Manchester City fans should be ashamed of themselves

by Paul Connolly

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Just a week after Roberto Mancini’s name was chanted vociferously by City fans as their team cruised past West Brom at The Hawthorns, City’s manager was the target for abuse as his team stumbled to a 0-0 home draw with Birmingham.

I know City’s fans have proved themselves loyal over the years. The 30,000 plus attendances at Maine Road when they were down amongst the dead men in the third tier just over a decade ago, were proof of that. That, after 34 years of abject failure, City are still the third-best supported club in the country is remarkable.

But do the drongos who gave Mancini dog’s abuse on Saturday have the faintest idea what their kneejerk, idiotic barracking does to players and managers? City are still comfortably fourth and their previously leaky defence is looking much better. Mancini understands you have to get the foundations right. He may be a tad conservative but City fans should give him a whole season before judging him, not just 13 games.

Those City fans who booed him and the team are infantile morons who want it all and want it now and they’re a substantial reason why City have failed over the years. Contrary to what some might think, money hasn’t changed them – they’ve been idiots through thick and thin. City have a sizeable minority of fans who know absolutely nothing about football. They’d be better off heading across town to Old Trafford where they’d be among their kind.

City as sure as hell don’t need them.

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  • HeavyRiffs

    I think it was more the fact that 3 x £30 for the homes games and no-one had been entertained. Only one idiot here, branding about insults like that…

  • Andy

    As a City fan, have to say – spot on!

    These ‘tards just need to learn to shut it – one week we’re touted as ‘Chelseas’ nearest rivals’ and the next we’ve no chance of 4th spot. This season is again to be one of building and consolidation and in reality if we do hit 4th, it’ll be mission accomplished. Outside chance of a Cup maybe.

    If the team has the confidence that every time they play, they are hard to beat, ONLY then they can go out and demolish the odd opponent, but not before.

    The boom-bust years have to be forgotten, long live the Mancio revolution!

  • The Kid

    Heavyriffs, I understand your point mate, but a 0-0 is a lot more entertaining than a defeat – which not so long ago would have been the result.

    I think the article is bang on. We don’t need grief from our own, and particularly when it seems that every Tom & Dick is doing their best to bring the club down.

  • CoolPot

    Agreed HR…i was there too…it was absolutely boring…if it was the old city then understandable…but this is a new city…we bought players after players but still games like these are terrible…to think i actually went down with a bunch of my lads and expecting at the very least something decent…

  • philo

    what a load of toss ,utter drivel , can you not write anything better than this,if not its time you gave up.we sang out is name against wba because it was a good to see football game,the next 2 games ,both at home may i add was both tactically negative and boring ,if you pay £520 to watch football and get 2 games on the bounce that was like watching paint dry,and you dont say anything more fool you.and for your coment that it as negative pionts for the players,you must’nt have been there to see it ,the players were pissed off doing what mancini was telling them to do.

  • martin

    has anyone seen my violin?

  • BringBackBananas

    city fans are not booing the fact we are “only 4th” after 13 games, we dont “want it all and want it all now” , the booing is for the slow, boring, uninventive, static football on show
    one thing i cannot forgive is negative football, and that is what mancini gives us. i wasnt chanting his name at west brom, and i certainly didnt chant his name when he played 3 defensive midfielders at arsenal last year when they had 10 players injured. too much respect for established names. thats when i lost it with him, and he has done nothing since to win my support back.
    all style, no substance. he played 4 attacking midfielders by trade on saturday, and still none of them got beyond the lone striker

  • Jeremy Poynton

    Nowt in the press about Ancelotti being booed after the Sunderland game, was there? No, this is all about City refusing to conform to how the MSM think we should be, a larf a minute for everyone but us supporters. So supporters booing is NEWS? FFS

  • Mystical Mike

    guys, the author speaks sense. George Graham had a very successful Arsenal team built on defence. If you don’t concede many goals, the chances are you won’t lose many games, that will breed confidence throughout the team.

    Arsenal were boring as to watch because our defence was so good, 1-0, 2-0, shut up shop, game over. I think Mancini is trying to do the same at City. I’m no fan of his but he has to be given time.

  • kolo

    City had 23 chances on goal- IS that negative? The second half we attacked, attacked, attacked, milner was unlucky, Tevez was off form ( although had a goal disallowed, And funny enough, we stopped the Birmingham counter and looked better going forward when barry replaced tevez! – Barry had more shots on target than tevez in 7 mins!

    City fans were a disgrace, booing a 0-0 at half time was bad enough. Those defending the crowd, are exactly whats wrong with football, too many low grade- morons, who can’t get a grasp of reality and react to anything they don’t understand… Go support some other team, City don’t need scum like that….

  • Xiola Blue

    You are right in that barracking Mr M is both infantile and counter-productive. You are wrong to suggest it is why MCFC have underachieved for so long, and you’d do well to reel your neck in. Your initial observation is enough, and there’s no need to get insulting. You’re a lazy blog-writer, and there are thousands like you saying not very much. So there. Ner ner.

  • joe mancini

    Anyone booing their own team is not a supporter,they are just fans who are only interested when the team wins,the likes of philo-stine,and his ilk need to go and be a fan elsewhere.

  • Mystical Mike

    it will be very interesting to monitor the Chelsea fans over the next few weeks.

    Their whole defence is injured, I can see them losing more games.

    If anyone has the biggest set of glory fans surely it’s them

  • CiTyBlUe

    Anyone here that claims to be a City fan like Andy above needs to listen to himself and shut his mouth if he has nothing positive to say.

    Every City fan is entitled to their opinion and it does not matter whether one differs from another.

    The author of this article needs to open their bloody eyes and start to see the bigger picture and I am not talking about just in sport but in life also.

    You abuse and accuse City fans of being a disgrace and that they should be ashamed but ashamed of what exactly?, ashamed of the same thing every other single clubs fans in the world are guilty of FACT.

    It is called passion for the game and passion for a club so if you have no passion to match those shouting from the stands then you have no place in football let alone a valid opinion.


    Author of ‘This is our City’

  • Mystical Mike

    so would you rather City play like Arsenal and win no trophies? Is that what most of you are saying?

  • CiTyBlUe

    Kolo and Andy,

    speaking for the majority of City fans and as a reconginsed City blog author, take a long hard listen to yourselves and get a grip for right now its your kind that City do not need right now.

    Any true City fan with a brain would even contemplate denying another City fan their right to their opinion.

    Grow Up

  • CiTyBlUe

    correction: Any true City fan with a brain would not even contemplate denying another City fan their right to their opinion.

  • HeavyRiffs

    Fans are booing at the result on the day, having shelled out cash. They’re not booing the Manager as a whole, the team, or the fact that we lie in fourth still. I hope Bobby stays, we’re in a great position and I’m proud of my team. But on the flip side, I believe fans are well within their rights to vent frustrations on the day. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not condoning most of the foamers that the glass is always empty for…

  • CiTyBlUe

    Paul Connolly you seem to have lost your voice chap, have you had a change of mind on us City fans ?

    Step out of your bubble and take a deep breathe.

    HeavyRiffs, your right, there will always be a doommunger or two but thats life, for the record I too want Mancini to stay but I also want to see some diversity from him in the future.

  • HeavyRiffs

    I’m the same mate, I say watch us fly when Mario’s back and Boateng and Kolorov have bedded in…

  • Kippax

    Clueless aren’t you.

    The fans that supported him so vociferously at WBA are a breed apart from those that booed THE TEAM and not necessarily Berto after the Brum game.

    Anybody who goes regular knows that the thousands who travel to support and the tens of thousands that abuse the team at home are two different sets of fans, and that’s generally the case at all clubs.

  • HeavyRiffs


    Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one…

  • Boris

    City fans pay good money to see the team play and then boo the MANAGER because he’s settled for a home draw with nearly 10 minutes left -WOW.
    Arsenal boo their own players to the extent they’re reduced to tears, United boo their players because they could only beat Boraspor 1-0. City have a long way to go before they’re down amongst the dregs of the ‘Big Club’ supporters.

  • Bluetildead

    Kippax is right. You always see a core of the same faces when you go to away games and it has been this way for years. away followings are renowned for being vociferous and getting behind the team and ours is no different and that support/encouragement is worth its weight in gold.

    at times our home crowd could do with taking a leaf instead of throwing their toys out because they think we should be steamrolling teams like brum. Some of you need to have a word with yourselves

  • CiTyBlUe

    Kippax is thus strengthening my opinion that the heart of a club is the fans as a whole but not every fan will think the same way.

    It would be a very sad and boring world if everyone thought the same way, I have to stress though and I am not sure if kippax will agree but non the less.

    All City fan are equal despite any difference of opinion, whether you travel to away games or go to home games, every one of the City fans is as important as the next.

    Every City fan has the right to boo, every City fan has the right to cheer but, what no City fan has the right to do is pass judgement on another City fan when it comes to support.

    It seems a few City fans have fallen victim to Mr Paul Connally’s antics and joind him in slandering their fellow City fans without thinking, what is pauls ultimate motive behind this rubbish article.

    Simples, he wanted to slag off City fans and you few in question fell for it.

  • sidsMCFC

    Who the hell are you to say us city fans are a disgrace??

    What an idiot you’ve made of yourself ha ha ha!!

    Keep writing garbage and not getting a penny for it at least we’ve got something to laugh at when we get home from WORK…….Rag tit.

    Up the Blues!

  • Paul

    Great article mate im a blue and im sick off hearing crying moaning city fans who want are manager sacking every year,and they wonder why we dont get anywhere.Mancini needs three years at our club at least,and to all those people who are moaning about money for tickets being wasted, simple DONT GO. CTID

  • Johnno

    40 years a City fan, never booed the team, never will. Go support the red scum if you want to boo your team. Some of you have very short memories. And try watching the game next time, there was some great football against Birmingham.

  • Blue Mick

    Bluetildead, spot on mate

  • ben

    Amazing how divided opinion is on this one. I agree with certain points. Mancini is building a strong defensive foundation. Maybe this will reward us come the end of the season. We’l see. The fans have a right to be unhappy after seeing us draw against birmingham because not enough was done to try and win it. Booing, however, i find despicable, counterproductive and for morons. City played wonderfully against united last season scoring 3 and getting nothing. This year, it was an awful game but we took a point. Hopefully mancini will acheive a balance. At the moment we lean to far towards defence. We must accept it will take time. Until then, back the manager and players or stay away!

  • Jem

    I agree with the point of giving Mancini a chance to find a settled format but I completely disagree with calling City fans morons for booing, even though I wouldn’t do it myself. City fans are loyal and passionate about their team, they are the backbone of the club. Tevez Balotelli Barry Macini will all come and go, (going a lot richer then they arrived), but the fans will always be there. They have the right to vent their anger when a group of City made Mutimillionaires give anything but 100% to the jersey. I don’t like Mancini’s negative football and take the point that 0-0 is better then losing 4-3, but with the players he has surely he could be a bit more adventurous, we are not Accrington Stanley (no offence to any A.S. fans meant), and shouldn’t need to play so defensive against U.T.D. We should be able to match them in every department at this stage.

  • CiTyBlUe

    Two Pauls, one an anti city article writer and the other a City fan that needs to sort himself out big time.

    As for johnno well, 40 years or not chap, all wager my 34 years plus my families support dating back to the West Gorton era, grandfather supported from Ardwick AFC to City against your 40 years.

    Listen to yourself mr high and mighty ‘im never going to boo City ever’ super fan NOt, get a grip because it does not matter how long you have supported City. Until you have been there in the stands week in week out you have no place to judge City fans that have boo’ed.

    Take a step back an seriously get a grip of your senses.

  • Jem

    Football is all about opinions. Best part of any match is sitting down after in the pub with your mates, everybody giving his view, everybody knowing whats best for the team. If we were all to just shout up and agree with everything the manager says or does there would be no emotion, no passion, no point. Whether you talk shite (let him who is without sin…) or not, so long as your views are for the better of the club, then say your piece in my view. Those who are saying shout up should go to North Korea. Still, I wouldn’t boo unless they where REALLY ASKING FOR IT.

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