Love or hate Leeds Utd? – Then this concerns you

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Lets punish match fixing for good

Way back in 1973, the European Cup Winners’ Cup final, now of course known as The Champions League took place between Leeds United and AC Milan.

The controversy surrounding this match was huge at the time and has recently resurfaced, the implications of which affect each and every lover of football, regardless of your persuasion.

The referee was Christos Michas, a Greek official, who made some very dubious decisions during the match and there were strong, although not proven suspicions that he had been bribed by Milan. Nevertheless, the refereeing was considered so one-sided and questionably in favour of Milan that he was subsequently banned from refereeing international games for life by UEFA. Following this decision Leeds United attempted to gain a replay, yet were denied and Milan were unfairly allowed to keep the cup.

Now, the non Leeds fans among you are probably thinking “get over it, you lost, it was 36 years ago”. Am I right? However, think of this. Match fixing still goes on today and Leeds are by no means the only victims of it in the past. Your team could be among them.

Richard Corbett MEP has launched a petition to open an investigation into the match and if evidence of bribery be found then the trophy be awarded to Leeds.

He stated to Leeds United’s website, “UEFA must start showing a clear commitment to tackling the problem and prove they are determined to crackdown on bribery and match fixing in football.

“This is not a matter of being a Leeds United supporter, but is a question of the integrity of football. I would urge all football fans to sign the petition.”

The petition will be handed to UEFA on May 16th, the 36th anniversary of the match. So far, over 7,300 people have put their name to it.

Bribery in any form of sport is completely unacceptable and it is UEFA’s responsibility to ensure that while some refereeing decisions will always be questioned, deliberate match fixing and corruption be dealt with and prevented from damaging OUR beautiful game. So, I urge you, Leeds fans and non-Leeds fans alike, please sign this petition. I promise not to run through the streets cheering for Leeds winning silverware in 2009 should their “win” be overturned.

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Written by Karl Savage

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  • Tef1on

    They should replay the game…

  • Darren

    With the same players from that game! Would be a good spectacle!!

  • Tef1on

    I’d go to watch it!

  • Darren

    see you there, I think its at the Derby & Joan club. 5 and 20 past 6 KO

  • Tef1on

    Great! Are they having a raffle after? Or is it bingo this week?

  • Karl Savage

    A reply with the players of yesteryear would be like a 7 a side as some of the players are no longer with us and I wouldn’t fancy our chances against AC Milan at our current level although I’d pay to watch it.

  • dexylongshot

    I’d pay to boo the Dirty Leeds (Except Big Jack)!

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