Mickey Marbles FA Cup rant

by Mickey Marbles

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I hate that I do!

Its count down time to the semi’s this weekend at Wembley & another perfect example of the FA’s incompetence. Who the hell is in charge at the common sense depo?

I hate that I do!

On Saturday Arsenal v Chelsea: When that is all done and dusted, those southern nancys can all walk back home to their Earl Grey, Caviar toasties & Garlic bread just in time for Strictly Come Dancing, ooh la de bloody dah!

On Sunday we have Everton v Man U:  The’ll be lucky if we get back for the match of the Day highlights at 11, I’m thinking of the poor wee nippers who will be struggling to get him in t’morning for their readybrek & school.

How long would it take to re-arrange it so us Northerners could have got home for the bingo and have least had a lay-in on Sunday.

A lot less than the 4 hours (at least) it will take around 60,000 fans to head back up the M1. It takes an hour just to get out of London, I bloody hate that I do.
Why don’t they stage the final at a nearer ground or even Cardiff on the Saturday. It least it’s half way.

FA Cup?
More like a big friggin FUKUP!

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    how many fit defenders have we got? Gibbs and Sagna have joined the injury list/ Silvestre looked his usually shaky self the other night. Drogba will muller him. I’m a bit worried to be honest

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