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by Dexy Longshot

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The Irons 4 Lambeth 5

As it’s early days and The Irons are a new team, we’ll go easy on them for now, truth is, they do deserve a coating for the friendly defeat on Saturday, but on a positive note there’s room for improvement, and thanks to UK Football Finder they have found a few gems. They also looked the dogs in their new UKFF sponsored kit!

Luke Woodmansey gives us a run down on all the action.

Lambeth surprised the Battersea youngsters with new personnel and were ahead after 15 minutes after a long ball over the top was missed judged by the keeper (Luke) and the striker latched onto it and rounded both the defender and the keeper.

They were given a penalty straight after with a ridiculous decision from the referee when the centre back was alleged to have pushed the striker over. The penalty was dispatched into Woodmansey’ s bottom left hand corner.

John Pedro was brought into action shortly after was released by a beautiful executed pass from Emmanuel in midfield. De Silva clean through on goal made no mistake and lofted the ball over the on coming keeper.

The Irons in action

Badir thought hed equalised when he pounced on a rebound which was thumbled by the Lambeth keeper, only to be ruled out for offside

The scores the same as the weeks previous at half time were instantly changed when from a long throw Woodmansey totally mistimed his jump and only got a hand on it. Which was then dropped at the on coming strikers feet a real howler from the manager who really wont want to remember this performance in hurry!

Yet again the U25’s staged a comeback and the deficit was reduced when Emmanuel drilled a corner into the box and after bouncing off a few defenders the ball was belted in by Adib.

Lambeth were gifted yet another goal from the second own goal in two games by Karim who beat his manager with a glancing header. They should have made it 5 v 2 but some poor finishing saw the striker smash the ball over the top.

Then came the fight back when John Pedro was released by Matt down the left and De Silva clinically finished with a goal of the season contender nearly breaking the bar in two with a thunderbolt shot.

Then with increasing pressure they got their reward and De Silva (for me man of the match) took it down the left flank and drilled it across the box for Adib to claim his second of the game.

Then Lambeth broke Ironsides hearts with a winner with the last kick of the game, when the ball was kicked out of Woodmansey’s hands but the referee didn’t see it and let the goal stand.

” We have to pull together as a unit and work on what went wrong. Team togetherness is seriously lacking and needs to be improved.” Luke Woodmansey

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  • Darren

    Enjoyed the game on Sat, thought you guys had the better players but lacked a bit of experience. Some one like Maddy, he’s been round the block a bit, bet he was good in his day!!

    I was very impressed with the German guy in defence, very composed on the ball, almost Beckenbaur esq, the right winger was excellent as was the left back. You did play some nice football, with your pace you should be destroying teams like that though, I’m sure you’ll be ready for the league when it starts.

    Lambeth had pudding in the midfield, he was slow but was obviously good in his day, in fact, I used to go school with him, he was a few years older, think they had a brilliant team.

    Good luck, extra large tops on there way!

  • Maddy

    Cheeky **** Darren ” Been round the block a bit….” now that hurts

    We will rise again -trust me D and thanks to UK Football Finders if these shower of ……. dont cut it we will use the service to find some more players.

    Hold it did’t we use……….. 🙂 🙂


  • Darren

    seriously though, do you still play?

    What other service? I need to know the competition!

  • Pudding

    hard luck lads, good fight back, at end of day like we were stronger and had a midfield genral running the show in the middle of the park!

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  • The German guy alias Franz Beckenbauer

    It was a great game with many goals and nice combinations.
    The game is History know and we are looking forward to the next match!
    The young team has high potentials and I am sure we won’ t be beaten that easy again!

    Thanks to Darren for the new Kits and supporting our team with reports and pictures.

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