Man City will never match the Arsenal ‘invincibles’

by Michael Somerville

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

City talisman Yaya Toure stated in a recent interview that his team can match the Arsenal of 2004 and go unbeaten in this years Premier League.

He said in a launch of Puma’s African National Cup kits, “We hope we can continue unbeaten, we are playing fantastic football.”

Although the blue side of Manchester have enjoyed an excellent start to their campaign- the obvious highlight beating United 6-1 at Old Trafford, I simply do not believe City have what it takes to match Arsene Wenger’s supremely talented side. Why?

City lack the focus and skill that the likes of Henry, Bergkamp and Pires brought to Arsenal. City are clearly difficult to play against and have great power going forward but they do not have the team spirit of the Arsenal team of 2004.

Two of the their best players, Kolo Toure and Carlos Tevez have been severely disciplined by the club; Toure is expected to accept a six weeks’ wages fine following his conduct of a drugs test scandal and Tevez was suspended for two weeks, made to train on his own and found to be in breach of five breaches of contract. The Tevez saga continues to rumble on and, in my opinion, threatens to derail the team spirit instilled by Mancini this season.

This kind of thing would never happen at Arsenal. When David Dein resigned as Arsenal chairman in April 2007, it marked the end of a glorious era and kickstarted a run of four years without a trophy. When Gary Cook resigned in September 2011 (in highly embarrassing circumstances) I believe the same thing could happen.

Arsenal have nothing to worry about- their record will remain intact. City will be good this season, but not quite good enough…

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  • darren

    blah x3, didnt Man United say the same thing around this time last year. In truth, that United side were the poorest side since Leeds to win the top division.

    There’s no doubt City are a class act, footballing wise they have won me over. In David Silva they have the best midfielder outside of Spain. YaYa Toure is the closest thing to Patrick Viera, since erh, Patrick Viera!

    But to match that great Arsenal side in this day and age. I can’t see it

  • Josh

    Hard to spout that City don’t have the skill and focus on Henry, Bergkamp and Pires. They have players of a fairly similar talent in Silva, Toure, Balotelli, Dzeko and Aguero. They’re strong, mobile and defensively sound – all key attributes of Arsenal’s invincibles. This article seems to be pure opinion without any basis or fact.

    It is true, however, that the treatment of Tevez and Toure could prove disruptive – not to mention Adam Johnson. The real difference is in how they’ve built the team in comparison to Wenger’s boys. Not a development over time, Man City have bought in bulk over a short period of time.

    Big egos and even bigger wages seem to be causing disruption in the dressing room and that is something Arsenal never had, and any time it has cropped up – Wenger has chucked players out. In fact, the signing of Adebayor/Nasri epitomise the lack of emphasis City place on a harmonious dressing room.

    Arsenal’s success for bred from class, grace, skill, power, but perhaps most importantly, spirit. The inability to lose.

    It seems to me the only way for Mancini to achieve anything close to the legacy of Ferguson or Wenger is either buy young and nurture these superstars (as seen with Balotelli, Aguero etc.) or create the world against us tactic utilised by the likes of Fergie and Mourinho. In stead, at the minute, we have a boss trying to stick his head a little bit higher in a battle with a squad who all want to be the focal point.

  • Michael

    It is an opinion piece, there’s no doubt about that, I’m simply comparing of what I’ve seen from Arsenal and what I’ve seen from City.

    What I’m trying to make a point about, is that there’s been a awful lot going on behind the scenes that I feel are going to hinder City. The players’ unrest, the manner of the departure of Chief Executive Gary Cook, the fact that they have bought in bulk rather than developing the players ‘The Arsenal Way.’

    We’ll see how Mancini handles the ego’s this year…

  • jake

    don’t forget that they are making a serious loss financially too, when the fair play rule comes in there is no way they will break even. Getting the one of the Chairmans rich companies to sponsor them too is surely breaking laws too

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