McClown got it totally wrong….

by Martin

Monday, November 26th, 2007

So McClaren has finally gone, though it took the reality of a barren summer for all of us before the FA would wield the axe. We all knew he wasn’t up to the job from the start, but as usual the FA thought they knew better, and now the price has been paid.

Steve McClarenI thought in celebration of his tenure I would highlight 6 ways in which Steve McLaren proved he was unable to manage the England team. For me, each of them is a crime, but combined they paint a pretty shocking picture! And I haven’t even mentioned Stewart Downing or goalkeepers!

  1. David Beckham – To swallow pride and recall our only regular player capable of crossing a ball was a rare sign of the manager’s humility. To then leave this genuine big game player out against Croatia beggared belief.
  2. Jamie Carragher –When Eriksson left, the new man had a chance right a wrong and show some faith the lynchpin of one of the premiership’s meanest defences, instead he picked Wes Brown. How we needed Jamie against Croatia, but mismanagement had ruled him out.
  3. David Bentley – the natural successor the Beckham was bang out of order in pulling out of the under 21’s tournament. To drop him was right, but to immediately assure him that he would be in the next squad rubbished the move. This apologetic discipline would only lose players’ respect.
  4. Michael Owen –Risking the boy wonder in a pointless friendly, 3 days prior to the big qualifier, was a ridiculous error. If Owen had played against Croatia, we would have played 4-4-2 and would not have run around like headless chickens for 45 minutes.
  5. Formation – changing to 4-5-1 for the big one was idiotic. Maybe if we had 2 wingers who actually crossed a ball the system could have worked, but as it was we just had no game plan. And it wasn’t the first time he had changed the formation. The man was tactically inept.
  6. Midfield –It was essential that a new manager dropped either Lampard or Gerard as they had proved unable to play together. Only when Lamps got injured did this happen, and Barry showed that we could have a strong midfield playing 4-4-2. But in the big one McClaren bottles it, in comes Frank, both he and Gerard are appalling, and out we go.
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  • Dean

    Totally agree on all points

  • AB

    Very succinct and poignant article!

  • Darren

    So what do we do? Wait for a decent coach or go for second rate average one one thats says yes to everything, my money money is another Mr Safe

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