Manchester City have beaten Manchester United even before the derby kicks off

by Paul Connolly

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Nothing betrays disquiet or anxiety quite the same way as bluster does.

First we had Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s manager, blathering on about how Manchester City will keep spending until they win something. ‘We know the kind of money they’re spending – they’ve bought another five or six players in the summer and they’ll keep doing that until they win something.’

Ferguson, of course, has a team made up only of players from the youth team or unpolished gems purchased from Rochdale’s reserves for a can of baked beans and an old Juan Sebastian Veron away shirt.

Then Manchester United’s veteran clogger Paul Scholes piped up with an anti-City salvo: “We are all desperate to stay above City. That goes for everyone. Even a 21-year-old newcomer to the club will feel the same way. We wouldn’t like City to win anything.”

Finally Patrice Evra, unarguably one of the finest left backs in the world, put the boot in. “They always say they are a bigger club and they never beat us,” said the United man, conveniently forgetting that his debut for United in 2006 saw him being substituted at half-time in a 3-1 win for City after a savaging from Trevor Sinclair of all people.

All this hot air only serves to emphasise that United are rattled. Sure, they squeaked past City in three games out of four last season and are still a very good side but, as the recent Rooney farce suggests, it would seem that it’s only a matter of time before they’re overtaken by their ‘noisy neighbours’.

And the recent outpourings of scorn would seem to suggest that they know this.

City’s cool manager, Roberto Mancini, meanwhile, has barely whispered a word. He knows that United, drowning in debt, are there for the taking. It may not happen tomorrow but one thing is for sure – it’s only a matter of time. Whatever happens tomorrow night, City have won the propaganda war.

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  • The Mancunian

    Propaganda ! thats the Bitters way of staying he as a pedigree goose . talking of the goose them golden eggs don,t seem to be shining to bright for the glitter upon them, quick quote, FOOLS GOLD, lol, cya Bitter

  • bluwes

    Is that comment by Mancunian in english, because I don’t understand it

  • Melon Man

    The Mancunian – funny, your name suggests you’re from Manchester, but your post is almost unreadable, which suggests you’re either from a land far away from our beloved rainy City, a teenager, or both.
    Whichever it is, get back to school, you gorp.

  • Eyepopper

    Evra made his United debut in 1996? Thats a new one on me.

    ‘City have won the propoganda war’, lol, thats about all they’ve won isn’t it?

  • M19 Blue

    The Mancunian I sure I speak for us all by say….Eh?

  • Paul Connolly

    Mr Mancunian, you really shouldn’t start drinking so early. Go back to the hostel and sleep it off – paint thinner can give you a right terrible hangover, apparently.

  • Dan

    The comments that Sir Alex, Scholes and Evra made are all completely legitimate.
    Firstly, its true, City will spend ridiculous money until they win something; they won’t wait for the team to bond and gel together as team mates, rather, they will spend money on good individuals, and they will play as individuals.

    Secondly, Scholes has been at United all his career. He knows what a derby is like, and he is perfectly entitled to say that he would hate to see the clubs biggest rivals finish above them.

    What Evra said is also true. Last season, there was all this build up from City players saying they were the better team, but they ended up losing. The fac that 14 years ago he had a bad debut against City is totally irrelevant.

  • Money Money Money

    blimey…somone doesnt like Manchester United…a lot! chill out dude…give it 40 years and city might have won as much as united…but they’ll still inevitably be a smaller club than them…same as Liverpool. Face it, no matter what United and liverpool will always be the billy big boys whether city, or stoke or leyton orient throw all the money in the world around and win loads of trophies. They are the ”originals”…get over it…i have.

  • Matthew Grima

    I think Evra was no where near United in 1996. United may not win this one, they’re in horrible shape, but City will never be bigger, even if United get relegated, it’s not the owner that makes you a big club.

  • The Blues

    The Mancunian, you’ve had a shocker there mate.

  • M19 Blue

    Money, Money, Money….by saying the orginals I take you have only followed football during the sky years then Gimp….

  • Matthew Grima

    M19 Blue Most of what Liverpool won were outside of the Sky years.

  • Paul Connolly

    Money Money Money

    I think you’ll find the ‘originals’ were Preston, Villa and Huddersfield.

  • Traffordonian

    manyoo are the best yeah and always have been right cos we are the greatest as it should be and always is innit right cos we buy the best players and win the trophies which is more than you lot managed with your crappy academy so get real right. manu

  • by

    man u pls stop hating

  • Melon Man

    I see the “we’ve got a virus” excuse has been played by Sir Baconface – even he knows City are going to win.

    I love it when the Manure and Liverpoop fans start waffling about “history”, it just shows them up for their lack of footballing knowledge.

    Who holds the attendance records in Manchester eh? (clue – it’s not United).

    Did you know United used to play at Maine Road, when Uwe Rosler’s Grandad scored a direct hit on Owed Trafford during the second world war?

    For ALL of football history in this country, City have been United’s equals at least, often their betters, not the last twenty years – back to school for you.

  • Money Money Money

    Oohhh get ur handbags out ladies
    Oh sorry my bad…i thought united and liverpool were the original world wide powerhouses to come out of england…but yea i suppose Preston, Villa and Huddersfield did achieve worldwide acclaim and fanbases whilst winning 18 titles as well as european cups…
    Yea..forgot that…you guys are right, Preston, Villa and Huddersfield are the original big boys that everyone around the world knows as the biggest teams in england. In 100 years time people will be talking about Preston, Villa and Huddersfield…not errmmm, oh whats theirs names again..tut….errmmm, oh yea, Manchester united and liverpool..yea thats right i think Manchester united and liverpool.
    Please excuse my stupidity guys…i must be a gimp…i wont post anything else cause you guys talk sense and i chat rubbish!!!!! RUBBISH!!!! STUPID ME!!!! DDUUHHH!!

  • Money Money Money

    one other thing sorry…off topic

    who hates people who refer to teams as ‘manure’, ‘arse’, ‘liverpoop’ and ‘spuds’….REALLY???? wow?? grow up…please..soo cringe worthy…

  • Melon Man

    Preston, home of the FA museum of football, Villa – not exactly small fry now are they? European Cup winners, Gerard Houllier current manager, I’d say world wide recognition, and Huddersfield, they have the potential to rise again.
    Your derision of these fine, old, football clubs shows you up for the ignoramus you patently are.
    You entirely miss the point that success is fleeting, before Bill Shankly Liverpool (not Liverpoop so as not to offend you) were a second division team – seventy-odd years of winning nowt, and of course United have gone decades without winning a carrot since their humble beginnings in City’s shadow.
    There is every chance noone will know who United and Liverpool are in 100 years, that’s football for you.

  • Jem

    Man U Fans keep saying city are no threat and they don’t care and Utd will always be bigger, etc etc, bla bla bla. But lets face it, whats going on must be a reds worst nightmare. As for the comment about UTD still being bigger even if they are relegated. Give me a break. Kids love successful teams with big stars playing for them and as Utd’s huge fan base is from outside Manchester it would only be a generation, 15 to 20 yrs before your forgotten. I’m from Ireland and already can start to see a few kids with blue jerseys, NEVER, have I seen it before. Tiiiiiiime is on our side, yes it is. Tiiiiiime is on our side, yes it.

  • Isaidso

    A lot of hot air coming from both sides of Manchester if you ask me. Only time to do the talking is AFTER the game tomorrow night. I notice though that Mancini is very good at being a ventriloquist – he repeats everything that Fergie says. That Chelsea is the team to beat, that City are playing for SECOND place, but I correct myself there, because Fergie would never say United are playing to finish 2nd. United play to win the PL . Nobody has beaten Man United yet this season, so IF City do it will be AN ACHIEVEMENT. If they don’t they will look like BIG MONEY losers, because they will be facing a Man Utd 2nd string team due to injuries mounting, and too many players hit by virus. So City should win, but lets see!

  • Money money money

    No seriously, I was wrong….Preston villa and huddersfield were the first big world wide teams from England…they dominated football just as it became bigger and bigger in the world….I see a little boy busting Huddersfield kit in papa new guinea last fall. Thanks for the education…

    And yep…no one will even know who united and Liverpool are in 100 years….’noone’ defo!

  • muz

    here’s a question for all you rags out there…….who has the record for the most baron years without winning a trophy between united and city?…….and the clue is that even after 35 years we’re still a few years off the spectacular record!!!

  • Rr

    Neutral opinion….surely the guy makes sense when ur talking about genuine big names in football…Liverpool and man utd have that place in history as the two English giants. Not to say city, Leeds, wolves, Preston etc didn’t have the moments but come on…they might have set England a light at one stage but unlike utd an pool they didn’t set the world a light! My team forest have two euro cups but united and pool will always be the ones….talk like united didn’t do anything back in the 50’s ad 60’s… grandad tells me otherwise to be fair….

  • Jay

    As someone has already said, the time for talking is over. City must be ruthless and professional on whoever turns out for ‘them’ at Eastlands tomorrow. Anyone connected with Utd, be it the fan on the street in London, the players bleeding the ultimate cash cow dry or the manager who looks like he’s back on the whiskey again has a serious superiority complex over 99 per cent of football people in this country. Comments like the ones we have seen before this game seem just a little different this time, last season they were slightly concerned, this time they are seriously worried. City’s time has to be now at around 9.50pm tomorrow night I think that superiority complex is going to feel just a little worse for wear. On another note, I would hope that the ‘Mancunian’ has now taken his pills, put on his nocturnal boxing gloves and gone to bed.

  • Droylsdenblue

    Money Money Money…….where do you sit at OT ?

  • money money money

    droylsdenblue – in the away end whenever i go there…i’m a spurs fan!

    Where do you sit in the biggest council house in manchester?

  • There is a light that never goes out

    We all know The Mancunian is really from Delhi or some other United stronghold.

    On paper City have a better team than United already, but they still hold their ace card in Ferguson. No matter what team he puts out we will have our work cut out to beat them. Ferguson makes average players good, good players brilliant etc and of course they never know when they are beaten. He won’t be there forever though and Citys ambition of overtaking United will become a lot easier the day that he packs it in. If I was a Red I’d be very concerned about that day as well.

  • Jay

    Money Money Money. For some one who supports a team who the rags beat every time they play them, you seem to be oddly pro United. Seems like your a bit of a submissive if you ask me, like a cockney gimp for the ‘local’ fans to abuse. My guess is that your not a spurs fan after all , your a rag who is in someway related to the ‘Mancunian’ and feels aggrieved at the abuse your slightly less articulate brother is getting. And even if you are a spurs fan perhaps they’ll lose again tomorrow and you can get that bloke you keep in the cellar to whip you while you watch MOTD. Plank.

  • Melon Man

    Money money money’s assertion that only Liverpool and United are the big teams in England, and always will be, I find incredible.
    Success comes in cycles, history tells us that.
    The Forest fan seems to have accepted his team’s lot in life, as does MMM the Spurs fan. I find this incredibly sad..
    Where’s your hope, your ambition, your passion?
    Blackpool, once a mighty football powerhouse, back in the top flight and holding their own, every season one team or another surprises us and often their own fans, this is the joy of football, eventually your time will come.
    Needless to say, City’s time is imminent once more, and the established order is crumbling.
    To all you fans out there who’ve lost hope, I say look at City, miracles can and do happen eventually, even if it takes 34 years of hurt.

  • Isaidso

    Mmmm maybe money money money is ANTI City more than he is pro United. I know his team made one half of Manchester VERY happy when Spurs beat City to that top 4 spot last season. Harry Redknapp is getting a good team together there, who could be title contenders themselves in a season or two. There are a lot of good developing teams in the PL this season, not just the top 4. There are good teams with managers who are not flushed with cash, but they put teams out who play fantastic football. It is so good to see, not just the tired old top 4 winning everything. As for when Ferguson leaves OT, well Mourinho trumpets himself every other week as wanting the OT job, and Mourinho is nothing IF not a winner.

  • Markyboyblur

    Listen very carefully NUMPTY’S the post says Evra’s
    debut. 2 0 0 6 That’s 4 years ago thickos not 14 . Oh and
    Here’s some Maths for your manager who seems to have
    a touch of alzhiemers. Berbs 30 M. + Ferds 35 M + Roo 30 M
    + Carrick (can’t even get in the Eng team)20M. real bargain
    Basement. Old bacon face is an embaressment! An he just
    splashed 1mill a month tryin to stop Roo joinin us ha ha ha.

  • Fred the Red

    yeah Man U iz da best, Foe is dead but yous is all bitters, i’ve got Glazer Out on the back on my £40 home shirt what i bought in the dead ace megastore.

    anyway we izn’t bothered about little city.

  • True Manc

    Fred the Munich thats not very nice is it do you hear any city fans on her shouting MUNICH CUNTS?
    You cant even spell you prick and sound like a proper little benenfit scrounger who aint got a fiver in his pocket.

    How many Man United fans on this page are actually from Manchester cause if you are not I dont know how you can look yourself in the mirror. PRAWNYS

  • Phil

    money money money

    By your logic of my teams bigger now hench will allways be bigger,
    That must make teams like Preston & Blackpool bigger than yours.
    To be honest dont care Its MY MAN CITY thats all I care about even if we win nothing for the next 34 years I will be a proud BLUE.

  • One billion reasons why ManU are disappearing down the toilet of history

    Interesting that any rags who have managed to master the keyboard and post on this blog are either speaking English as third or fourth tongue or are pre pubescent youth with all the wit and charm of a sperm thats got lucky.

    The events during the night further go to prove your point Paul. Make your point by painting on the walls of a popular city pub without the expectation that your heroes will win on the field.

    As for the know nothing rags Evra did make his debut against City but in 2006. Ok so the date was wrong but Paul is right he got a roasting that day and only lasted one half.

  • Matthew Grima

    Markyboyblur, now start listing the money you spent 🙂

  • http://blueheaven bluesharx

    Is that all the salford scum have left ‘history’ what with no money and all your best players wanting to leave, stop crying and live with it, your on the downward road to nowhere you saddoes so sit back and watch the blue moon rising!!!!!!! CTID

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