Marceltipool – The Snowball Effect

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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

It’s been a while since I last updated you on the fortunes of London’s premier and, at time of going to press, only football club for fans of Olympique de Marseille, Celtic and Liverpool. That’s mainly due to actually being busy with actually turning up to training sessions.

Yes, believe it or not, as long as it took to get going it’s now a weekly fixture in the calendar of many. My club’s been graced with a small squad’s worth of London’s footballing talent and a great bunch of lads they are. Various standards, fitness levels, ages and nationalities but all with, at the very least, a l’OM, Celtic or Liverpool-friendly attitude.

The Thursday night sessions at Vicky Park so far have been light. Some stretching exercises, some sprint drills, a bit of passing practice and then banter-heavy mini-games with ‘keeper-less goals. A little bit jumpers-for-goalposts but we have been blessed with a qualified coach who has left us aching for several days after the event. I’m putting my neck on the line a bit here but I think that may be as much down to our lack of fitness as it is to the severity of the sessions.

So real progress. We recruit more people to the mailing list as each week goes by and the numbers attending increase at a similar rate. We’re not yet ready to take on the Celtic’s of St Paul or Bethal Green or appear in any of the other friendlies that we have loosely arranged but that’s just around the corner. So the knat bites that plague us in between our meetups will soon become worth it when we pull on that white shirt for the first time.

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