goes faster than yours James

  • Dexys little dick

    All I will say is: I know for a FACT that your team hasnt won any where near as many European Cups as Liverpool and I know for a FACT that your team hasnt won more league titles than Liverpool, and probably less, unless youre a scum fan, in which case: Leeds United. So Dexy, go and fook yourself. Thank you.

  • Anon

    But the Mancs are out of the FA Cup, they might win the League Cup, won’t win the European Cup and won’t win the Premier League. So where’s the difference?

  • Paul23

    the difference is Liverpool are crap, with only 2 good players, and one of those is having a mare. United will at least qualify for Europe where as your lot won’t, which means 50 m less you’ll have next season, you’ll also have to sell your 2 best players, even though one of them is having a mare!! FACT

    For the record I’m a Barnet fan so I couldn’t less for United or Liverfool!! You think because you’ve won 5 European cups it gives u a divine right to be respected, welcome to the real world Jeremy, you’re not!!

  • Andy

    Yes Liverpool are having a terrible season, but it is interesting to note that most of the so called big four are not dominating the way they have in previous years with most of them having financial problems.
    Would the removal of Benitez really make much difference? Who would we get instead? Not many managers (the club or supporters would want would want to come to the club) would be interested in a club that is not guaranteed Champions League football next year and has financial problems.
    I am going to suggest something that will make me unpopular with many fans but I think it is time to sell Steven Gerrard, if we can get 30-40million pounds for him, we could buy 2-3 good quality players. I know he is Liverpool through and through, but at the same time, no player is BIGGER than the club. Man Utd did it with Beckham and Ronaldo. Is it time??

  • shitpool tramps

    f****g these shitpool fans you f****g tramps stop talking about history what have you won for nearly 5 years nothing lets face it your nee deep in shit on the pitch and off it head deep you lot aint got a pot to piss in you have 1 star player who aint been fit all season they been giving him pain killer can’t you tramps afford the treatment your hole team can’t win a game with out diving bastard steven gerrard or torres who i say is coming regretting ever going to you lot you lot you are without a doubt a laughing stock you might say look at arsenal well they are ranked 3rd richest club in the world they have’nt won any thing for nearly six year but they are not in problems they got injury to star player like robin van persie and many first team players but they are third and in a strong postion so don’t compare with them and no i am not a arsenal fan so the next time some one say shitpool is shit dont start talking about history think because what have you won since 2005 nothing and same this season by the way you got better owners the man city NOT

  • The Creator Supreme

    FACT:- Rafa has a 5 year contract and it would cost around £20 million to fire him and his backroom staff. Can Liverpool afford to get rid of him at that price?

    Stoke away next, possibly without Gerrard and Torres, and a recent record of 10 defeats and just 6 wins in the last 20 matches. Rafa has guaranteed 4th place – unlikely.

  • John Barnes

    Liverpool’s team is as good as Wolves’, at best, but today they were done from behind by a team from below. oh how i love it!!! how i love those despondent shots of the players, none of whom are good enough for even sunderland or blackburn except torres and gerrard (whose legs seem made of glass). come saturday i think it’ll be YET another defeat at Stoke. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • iman

    The istanbul thing was lucky.. Rafa the door is unlock and dont forget to colse it behind you! and dont come back.

  • Punctuation is your friend!

    Re: shitpool tramps.

    Learn to punctuate. Your wall of text makes my eyes bleed you retard.

  • Ihatescousers

    You f*cking idiots need to understand that u got no chance in hell of lifting any trophy for the next 1000 years. U think that just bcoz u pricks beat us no thanx to ur 12 man u have won the league. Wake up u pricks. As long as the FAT SPANISH WAITER STAYS U’LL STAY F*CKED. Glory MAN UTD!


    We played a championship sidem, and they were better than us , how can we blame the owners for this , our team without our two superstars should comfortablly beat this team,
    they will probally be happy if they had players from our team that are worth a million and over.
    lets blame the person that should be accountable for this seasons mess up , Mr Rafa Benitez
    shocking on the way we played , how we been playing ,
    fair enough he didnt have money to strenghton his team , but paying 20 mil for johnson and 20 mill for injured Aqualani does say he had 40 mil to buy, he’s turning liverpool into jokes

  • Darren

    you don’t hear Bolton & Blackburn fans going on about how many FA Cups they have won do you? Liverpool are in a total mess, lets face it, how of that side would get even get into the Spurs or Villa side?

  • dexylongshot

    Oh dear, a lot of upset scousers throwing their toys out of the pram, why don’t you learn to lose once in while like i do. I actually tipped Rafa to win the league at the start of the season if you look back at the pre-season predictions. Sadly for the Koppites and co, Rafa and the Reds have failed dismally. FACT.

    PS: Dexys little dick and other Liverpools fans banging on about “we won this, we won that”

    Thanks you for your heart warming intelligent comments. Take a look at the author before you start effing and blinding and guessing what team everyone else supports. Not that former Cups and Titles makes a blind bit of notice to what happened last night. I’ll put that down to you maybe being a bit upset at the time. I’m am too gutted, I had a few bets on Liverpool in August so your not the only one who is tad upset at the way Liverpool have thrown away the season although I have some sympathy for Rafa with regards to injuries.

  • rob pullinger

    Its hard to take and imagine that we lost one player in Xavi Alonso, got Glen Johnstone, came runners up last year and yet this year almost with the identical team we are CRAP….

    Agree with most of whats been said,
    Does Rafa stay or Go????? If so, then who for the new boss??
    Do we need new owners, MORE MONEY????
    Do well sell Stev g, Torres??? and build a new team????

    This could go on and on, probably will……Liverpool arent playing the way we used to to, not enough quality players…..the only CLASS we have is Stev g, Torres, Reina…all the rest are not upto scratch?????

    END OF?????

  • Dan Church

    I hope Rafa stays…….that way Liverpool wont win anything for another 4 years and beyond. And ill love every scouse whinging, excuse making, we won 5 european cups, 4 of which were before i was even born, minute of it…..

  • dexylongshot

    A lot of you may mock but I think selling the under-rated Arbeloa was as much to blame as losing Alonso. Look at the stats, Arbeloa was the most consistant defender in his 2 years and 66 appearances for liverpool (I had him in my dream teams too so I was always looking out for him on the pitch). It seems he was pushed out rather than just sold due to his handbags with Carragher. I found this on wikipedia.

    Arbeloa was involved in an on-field clash with Liverpool teammate Jamie Carragher after a Robbie Keane goal and the two had to be separated by Xabi Alonso, Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger, and Emiliano Insúa. Carragher later explained that he clashed with Arbeloa as a moment of poor defending from the latter threatened the clean sheet Liverpool were maintaining during the match, which would have been the 23rd of the season for Liverpool. The Liverpool vice-captain explained, “we want to keep a clean sheet and we want Pepe to have a chance of the Golden Glove for the fourth season running.” Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez refused to comment about the incident. This turned out to be Arbeloa’s final game for Liverpool.

    It’s been downhill since then at the back, despite the Johnson buy (and I love johnson) but I would have played Arbeloa at left back where he played plenty of times for the scousers if he had stayed. I think the Jamie player-power factor at Anfield may have started of the demise.

    Sorry Jamie, you are a good player and will be a brilliant manager one day, of that I have no doubt, but if i’m reading between the lines correctly, that row and the subsequent Arbeloa transfer to Real Madrid was not a good day for the club.

  • Rossco


    If you tried hard enough I’m sure you could have got another question mark somewhere in your post. Go on son – put another one in. Please.

    PS. Liverpool are dogshit.

  • Giles

    As soon as Torres and Gerrard went off you just look around the team to realise there aren’t any top players there! How’s Rafa managed to buy so much rubbish – and the players weren’t even cheap! All the players are like Voronin – you know they’re going to be average, they are, then they sell them for no money. Could learn a lot from Wenger – all his players have tons of potential and he got most of them for free! It’s sad actually, I’m not a Liverpool fan, but I loved watching them last season – Alonso, Gerrard and Torres were awesome – now all the players’ first touches are terrible, they’ve lost all their confiedence and there is no quality in the players Rafa buys.

  • Mike

    I didn’t see the game but that’s a pretty shocking result. Acquilani?? Did he play well?

    I’ve been saying it for ages, Benetiz should of gone after the 3-1 defeat to Fulham, but his contract so expensive they can’t afford it. The owners say they won’t sell Gerrard and Torres to sort out their finances, but I reckon there’s a chance now. The worldwide recession has screwed up all the big clubs, they were the clubs running off bonds, bank loans. When everything crashed so did the clubs. Simples

  • Bakes

    Brilliant to see a big team struggling. Have to agree with Giles. Without Gerrard and Torres, there is a real derth in quality. It always makes me laugh when teams go on about their history. So what? Supporting your football club is just something you do, whether they have won the FA Cup 5 times or the Vauxhall Conference. Every team has a history, it’s just some are more distinguished than others. Proper fans support their clubs no matter what. Liverpool are having a rough time at the moment. Who cares? It might give some of their fans a reality check. It would probably help some fans from other big clubs to have this reality check. As the chant says, where were you when you were crap? No club has a divine right. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you deserve a title. I’m sure Liverpool will be smiling again soon (well maybe not with Rafa).

  • jimmythegent

    Is that a church bell i hear in the background of hails of eerily sounding swirling wind???
    Oh look, a tumbleweed rolling down Anfield road…………..lovin it, lovin it, lovin it.

  • dexylongshot

    It’s all gone quiet said custard.

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