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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Marceltipool – the fledgling club for London-based Olympique de Marseille, Celtic and Liverpool fans – is coming along very nicely.  Disappointingly, still no Marseille fans are involved but our first training session should be taking place over the next week or so and ideas are being bounced around for next season.  The club even has a nickname!  I wonder if “Mc’ool” will catch on…

So we’re on our way.  The current thinking is that we’ll set up a squash-type ladder system with other clubs who have for whatever reason not joined a higher profile established league and also participate in a cup (or cups) if possible.  Ukff will undoubtably be invaluable to this end and it could make for an interesting and unorthodox season.

You get the picture, the team’s coming on great.  Only thing is, am I going get a game?  My fitness has dropped drastically since I ran the 2007 London Marathon and roughly two stone later can I improve it enough to justify a place in the starting lineup?  Time will tell but judging from the Hillsborough Memorial Match pictures that I had the misfortune to clap eyes on, if I want to feature on Hackney Marshes in the near future I really need to cut down on my pork pies (mate) and get some exercise.

You see, like a lady, most of my weight goes straight to my backside and my legs.  Whilst I convince myself I have the “bottom-heavy” physique of Cristiano Ronaldo, the camera doesn’t lie and the truth is that I’m a fat-ish bloke with the pear-shaped body of a bird.  In fact, there’s considerable evidence that I’m, in fact, a herma- Actually, none of this is relevant.  The point is that I’ve got to lose a load of weight to get into a football team I’ve set up.

To avoid the ignominy of witnessing eleven other geezers making off with my dream, I decided to start running again.  It’s been going ok but in another act of terrifying over-confidence, I decided to enter the Keep Your Eye On The Ball 10k Run at Victoria Park which is taking place on Sunday (7th June).

Whilst I am obviously anxious to not completely humiliate myself, I do take comfort in the knowledge that the event is of huge worth.  Organised by the FA, the PFA and Everyman, which is a campaign run by The Institute of Cancer Research, the goal is to raise money for research into male cancers, primarily testicular.  As someone who, like so many people, has seen the effects of cancer and lost family to the disease, any organisation that can help in the fight against it is worth supporting.

The event is actually football-themed and many choose to express an allegiance to a team they play for or support.  Should at least 5 runners choose to run for that team, their finishing times will averaged out for their club in competition with other sides.  I’m currently the only Marceltipool representative (as I was at the aforementioned HMM) so if you have the inclination and registration is still open please feel free to run for Mc’ool (under the full name preferably).  If we do get the five then we’ll need some fast runners to counteract the effects of my sluggish time.

So wish me luck.  If you’d like to sponsor me, please do.  I have a justgiving page and it only takes a couple of minutes to contribute.  Anything you can spare is massively appreciated.

Until next time, then.  When I will be slimmer, fitter and eager to take my place in the Marceltipool starting XI.  As they say, watch this space.

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