Mediocre Midfielder not the Answer

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

As Joe Allen moves ever closer to securing a £15million move to Liverpool, it beggars belief that such a great old club would even want to bring the Welsh youngster in.

Allen has had one half-decent season at Swansea City in the top flight, a side who played with abandon and got away with it, due to it being their first season in the Premier League.

The Swans will probably be relegated next season, when they suffer second season syndrome, much like Hull City before them. The side are 7/4 for the drop in the Premier League betting pages.

However, for Liverpool to be chasing the player for £15million shows that new boss, Brendan Rogers, is leading the club further down the garden path.

The eighteen time English league champions will only slip further behind their rivals if they buy mediocre mid-table players. Allen’s recent outing for Team GB at the Olympics hardly set the world alight.

When the Merseyside club came second to Manchester United in the 2008-9 season – the closest they were in years to securing the title they so covet – their midfield read: Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, and Dirk Kuyt.

Alonso is a European and World Cup winning midfielder; Mascherano has over 80 caps for Argentina; Kuyt has represented the Netherlands 90 times, and Steven Gerrard is the current England skipper.

Since that season, Liverpool have fallen further behind their title rivals, as the money of Manchester City has continued to talk, while Chelsea have gone onto win the Champions League, and United have surpassed them in titles won.

How can the signing of the 22-year-old Allen be a step in the right direction?

If Liverpool want to compete for the Premier League once again, they need to take a long hard look in the mirror and try and attract players to the club who are worthy of the badge.

The Reds are 20/1 for the title in the Liverpool betting on Bet Victor, indicating that the side could miss out on Champions League qualification once again.

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  • Clarence

    Rank article in every way.

  • Rob A

    Totally agree. We’ve done it before and it hasn’t worked….Ian Rush, Hansen, Steve McMahon, Emlyn Hughes – why must we keep making these mistakes!! Only players that cost £30m are any good.

    From memory…Alonso hadn’t won anything with Spain when Liverpool signed him, and was signed foc c£10m from a mid-table Spanish team.

    Well done genius, great article.

  • donna

    u obviously dont have a clue and have never played football before therefore cannot c his quality u spoon were building for the future.YNWA

  • http://Red&WhiteKop DerekW

    Drivel! And as RobA says we’ve signed lots of world-class players for very little money. Let’s give all newcomers a chance.

  • common sense

    Lets see in 12 months – time to let the football do the talking.

  • andrex

    Thick as shit article, clueless in every way, obviously know dick all about football.

  • Mystical Mike

    Patrick Viera anyone?

  • JBlack

    Roy Keane?

    Terrible article.
    Liverpool should once again to strive buy quality players who will fit into the team, not just buy the latest flavor of the month. that the tabloids or Football Manager indicate we should sign.
    I’m happy that Rodgers signed Allen; he’s seen him at close hand and therefore is the best person to judge whether he is good enough for Liverpool.

  • Mystical Mike

    didn’t Joe Allen have a better pass rate than Xavi & Inesta last season?

  • ???Really???

    Is this article for real or just a wind up??? Please do not post such uneducated rubbish , Swansea also played a calculated possesion style of football and not ‘ with abandon and got away with it’. Is that why Liverpool brought Rodgers in , to play with abandon???

  • Nye

    What a load of Bollocks this article is, clearly written by a lonely attention whore, who has written a ridiculous article just so people will talk to him, even though most responses will be abuse its still better than being alone.

  • Stanley

    Rubbish article!!! Complete nonsence!

  • Urawally


    As JBlack put it, “I’m happy that Rodgers signed Allen; he’s seen him at close hand and therefore is the best person to judge whether he is good enough for Liverpool.”

    Sixth for most completed passes, in EUROPE! I think it was 91.6% completed passes out of over 2000 passes.

    Are you one of these Fan’s of Liverpool???

    You should try SUPPORTING your club for a change and take heed from all these replies you’ve received. NOT A SINGLE POSITIVE comment has been made about your article.

    PATHETIC PIECE OF RUBBISH, you should apply for a job in The S*n, then none of us liverpool SUPPORTERS would have to read such CRAP.

  • bazza

    This is the type of player Liverpool will buy now. Ones who fit into the style of play and team ethic. You wont see us paying big money for so called superstars who only want to play CL.

    I think you will be pleasently suprised this season.

  • Sebastian

    You Liverpool fans are so deluded its getting ridiculous, what planet are you from?

    Arsenal signed Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski each for less than Jo Allen. Yet again LFC spend stupid money on average crap. Carroll, Henderson, Johnson, Adam, these players would get nowhere near the BENCH of City, United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Spurs. Even Newcastle!

    Liverpool are the best example of how not to run a football club. Embarrassing!

  • Sebastian

    to “Urawally”

    You still don’t read The Sun? Why is that? Because they printed the truth that you killed your own fans and want to blame everyone else?

    The rest of the country know what happened and who’s fault it was!

  • Matt Runyard

    As a Liverpool fan i have to agree but what you need to realise is Brendan Rogers is making the best out of what is open to him.
    The top four clubs will bring in big named players Man City mainly because of their money, but what you need to think about is the big named players like your messi type players your ronaldo’s, all the big players they don’t want to play for a manager who has just coached a team like Swansea, no they want to play for the likes of Wenger, Sir Alex, Mancini, Mourinho and Pep Guardiola all these have been there and won the big title and trophies, that is what will attract these big players, which is why Rogers has to resort to players he can build on for the future.

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