Manager – Is it worth the stress?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Arsene Wenger has it, Sir Alex Ferguson can pass it on when he wants, and Kevin Keegan’s yet to discover if he can get rid of it by the end of the year.

Far from some highly infectious disease, what all three bastions of the Premier League have in common is, for the moment, a job.

Now I joked with a couple of out of work managers the other day that they were like those odd balls you find turning up to any funeral, waiting to jump in their grave.

Their belief (and I’m inclined to agree) is that come September there will be plenty of fresh graves in the world of football, with at least four prime jobs up for grabs, and their names top of the list.

Now while this may seem a little harsh, what they showed me is how fragile the position of Manager is.

I have very different expectations to most for the new season, I’d like to see a decent cup run, it would be great to get in the play-offs, but given I was brought up on the “doom and gloom” supping of my father (even when we were 3 nil up he’d be convinced we’d lose) I’d be happy with mid-table.

You on the other hand (You being the ever lasting dreamers and hopers of this world) seem to believe a quick fix in the sun will alter your chances for the title. You (the not content with a bore draw at the top of the table flyers) want instant success, three points every week and a place at the champions table. So what do you get? Exactly the same results as last year, and who do you blame? The manager, whose been given no extra resources but is expected to take you from bottom of the league to top.

The blame therefore in lack of loyalty in the world of football lies squarely at the soles of the humble football fan. We can’t help ourselves and shout “what are you doing you great lump of lard, even my Gran could do better than that!”, we put the doubt in the minds of the all powerful Chairmen, and we ultimately may not be responsible for pulling the trigger, but we certainly helped grease it up.

So spare a thought when you’re next berating your side, I doubt any manager walks out on a Saturday and thinks, “you know what” What I really want is to lose? (although this has yet to be proved in some European circles). Yes you may end up getting your way and forcing the old “tin tack”, but who wins ultimately?

The fact is unless you’re trading in Joe Bloggs for Alex Ferguson I wouldn’t bother, the grass is rarely greener and there will always be something else to moan about. Stick to what you know, defeat can be good for the soul. That said, my team are now odds on to walk our league, so if the gaffer mucks up now he’s only got himself to blame, I give him a month.

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  • Darren

    I used to manage a Saturday team, and being the competitor i was we had to win every game and finish top of the league. This was a part time job and would take up my whole weekend, including sulking time when we lost, which wasn’t very often.

    This was an incredibly stressful experience yet the rewards were amazing, I remember turning up for a league game against the team that were top, on their website they said we were slow and old. We turned up without our captain, star striker and main man in midfield. We won the game 8-2, all I can remember was smiling after every goal went in, it was the a total male bonding moment as we all felt the same.

    So I can image how stressful it is running a multi million pound corporation but the imagine the buzz after winning the league or a cup! Priceless!!

  • Stevie

    is it worth the stress? hell yeah, when you’re winning nothing beats the high!!

    These managers will not have it by Christmas:



  • dexylongshot

    Southgate will be fine, mark my words!!!!

    Emnes, Alves, Tuncay, Wheater and Downing will deliver the goods up North!

  • Danny Brothers

    I get stressed enough on Football manager…God knows what the real managers go through every week!

    It is a tough job to please your fans, especially those with such high expectations just because their club used to have glory days. Newcastle are a prime example…the worst thing that happened to them was finishing second in the Premier League…ever since that their fans have seemed to frown on anything lower that 4th!

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