Manchester City and the One Trick Pony

by Nick Weaser

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Watching  the spectacle that unfolded at White Hart Lane this Champions League week, whilst shocking and pleasing me in equal measures, it also led me to question the credentials of the other contender for the coveted fourth place in the English Premier League; Manchester City. Whilst every single Spurs player played like it was a case of do-or-die (at this point I do not believe it necessary to add any more superlatives to the abundance that already exist surrounding the ‘if only he was English’ wonder-kid that is Gareth Bale), and with Redknapp (soon to be England Manager), getting the tactics absolutely spot-on; I was proud to be the son of a Spurs fan.

In contrast, I cannot help but feel that City do not offer, and will not offer, anything more than what Spurs showed on Wednesday night. Firstly, the ludicrous wages that are thrown at any player that Mancini ‘might’ want will result in both increasingly lacklustre performances and an uncaring attitude towards the club. Yes they may kiss their badge every now and then, and throw a few shirts to the crowd at the end of the game, but nevertheless, if I were a City fan right now, I could not feel more disconnected from the club.

I would also feel disillusioned by the tactics that Mancini is employing at the club. Whilst the 4-3-3 formation may have surprised a few managers early in the season, Arsene Wenger and Mick McCarthy could give you a master class in how to render such a predictable formation null and void. And yet, after back-to-back results, what are the chances that Mancini once again sticks with his same formation, with the unnecessary two/three defensive midfielders, and the increasingly frustrating zero wingers (Adam Johnson on the bench?! Need I say more)? I would put my brother on the line.

Any right-minded man would put his money on Spurs this season to retain that final Champions League spot. That is of course, unless Liverpool manage to pull it out the bag…

P.S I do not have a brother.

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  • Jack

    Why are you so obsessed with City? Enjoy your day in the sun. As a city supporter I am glad for you. Personally I think it is only a matter of time before everyone else will be fighting for the scraps that fall off City’s table.

  • Danny Goodwin

    Agree. City will win nothing and Mansour will pull out.

    If you thought Pompey was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • MaineBlue

    Nick Weaser what a very shallow minded post after 10 games.
    You sound just like one of those pathetic journalists that have conveniently forgotten that WBA did Arsenal 3-1 at home, or how Spurs lost at home to Wigan. Get off the bandwagon fella and try and write something with at least an iota of intelligence.
    You’re probably unfamiliar with how a football season works – I’ll spell it out for you. It is not based on your last two results – it’s based on a whole season. So as much as you like to purr over Spurs (who I admit have impressed in Europe) they still sit below Man City in the PL.
    Any ‘right-minded man would NOT put his money on Spurs to retain that final Champions League spot’. Their European adventures and shallow squad will ensure that.
    Try thinking in terms of a whole season and not ten games next time fella.

  • Darren

    I thought Mancinis post match interview after the arsenal thrashing was totally bizarre, they didn’t just get beat, they were handed a football lesson by a club that is run the correct way.

    To follow that performance up with the one at Wolves proves the man really is blagging that job, I believe, he really is out of depth.

    As for fourth spot, don’t bet against Everton. They have no European distractions!

  • Darren

    Good point there Mainblue.

    It’s the same for us Gooners, win 3 games and we are contenders, lose 1 and we need 3 players!

    One thing I will say is City will gel, but not under the current manager.

    West Brom beat us 3-2 by the way.

  • MaineBlue

    Darren – it was ten men against Arsenal after 4 minutes. Did you go to the game or just watch highlights? My guess is the latter.
    Wolves display was poor. But if yer basing it all on one or two games then Redknapp should be sacked for that display against Wigan or the C Cup game against Arsenal. And burn Wenger at the stake for Arsenals dreadful display against the Baggies. Jeeesus. Grow up.
    Not a bad call on Everton though, but 4th is beyond them. 6th I reckon.

  • MaineBlue

    Ouch – sorry – yup – 3-2; me baaaaaad
    Mancini will sort it btw. Most players, fans and players are behind him
    Forgive my rant at you in my previous post – I thought you were a Spurs fan. Hate them and they bring the worst out in me.
    Arsenal – awesome in attack – average in defence
    Thats why 10 man Man City lost – that and yer keeper got ‘Man of the match’

  • Lightning Smith

    What are you on Main Blue. I remember the biggest 0-0 thrashing I’ ve ever seen Spurs hand out in the season opener .. I think our shallow squad as you put it is still far superior to any thing you have with the exception of two players.(Joe Hart & Tevez) There is no doubt in my mind that Tottenham with HR in charge will finish above Man city this season wherever we finish in the league. As a team the only “Heart” you have is your fans and Joe

  • DanSpurs

    Come on now MaineBlue, Spurs ‘shallow squad’ sorry but that is nothing short of retarded. We are playing with our best three centre backs injured, our right back injured, centre midfielders just coming back from injury, our top striker out and our keeper out and are still a capable well rounded team with cover in every position. City lose Tevez and look absolutely clueless. Your team hasnt jelled and probably wont get a chance to. Last season, you buy an array of ludicrously over-priced players (Lescott and co), they dont perform so the next lot are shipped in restarting the process. How many more 100s of millions are the owners going to invest with no reward? And what makes you hate Spurs fans? That we dont share your disgusting sense of entitlement to the top 4 as if it is a foregone conclusion that you will get there, or is it that we achieved it with a group of players who visibly have love for the club, not just their astronomical pay-cheques? Because in the end, that is what makes the difference, we have players, similar to the likes of Giggs, Scholes and Neville at Man United, Terry and Lampard at Chelsea and Gerrard and Carragher at Liverpool who love and commit to the club, always praise the fans, management and eachother. City had Richard Dunne in this mould, a stand-out performer year after year, so they sell him for a low fee and buy more in vogue players for £20+million who dont do the job half as well and couldnt care less about the team or its fans. That is the reason that City will not achieve, because all in all, the players you cheer couldnt give a fuck

  • YID_1978

    MainBlue…..Spurs’ shallow squad??? I think you need to look again, we have atleast 2 good players for every position, except left back, and Bale can drop in there if required. I think this point was proved against Inrer, with the fact that Gallas and Kaboul started at CB, Woodgate/King/Dawson, anybody!!

  • Frank

    I suppose the best way to judge how the teams are shaping up after 10 games is to see how the bookies are pricing up a top 4 finish.

    City are clear 4th favourites

  • Dirty Eddie

    Darren Danny & Nick you are like jealous, obsessed little girls. There is a 5 year plan at MCFC, currently in year 3. There target this year is top 4.
    Spurs when they go out of the champions league will struggle to be top 10, Bale will leave as will Rednapp for the England post.

  • anon

    By one trick pony you’re clearly talking about Manure’s inability to win without referee assistance

    Also, Eddie, you know fuck all about football, you glory hunter

  • Nick Weaser

    Ah yes Dirty Eddie, the classic case of the 5 year plan. Us QPR fans once believed in our so-called ‘3 year plan’, except that we are currently in our 4th year and have finished no higher than tenth in the last 3. The ‘year plan’ works as a fantastic excuse when you are losing, and a supposed ‘target to beat’ when you are winning. It basically covers the backs of the owners, Chairman, and to a certain extent, the Manager.

    However, Manchester City are not going to become title contenders with the Manager they have got, they need to bring in the best (like we did by bringing in the best Championship Manager there is), who knows what he is doing both tactically and in man-managing disruptive players like Tevez, in order to be in with a shot.

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