Marceltipool – The First Match

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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

It’s been a while. Again. A few months ago Marceltipool looked no more. Several aborted attempts to rejuvenate the interest in training had seemingly knocked the final nails in the coffin and the ideal of a football club for the Olympique de Marseille, Celtic and Liverpool-friendly in London appeared to have simply returned to my imagination.

But we’re made of stronger stuff than that. The old guard were contacted again with the news that a match at Beckton Park pitches had been arranged with East London’s Bethnal Green Celtic. Obviously a side with a moniker close to my own heart, the announcement whet the appetite and soon training was back on and interest revitalised. New players joining the mailing list, new attendees at Vicky Park on a Sunday morning, new life breathed into an ailing enterprise.

And so to the match on Saturday. My dream of the side turning out in a custom-made adidas Golpe strip with elements of each and every team of the trinity incorporated was alas a bridge too far. Even printed long-sleeved t-shirts were quoted at a price that a Rothschild would baulk at. So the call went out for all to attend with white shirt, white shorts and red socks in order for Mc’ool to at least wear their basic colours. Sounds simple doesn’t it? A hasty trip to Sports Soccer at Charlton got us there and the desired effect was achieved, handily including the odd Liverpool shirt and pair of Marseille shorts. We most certainly did not appear to be, as some wag (old AND new money) put it, “escapees from a mental institute”.

As fate would have it, the Bee Gees put out a team of trialists themselves. We were playing together for the first time and the opposition, whilst most were coming off a full season of Saturday/Sunday football, were in a similar position. My fears of a drubbing by a established squad perfectly in tune with each other were somewhat alleviated. But only somewhat.

As the game commenced we held our own. Passing was occasionally disjointed but communication was reasonable and we used the attacking options at our disposal well. The makeshift defence seemed like they’d been playing together for years. It was all going swimmingly but, as Mother Football will occasionally decide, suddenly we found ourselves behind and soon after it was two.

But, like Liverpool in Istanbul and l’OM versus Montpellier in ’98 (Google it), Mc’ool don’t give up when the deficit widens and we were back in the game quickly. We brought ourselves level and with some great goals even went into the lead at 4-3. At one point some exceptional mental arithmetic led to my shout that “at this rate this’ll finish nine all!”

I was wrong. Our finest hour had passed (45 minute first half and the 15 minute break. Do keep up) and after half-time we slowed, our legs began to cramp and losing players to the sidelines to stretch and nurse injuries hindered us. On the plus side, we had started the game with only ten men and for the second half an athletic looking amateur football mercenary (you know the types. We all need one from time to time) was recruited from the sideline. He actually had to be declined earlier on due to his incompatible kit. Within ten minutes he reappeared in red socks, white shorts and white shirt. Squad members take note.

The final score was (cough) 8-4 to Bethnal Green Celtic. It would be doing them a disservice to claim for a second it was an undeserved victory. However, our performance was encouraging and the level of play was on a par with our opponents. It was mainly our fitness that let us down. As my teenaged opposite number shook my hand he looked me up and down and exclaimed “Did you play the full ninety?! You must be f*cked!” That’s what we have to work on Mc’ool. The cheeky wee sh*te hit the nail on the head.

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  • Wayne Saliba

    Yea the first half you guys really did come at us, i didnt expect it at all if i am honest with you telling me that you guys are a group of loves that just love to play the game but half time got us in and talks where done and the lads listened and thankfully it got through to them but you guys did your self proud you never gave up through the 90 mins when a lot clubs would of gave up after going 2-0 down like you guys did from two well worked goals but if it wasn’t for the goal score to make it 1-0 your guy in the Liverpool shirt would of got goal of the game with the shoot from just incase the box i think it was,

    Overall great game would defo love a rematch 🙂

  • Jay29ers

    Yeah, did you notice the similarity between our Zack’s goal and Torres’s on Sunday? And what did Zack have printed on his shirt…?

  • Jay29ers

    Oh and we’ll definitely sort a rematch.

  • Wayne Saliba

    lol, yea i actually said that to a couple of the players i was watching the game with lol, you sure he doesnt teach Torres how to shoot? lol

    Yea well last saturday in july would be fine that is when we are looking to play friendlys

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