Man of the match? I don’t think so!

by Teflon

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Telfon’s weekly rant

This subject has really been grinding my gears recently. And I’m going to get stuck in straight away and state it’s based more on popularity than a great performance. Having sat through 3 games at the weekend the MOTM going to possibly the worst choices possible every time I thought it was about time to have a whine about it.


Adebayor vs Manchester United

Ade had an interesting game but not one that deserved the MOTM. See yes he played well up front, but he missed at least 3 chances which should have rippled the back of the net, instead they all ended up being hit straight into the keeper arms. So even though a player shows skill on the ball, it’s all-pointless if the ending of a move results in a lost chance, especially if he should have scored. All right he did score but well we all know he did Maradona proud! A strikers job in the positions he was in, is to score, he didn’t so this one is a bad choice for me.


Joe Cole vs Wigan

Joe played average 45 minutes in what resulted in being a dire performance from both teams. He came on at half time and had a couple of shots, did a couple of tricks and that was about it, nothing impacting. Well the reason I have picked this one out is because of Chris Kirkland had a storming game! He kept Wigan in the game with save after save. Kirkland was my MOTM!


Armand Traore

So now onto a game I guarantee nobody here would have seen. Arsenal Reserves vs Derby Reserves. The MOTM was Armand Traore, Let me state the Gunners should have won this 10-0 possibly even more, the reason they didn’t was due to Armand Traore. The whole Derby team were dire and Arsenal were pushing on the back lines hard, but ever time Armand got the ball, he’d skip past 3 players then shoot, twice he hit the corner flag, once he gave a throw and the last time he hit some poor gits car in the street. (This is not an exaggeration) So this is on par with Adebayor, no matter how much skill you show during the 90 minutes if the end result isn’t any good then it’s all wasted. Funnily enough the Gunners won 5-1 and Armand didn’t set up any or score any, all he did was lose the ball in style.


See to me the MOTM should be the BEST player on the park, and I always thought it was, if a player scores a hatrick of tap ins does that make him the best player? Or does the person who skipped past 3 players to supply the tap ins get the award? 9 times out of 10 it goes to the scorer!

I just think football is becoming to ‘flash’, and in that way the players who show that second of magic get the praise while the hardened veterans who play tough but fair get all the bad press.

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  • Darren

    I totally agree, I thought Clichy was absolutely outstanding against Man U, he never gave up, the clock showed 93 minutes, we were 2-0 down and yet he was still bombing down the wing, surely everyone could see he was MOTM and not Ade who was nothing short of pathetic!

    I play fantasy league with the Telegraph, how they award their MOTM’s is totally bizzare, its all based on passes, key passes etc, every week I hope that one of my players will get an extra 5 points for their performance, and yet every time I am let down by their strange choices.

    I would like to know if these people actually watch the game or are they so busy that they just say give it to Joe Cole, I saw 10 minutes and he looked great.

  • Darren

    David Villa coming to Arsenal? Believe it when I see it!

  • Tef1on,19528,11670_3432312,00.html

    check that story out…

    Troare actually wants to be like Eboue! funny as F**K.

  • Darren

    omg, that is called having no ambition!

    I do rate him though, I think he is a decent player and once he learns to stop dribbling every time he gets the ball I think he’ll be quality, he needs to go out on loan though.

  • Michael

    Wants to be like Eboue!!

    Didn’t see the reserves game obviously but hell from what i’ve heard he’s already there.

    Completly sh*t!!

  • Michael

    Gotta agree with u on the MOTM for Ade, seems like the same thing is happening with the player of the year award as well, he has played reasonably well but comn, just because u score a few goals (a sh*tload being headers in and around the six yard box, which can’t be too hard when u stand at 10 foot tall) doesn’t qualify you to be short listed in the player of the year. And i know it’s voted on by the players but seriously…

    Think a bit more recignition for a defender or two would have been better, how bout Lescott and Laursen, not the best players in the world but both have had quality seasons, and if David James can get a call why not these guys. Or even at the risk of sounding completly bias, how bout Vidic and Ferdinand, they’ve conceded less goals this season than Ade has scored. Just all seems to be a bit too straight forward to me, look at the top three or four clubs and pick their best performers (or more to the point their top scorers).

  • mikie

    I totally agree with you Michael, obviously Ronaldo has been the best player by a mile, but Laursen has been superb all season, as has Ashley Young, Gareth Barry, Evra, Clichy, Santa Cruz etc…. The list goes on.

    It’s basically the same way they select the England squad, its a joke, those so called world class players, Lampard etc… Look brilliant becos they are playing with, erh, world class players week in week out, where as for England they are not!

  • Michael

    yeh definatly, i’m not saying that he didn’t play well this season he just didn’t his job as well as some of the other players mentioned. Santa Cruz is absolute quality, always has been, he was the first striker i selected in my fantasy squad and he never lets me down, one of the most underrated players i’ve ever seen.

  • mikie

    me to, Santa has been the fantsay league bargain of the season. He has scored 15 prem goals this season, where as he only scored something like 5 in 2 seasons for Munich.

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