Man United cannot be stopped

by Russell Hill

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Ever since the Premiership was formed back in the early 1990’s, there really has been only team around. Yes, I admit they’ve had their ups and downs with the hot-headed Ferguson dismissing anybody who crosses his path like a Scottish Henry VIII (Beckham as Anne Boleyn?) but for a ship to cruise through unsteady waters there must be a strong captain in control. Like Arsenal have found out, having a weak manager at the helm who contradicts himself at every turn, the manager at United is King. You step out of line one too many times and it won’t be just the hairdryer treatment you’ll be receiving.

Although United are champions, every pundit was in agreement that they were lacking in the Champions League final against Barcelona last season where they were simply played out of the park. So, through a set of circumstances which saw Ferguson getting rid of his deadwood he has bought in some incredibly young players. Tom Cleverly is 22 whereas Phil Jones is a spritely 19. At the time of writing this, United recently took the proverbial against Arsenal with their quick passing style that made many in the away stand shake their heads in disbelief.

But then again, there is the deadwood still at the club. Berbatov is somehow still there but only on the subs bench. His lacklustre approach is deemed too laid-back by fans and this is justified as one of the biggest clubs in the world need 110% effort. The new boys (and I often mean that literally especially in the case of Phil Jones) put in 220% effort and run around as if they have been told they are on trial. Berbatov does not fit in with the new United and it’s only a matter of time before he is shown the exit door.

As well as youth, the club still have experience on their side despite the retirement of Van De Sar and Scholes. Giggs, whose face should be lit onto the side of Old Trafford for at least a couple of hours every day, has the opportunity to benefit the new players. He can teach them a thing or two about how United tick and, most importantly, how not to anger the boss. After all, they don’t want to be like Veron and Taibi do they?  

What of their rivals? Although United have paid extravagant sums in the past for their players, you need team solidarity and money cannot buy that. Man City? Chelsea? All mouth and no trousers yet again. They play a good game but football is a team sport and no amount of money can buy that. You need a team to gel before they can start to be champions.

But will they beat Barcelona? Only time will tell.

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  • Joshua

    I love this article.we play barca 4 a draw or.

  • danny

    Man U is far away from beating Barcelona. Forget about the pre -season game, with Messi around, Phil Jones and the defence squad will be dismantled by barcelona`s strike force. If barcelona had pleyed the same Arsenal team that is making M Utd. feel they are on top of the world, Arsenal, would have wished they never played the match. The team that played against man utd. that faithful Sunday, was a whitewashed team full of 2nd tiered players. Relax and reserve your comment till the end of the season. Have fun.

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