Liverpool’s lucky time of the year….?

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Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Liverpool, it seems, is living up to some of its great expectations lately. News has just got out that their pain-staking long, six months of pursuing Blackpool’s Charlie Adam is finally over now that a deal worth £7-8m is confirmed.

By the looks of it, Liverpool seems to be climbing up the ladder much faster than it can actually acknowledge how steps it is taking. On the other hand, it is starting to look as if Liverpool is hell bent on getting whoever they want on their team. Adam’s decision, to accept the offer, marked the end of one of the longest-running transfer sagas. In January, they had two bids – one of which was worth £6.5m then – and this wasn’t accepted by Blackpool who were eager to keep their captain on their team. More than Blackpool, Liverpool is far keen who stepped up an extra million or two for the midfielder.

Liverpool is also interested in taking on Roma’s goalkeeper Alexander Doni who is expected to move to Anfield very soon. Like Ovidio Colucci said, there’s the agreement between the two clubs and with the player. The club has also confirmed that Glen Johnson has signed a contract extension, deciding to spend the peak years of his career at Liverpool.

Slowly, Liverpool are gathering their players together apparently at any cost although there is speculation that they might reduce them. Liverpool’s decision to take on Adam and Doni is beginning to resemble the game of chess – the pawns, bishops and kings standing on their respective spots controlled by the players. Only here, the game pieces – or the football players – are being transferred on whatever cost it requires.

Then again, it is only a matter of time before the players themselves want out and to shift their position on a different side. Although Blackpool were reluctant to let Adam go, the midfielder cannot deny that he secretly desired the change from Blackpool to Liverpool.

For what seems like a relief in a very long time, Liverpool are beginning to enjoy the success rather than having their plans messed up due to other issues. Instead of winning the transfers, Liverpool may now be facing the problem of plenty. Too many players means too much money and too much competition. Then again, games where one is desperate to get what it wants risks that too.

So let the game of chess….I mean, football begin. Time will tell what happens to Adam and Doni and what will Liverpool do later on as the sport progresses.

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  • Mystical Mike

    what success? a ball hasn’t been kicked yet.

    Yes, they are showing ambition, what remains to be seen are these players indeed good enough to take them to the next level.

    With Arsenal refusing to buy AGAIN, Liverpool will fancy their chances of grabbing that 4th spot. But, and it’s a big but, if Everton actually start a season like they finish one they will be in the running too.

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