Manager Swap; Who Should Go Where?

by Luke McGee

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

With the Premier League serving up another heap of dull results that tell us nothing about the state of this fairly open league, there isn’t a great deal to talk about in terms of title contenders and top four predictions that hasn’t already been said.

An area of English football that is worthy of discussion however is the ever changing faces of the top flights managers, particularly in light of the recent shock sackings of Sam Allardyce and Chris Hughton.

Although both of these sackings seemed extremely harsh considering how well both of these chaps were doing with the situations that their former teams were in, I’m not feeling too sorry for them. With so many clubs currently underachieving, you’ve got to believe that we will be seeing a few more vacancies opening up in the top flight before long, and their names will be fairly high on a number of club’s candidate lists.

If sacking season has started, the vacancies and list of unemployed talent could lead to some pretty interesting manger swaps in the Barclays Premier League. This got me thinking about all of the possible exchanges that could take place.

As a bit of fun, why not leave a comment at the bottom with the changes you would like to see?

Here are two of my favourite possible rotations. The first is for footballing interest and the good of the clubs, the second is for my own amusement (and if this were a different world and I were a man with any power, would make happen without a second of thought).


List 1;

Liverpool – Let Hodgson go and give someone like Chris Hughton a shot. Liverpool would do well to realise that they need to start again, and Hughton could be a great clean break for the club.

Fulham – Out with Hughes and welcome back Roy. He belongs at Fulham and everyone knows it.

West Ham – A difficult one, but Grant has to go. Allardyce could be handy at West Ham.

List 2;

Liverpool – Remove Hodgson and bring in Dalglish. The Kop would have their own way and no one left to blame as Anfield finally crumbles into the gaping abyss of mediocrity.

Fulham – Replace Hughes with Sam Allardyce. After everything Danny Murphy has said about Fat Sam, it could lead to some hilarious changes for Fulham.

West Ham – I know that Blackburn are making noise about getting him, but I personally cannot think of anything funnier than Maradona managing West Ham. How would the ICF react to a proud Argentinean who cheated against England and would probably refuse to learn English?

Blackburn Rovers – What kind of manager could be turned on by the idea of club with new owners that have unrealistic dreams and some money? Martin O Neill. He’s probably spent the last 6 months glumly sitting on park benches and drinking knock off Baileys, imagine the carnage if he went to Rovers…

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  • Sean D

    Allardyce doesn’t deserve to manage my local sunday league side. Enjoyable read though.

  • Mystical Mike

    agree with you Sean, but we are in a results game after all, and Big Sam has a habit of turning relegation bound sides into established Premier League sides.

    O’Neil will surely be next Liverpool manager, with Rwoy Hoggy going back to Blackburn

  • dexylongshot

    Diego Maradonna at West Ham, he’d last a week tops because some people can’t forgive and forget, me included. I would not go to one game while that scumbag was in charge, principle. I think many Hammers would feel the same way.

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