Man United to sign another Arsenal player?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

After the last number of seasons Arsenal has been known as a selling club, buying relatively unknown players and making them world class.

Barcelona have been renowned for dipping into our supermarket of talent luring Cesc Fabregas, Alex Hleb, Alex Song and legend Thierry Henry away from the Emirates. Other clubs have also been guilty of this with Van Persie to Man United Nasri and Adebayor to Manchester City and then to Spurs.

However Barcelona are the ones that annoy me the most. They have endless talent in their squad without having touched any of our players. Also Pep Guardiola claimed to have Jack Wilsheres a dime a dozen in their reserves. Then stop raiding our squad!

I’m willing to admit that Fabregas and Henry are two exceptions as they have achieved trophies at the club and have had an impact but what about the others?
Arsenal in 2008 seemed to be on to a good thing building a team of quality players but very few remained loyal to the club. There is only so much the manager can do by motivating the team, if those players do not perform and fail to win trophies it cannot really be turned onto Wenger.

That team was good enough to win at least a domestic cup. Then there is the money and ambition to deal with, Manchester City were becoming multi million pound spenders and could offer colossal wages to average players, naturally they were going to turn a few heads. Chelsea had done the same in Mourinho’s first stint. Barcelona were winning every trophy possible that was what the true players coveted.

So there was a mass exodus. Looking at those players now does anyone know where Alex Hleb is these days? Bate Borisov, one of the Champions League teams that nobody ever really pays attention to.

Then to Alex Song who seen the bright lights of Barcelona, well the shine from their trophy room and decided he was on his way. In two seasons he’s made 22 appearances, that does not scream integral player in the Barcelona team.

Now it seems according to reports today he’s fed up of warming the bench and is looking to leave, enter David Moyes once again. I’m starting to think he has been jealous of Arsene Wenger maybe stemming from his Everton days. He had no hope of luring Arsenal players to Merseyside but now that he has money and a reputable winning club behind him and has the potential to fulfil his dreams.

Gone are the days of loyalty to clubs who make a career for a player, they become too big for their boots and have notions of grandeur. Players like Stephen Gerrard, John Terry, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs to name a few are hard to find these days.

Jack Wilshere seems to be that type of player amongst the Arsenal ranks the fans appreciate and respect these players greatly as they know in tough times they’re not going to abandon ship.
Not that we want any of these players to return to the club because to be fair there’s no room and they’re no longer at the same level as Ӧzil, Ramsey and Carzola I could go on but think it’s self explanatory.

However I am willing to admit that the return of Mathiew Flamini has been fantastic he looks a better player than when he left.
Only time will tell whether there is another player to go to the dark side in Manchester United but even if Song does go it still doesn’t solve the midfield issued in Old Trafford.

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  • mickey

    correct me if i am wrong, but Song is not an Arsenal player! i have not seen the terms of his contract but i assume he is a Barcelona player by the kit he wears!

  • Sarah

    Well aware of that fact got you to read the post didn’t it! Also I state that in the piece so no need to be smart about it.

  • Mystical Mike

    if David Moyes wants Song to be his Ozil then go for it I say! They will struggle to make top four

  • Philip

    Should say sign ex Arsenal player! Please sign him though, he was over rated anyway. I will take so much joy watching United slip down the league

  • Sarah

    As I said all got u to read the post so my jobs done 🙂 But yes he was over rated and United are destined to struggle this season Happy Days for the rest of us!

  • Mystical Mike

    very sneaky Sarah. You’ll go a long way 😉

  • Sarah

    I’ll take that as a complement! Thanks 🙂

  • Malaysian gunner

    It seems to me there is only one team in UK:MU.I am sick and tired of hearing they will do this and that.Well Moyes has blamed meeting Chelsea,Pool and MC for his nervy start. Had he won all the games I can bet he will say MU will everything on earth.
    I can’t wait for them to get relegated . This is a remote possibility but at least they did not get their hands on the cl year and year outlike the epl with the help of people around them

  • KV

    Hahahahahaha fuck you united cunts good luck with moyes what a shit manager

  • Situmas

    All I know is Arsenal

  • Travers Jerningham

    Yes, sort of sneaky though most people will have guessed you meant ex-Arsenal player. You may go far but you need to learn to write properly if you want to be taken seriously – minor stuff like, er, punctuation.

    I guess you can’t have room for every view and your comment about Wenger gathering a talented team together is true but Wenger always goes on about looking for character in a player but that is pure rubbish – the players who left (except Fabregas, Henry & Van Persie whose loyalty cannot really be questioned) showed little character to push through with Wenger’s vision and the ultimate example of Wenger’s hypocrisy on this is Suarez, check his character out!


  • Junior

    We know 4 sure thats mu cant do aneything this year withouts products of arsenal. But let me say 2 song tha he s over to ene timu until 2 turn buck to arsenal .

  • Mystical Mike

    we dont want Song back. he was crap. constantly out of position, didnt shield the back four like he was supposed too. Was too interested in trying to set RVP with goals.

    They both leave, we score more goals, concede less goals. Do the math

  • Tim Thompson

    I believe this coup of players are good##can’t wait to see…..carzola,ozil,ramsey link Up in midfield.podozki up front wit giroud its gonna b massive@@@@readers

  • Douglas Smyth

    How many players leave Arsenal, only to turn round 6 months to.a year later that they made a big mistake! Especially where Barcelona are concerned. Petit, Overmars, Hleb, Song ( I imagine)! The grass is not always greener on the other side. Ego’s are the bain of the modern day footballer!

  • Kane

    What a pathetic piece of writing – well done Sarah you got me to read this drivel by purposely stuicking a sensationalist title on it – shame you can’t write for shit – amateur stuff really…

    I suggest you title your next piece – “Arsenal to sign Messi!!!???” and then talk at length on how Arsenal may one day look to sign the Barcelona player.

  • richard calderon

    ‘Kettle -Black’……Less you forget, Fabergas, Hleb, Song, Henry, started their carers at other clubs. Fabergas at Barcelona! RVP, Nasri, and Adebayor also came from other clubs. In fact, so did Vermalen, Mertesacker(sp), Giroud, Carzola, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain, etc etc. Your argument is pathetically weak.

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