It’s all about Man United

by Ashleigh Rose

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

The PFA Player of the Year nominations were made yesterday, and to any passer by it would seem that Man Utd have dominated this season and cruised to the top of the league without breaking sweat. Five of the six players nominated come from Old Trafford, with only Steven Gerrard representing the rest of the Premier League. Granted this list was probably complied while United were seven points clear at the top and not let in a goal for 14 games but how much are these nominations actually deserved?

Edwin Van Der Sar

Man United

The record will get him nominated regardless and it is a genuinely impressive one. But a goalie is only as good as the back four infront of him and it’s a huge debt that the Dutchmen owes to the likes of Evans, Vidic and Ferdinand. And if you go over those record games you’ll see that Van Der Sar was rarely called upon.

Namanja Vidic

Man United

Up until Fernando Torres scared the living crap out of him at Old Trafford, the big centre-back was a shoe-in for this award and rightfully so. Vidic was the rock that United based three quarters of their season on and he’ll be hoping that his dodgy form since that 4-1 mauling wont effect his chances of the getting the prize.

Rio Ferdinand

Man United

A United nomination too many? Don’t get me wrong I rate Rio, so much so I think he’s England’s possibly Europe’s most gifted defender. But it seems a wasted nomination going once again to a Man U defence, when Rio’s missed quite a few games through injury and he’s been consistent more than spectacular.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Man United

Tough one this. Although Ronaldo hasn’t been the free scoring, match-winning machine of last season, he’s still joint top scorer in the Premier League and the man United look for when the going gets tough. He wont win it but worthy of a nomination.

Ryan Giggs

Man United

Let’s me just say how much I rate and respect Giggs for what he’s done as a professional but player of the year? Maybe a bit too much? For one he’s only played a proportion of United PL games and only netted once. Yes at times he’s been majestic for Fergie’s men this season, but this isn’t an award based on three or four games, its player of the YEAR and I feel this nomination has a little bit more of sentiment on it than anything else.

For me, I’d like to have seen Xavi Alonso there and I think Frank Lampard can feel slightly disappointed not to be included. It’s a shame once again the top four dominate, because Gareth Barry and to a lesser extent Tim Cahill and Danny Murphy have also had stellar seasons for their clubs. But in a strange season that has seen United reach the summit, more from seeing their rivals fail (until their own shortcomings) than their domination I think it’s a bit much to have six players possibly recognised as player of the year. Especially when I fully expect Steven Gerrard to walk away with it anyway.

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  • Darren

    it’s an absolute joke, announcing these awards 7 weeks before the season ends. Ryan Giggs? Come on, do me a favour, he played 1 one excellent game against West Ham but thats about it. It’s the lets all love the Man United campaign in full swing. If they end up winning nowt the people who made this list will look very stupid indeed

    It’s not just about the top 4, these players should be listed

    Matt Taylor
    Phil Jagelka
    Ricardo Fuller
    Danny Murphy

  • Tef1on

    Brende Hangeland for leading Fulham to an awesome European Finish with a fantastic home record?

  • Matt Quinn

    The awards are voted for by fellow footballers…. which just goes to show how little footballers know about their own game.

    So next time Zidane calls Gerrard the best players in the world or Joe Cole calls Terry the best defender in the world, remember these nominations!!!!

  • dexylongshot

    I remember reading in the week Van Der Sar was about to break the record that he had less shots to actually save than any other keeper in the league.
    For me Rio or Vidic, probably Vidic for outright winner.
    Rio has missed a few games (but look how they faired when he was away?). It’s a tough one.
    If Ronny didn’t have the season he had last year, he would win it, all those goals from a winger.
    Gerrard is worthy of a place.
    Sorry Giggsy, would he be up there if you was 10 years younger…
    Fickle fickle fellow players.

    Taylor for England! Check the stats!

  • Stevie

    Matt Taylor has had an exceptional season, he couldn’t get into the Portsmouth team so left and has been excellent ever since. He scores free kicks, headers, can tackle and gets bags of assists! It’s only because he plays for the untrendy Bolton that all the other sheep were to scared to vote in case it made them look uncool!

    Baaaaaa baaaaaaaaa show some individuality you sheep!

  • Ash

    Be interesting to see who the Football Writers (an award show I myself am attending) will vote in their awards.

  • Darren

    how did u wangle that Ash? Are you a very important man who knows people?

  • Ash

    No I just know someone who has more money than sense! 🙂

  • Darren

    Alan Sugar? Richard Bransen?

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