Media are the reason why England will never win a tournament

by Mystical Mike

Monday, September 6th, 2010

The England football team are indeed no strangers to controversy, in particular Wayne Rooney.

Rooney 24, is without doubt the most technically gifted footballer of his generation, yet the Manchester United striker has somehow managed to form a wedge between himself and the public since his outburst during the world cup, so cheating on his wife with an average £1000 a night hooker has hardly helped burn those bridges.

Like Paul Gascoigne before him, Rooney is a genius on the pitch, but consistently finds himself on the front pages of the tabloids for all the wrong reasons.

England footballers are human after all, and like most immortals will make mistakes, with that in mind, should we judge our players by their performances on or off the pitch?

Unfortunately, we live in a blame culture, the media hailed Rooney as the countries savior before South Africa, now he is public enemy number 1, with a constant build them up, kick down attitude our national team have absolutely no chance of ever winning a major tournament.

Should our sportsmen be entitled to constraining orders to keep them off the front pages and concentrate on what they are paid to do?

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  • Ben

    That’s what makes Ryan giggs and Paul schools so special! Have they appeared on the front pages for scandal? No chance

  • Bobby

    The England press is killing their own football.

  • redrose

    ..’ a wedge between himself and the public since his outburst during the world cup ‘ ?

    Does anyone really believe that those who boo their own players are genuine supporters, let alone be classified as the general public ?
    Rooney was quite correct in his assessment (an aside to the camera is now an outburst ? !).

    Does anyone honestly believe anything printed in the Mail, Sun, NOTW etc without hearing the views of the other party. I know I don’t.

  • Darren

    inside knowledge is all this was happening before the World Cup and Coleen knew about it, which explains why he was so poor during the WC.

    Capello should of had the balls to drop him if this is the case

  • Ben

    Casgoinge, best, cantona and now Rooney, tormented geniuses, all suffer from one addiction or another, the guy obviously needs help, plastering his face all over the scummy tabloids is hardly going to help is it?

  • doolstar70

    The players themselves are to blame. The media did not pay a call girl £1200. Rooney is a married man with a child. This is disgusting behaviour and he should be kicked out of the England team if true. Footballers are paid huge sums of our money and are acting like Roman Emperors. Like it or not, when someone is paid the sorts of sums of money that Rooney, JT, Crouch etc are, then they have to show some responsibility. The medis didn’t do these things, the players did and deserve what comes. Unless we as fans show our disgust, the players wil continue to disgrace our country with these sorts of scandals.

  • Doug

    The headline of this article is correct, but you could have gone further. The national media in this country always over-state our excellence, and downplay the quality of other nations which are simply growing at a faster rate.

    People bang on about 1966 but there were half the teams and half the quality. Football is a universal game now but we’re still stuck with long-ball and 4-4-2. The media miss this and instead choose to promote England as ‘genuine contenders’.

  • Sam Wheatley

    @doolstar70: It’s very easy to blame the players or the media, but the truth is that there are other factors at play. Premier League managers are very keen for players to have a settled homelife to keep them out of trouble – SAF is a prime example. Whether or not these players want to be married is never brought into question, yet they are expected to maintain the austerity of a saint. I’m not saying that their behaviour isn’t reprehensible, but banning them from the national team may be a step too far.

    @Doug: Media hype surrounding England is probably more detremental to England’s cause than unearthing the problems in their private life. If you watch them in major tournaments with full stadia of baying (and sometimes booing) England fans, with months of tabloid build-up behind them, you’d have to say they look worried. Empty seats and a lack of interest against Bulgaria meant that they turned in a decent performance. England perhaps aren’t as good as the media protrays, but they’re certainly not as bad as one formation and the long ball.

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