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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Onwards and upwards

Many moons ago when flicking through copy of the free Sport newspaper I stumbled upon a piece on a website that acted as a classifieds directory for football teams searching for players and vice versa. With the best of intentions (specifically: offering myself as a lazy inside-left with a shot outcome sequence of goal kick, trickled into keeper’s arms, throw-in and goal) I vowed to sign up that evening. I fell short.

With that copy of Sport no doubt having passed through the hands of fifteen different tube passengers and ending its life clogging up the workings of an escalator in West Action station, I eventually decided to email the writers to see if they could remind me of the name of the site. This was to no avail but my motivation had now changed.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Jay (or Jé if I’m out in Hoxton, naturellement) and I write for and whilst also running the soon-to-be-relaunched eBay football shirt shop jfh29er. About a year ago I came up with the initially half-hearted idea of creating a football team to bring together London-based Olympique de Marseille fans, Celtic fans & Liverpool fans (as I represent an example of all three) and potentially to be used as a vehicle for’s video reviews of football kit and equipment. The name of this team rose from the ashes of an aborted Master League Pro-Evo session and Marceltipool was born.

My initial approach was to set up a facebook group to entice. The title – Don’t even PRETEND you don’t want to play for Marceltipool! – may have proven counterproductive. Pretending ensued. It became clear I would need to enlist the assistance of the aforementioned non-league football classifieds website. One last desperate Googling session came up trumps and ukfootballfinder had come to my rescue.

So now with the help of a profile and a mini-website the club is edging its way from my overactive imagination to reality. A quest to erase my last bitter memory of Sunday league football (being dropped by a team after scoring a last minute 25-yarder!) and play for a team I can really get passionate about and only occasionally cause me to spit my dummy.

Interest has been immediate and sustained. Besides the already promised friendlies with the Celtics of Bethnal Green and Eastbourne, amateur players have offered their services in droves. Although happy to see so many Liverpool and Celtic fans vindicating my opinion that London needed a team such as this, l’OM fans have so far been conspicuous by their absence and instead willing has been demonstrated by fans of other clubs, attracted by the ethos and – admittedly – location of Marceltipool.

So this poses a moral dilemma. I never expected anyone who wasn’t a fan of at least one of the three inspirational clubs to have any interest in playing for my team. Accordingly, as it is a club created for fans of Marseille, Celtic and/or Liverpool I have so far declined offers from others. But does this amount to discrimination? If someone’s approach is in keeping with my vision of the club should they be turned away based on their allegiance? Currently the stipulation relating to club orientation is that every player wears a top relating to one of the Marceltipool inspiration teams at their first training session. This may be reviewed.

And so onwards and upwards to the first training session. Next up: a coach who loves to see football played the right way and, er, who knows when the deadline for league entry is. Watch this space.

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