Luka Modric Wants Manchester United Switch

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Tottenham Hotspur’s efforts of hanging on to midfield star Luka Modric may all end in vain this summer, as the Croatian is reportedly glad at snubbing the chance to go to Chelsea, and in turn wants a move to Manchester United.

Chelsea have been long term admirers of the midfield maestro, and the Blues lodged as many as three bids last summer, in a spectacular attempt to lure the club into selling him. On the other hand, Spurs manager Harry Redknapp reminded the importance of Modric in the side, and put pressure on club chairman Daniel Levy to reject all offers.

The chairman kept his word and rejected an audacious bid for Modric last summer; however, the 26-year old has expressed his desire to win trophies in the past, and could cost Spurs, who are attempting to build a top four side, dearly.

According to sources close to Modric, the player looks at the denied Chelsea move as a blessing in disguise, but reaffirmed his desire to win silverware.

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  • Big Mal

    This is a copy of a made up story.

  • Mystical Mike

    it was published on Soccernet at first, we have permission to publish it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised tbh, it’s a dream fit, they need a creative midfielder, he wants a bigger move

  • Jim

    If you bothered to read the whole articla you would know that what Modric actually said was that he was glad that he didi not move to Chelsea with all the turmoil going on over there, but he would be interested in joining United if Spurs decided to allow him to leave

  • OhNo

    Real football. Real fans. Made up stories.

    Good job.

  • Christospur

    This is an old story

    Modric’s transfer price is around £58m, something which United will not be able to afford.

    THFC have warned potential suitors that they wont consider any offer less than this.

    Modric himself is considering a contract offer from the Spurs board but is waiting to see if CL qualification is assured.

  • Yid

    Mystical Mike = Troll

    Where’s the quote relating to Man Utd? Oh no there isnt one.

  • RM

    Not only is it a very old story (which you don’t even have the decency to link to), but why would he want to go to a team Spurs may very well finish ahead of?

  • Indyfan


  • Bigyid


  • RM

    enjoy the increase in ad revenue from posting this

  • youdirtyr

    How many quotes there? None. And the order you’ve got Redknapp & Levy is properly arse about face, Redknapp was willing to let him go, Levy put his foot down.

    If Utd want (5 years left on his contract) Modric, they’ll have to pay what Levy wants, and I can’t see them being able to afford him. I don’t know where this £40 Mil comes from, that amount was turned down last summer. And if, as it looks like, Spurs qualify for the Champions league, then his value to Spurs would be double that.

  • billysboots

    oh yeah your right lets do a straight swap for Carrick shall we! what a load of old bull, and the source is? or is Fergie getting his old media pals to pump bullshit. Do you honestly think he sat down with someone and said i prefer to go to Manu now!! i suppose your gonna buy RVP and Bale while your at it.

  • sybrian

    Mystical Mike must be a Manure fan- wishfull thinking – why would he leave a team on the up for one on the way down????

  • RM

    Mystical Mike is a joke… his other vaunted article: “Is Pep Guardiola heading to Arsenal?” he’s almost as pathetic as the rest of us that actually click to read his articles.

  • billysboots

    ” the 26-year old has expressed his desire to win trophies in the past, and could cost Spurs, who are attempting to build a top four side, dearly.”

    Also i dont understand your point in the above sentence, why would it cost us dearly??????????

    your off your head.

  • bazza

    another example of poor, ill researched reporting

  • Alex

    What a load of bullsh*te.

  • Snoop

    You Mancs are wankers, and we will show you in two weeks

  • JCSpurs

    Drivel – Absolute garbage article!

    Don’t give up your imaginary day job just yet!!!

  • TommyHarmer

    This story came out the wonderfully authorative Daily Mirror. THEY said that a friend of Luka’s said that he said this (get the basic idea?) but failed to mention the name of the friend. In actual fact the whole thing is a pile of w**k you were dumb enough to repeat … repeat DUMB.

  • ThisStoryIsBollocks

    Modric did not snub a move to Chelsea. Spurs wouldn’t sell him.

    Why do you make up sh!t like this?

  • Philspurs

    This guy is a complete ‘Nuffty’….get a life. Oh sorry…this guys real name is Rupert Murdoch….! What a complete idiot. Cant we send ‘reporters’ like this to Afghanistan for a holiday.

  • Sidyid

    What a load of old poppycock, no actual quotes from anyone, one day there will be a site that posts the truth instead of making up drivel…..

  • Canadianraptor

    Another bad rubbish article which has conveniently left out the one word in the original post that shows it’s all “BS” That word says it all SPECULATION!

  • David

    Chelsea never offered 40 million. It was 30 plus Alex or 31 plus Alex and Drogba. Either way the offer was worth 32.5 million in total. If Utd want Modric they should start at 55 million cash plus Greece, and not include any over the hill rejects such as Carrick and no deferred payments.

  • tripehound

    Y are there no sources named in this ”article”. Modric shortly after accepting the fact that he was not going to be sold last summer, was asked by his team mates, ‘listen to the fans calling your name, how can you leave’? @I can’t’ was the reply.
    While all things can change, Modric constantly stated he didn’t want to leave London. Why don’t you try and find a story with facts that can be backed up. At the moment you are thought of as an unbelievable bufoon!!!

  • Pauline

    How do you get away with printing such dross? No quotes to even remotely quantify this rumour… And the assumption is he wants to move to ManUre becuase he wants silverware? Surely he would be better off at Man Citeh then?

    I could write you a few articles if you like? Heres some of the titles:
    “Ferdinand thinks Vidic is the worst defensive partner he has ever had”
    “Man City to buy Old Trafford and demolish it”
    “Ferguson wants Heskey”

    Assuming this has come from the ManUre camp, its the typical gentle start to tapping-up. Dispicable as always.

  • fergie liemacnine

    This wont happen because of the new rules next season and Utds early exit from the champs league will make this impossible without a very good swap like Young or Clevely. Mr.Modric Loves London and he would not like Manchester’s rainy days and dreary nightsjust like Tevevs.

  • Nordmannen

    Jesus, save us from such crappy stories as this. JUST SPECULATION. Please, get some real sources before you post anything….zZZZZ

  • Enorme Nuez

    Nothing but hearsay and this is a rehash of a no substance story on another site. All this is meant to do is stoke the fires and drum up support to validate a push for Modric by the top brass at ManUre.

    Well played ManUre, well played. Taking a page from the Spanish outfits playbook shows class.

  • Alan Hutton

    Funny how Man U always want our players just before we play them

  • JustASpur

    If you can’t come up with things more substantive than “reportedly” and “according to sources” maybe you just shouldn’t say anything.

    And as to “Spurs, who are attempting to build a top four side” have you actually looked at the league table at any point this year?

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