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by Mickey Marbles

Friday, October 9th, 2009

I hate that I do!

Right, it’s been a while since my last rant so here goes!

I hate that I do!

After the recent success of the 3 Lions qualifiers with 2 games to spare, I’m still going to have a grumble. Believe it not children, England are playing the Ukraine on Saturday. It is a WC qualifier and gives Fabio a chance to work with the squad without the pressure of putting points on the board. My moan is the £4.99 I’ve got to stump up to watch it: that and being told I have to watch it on a computer. Now I’d like to think I’m a dab hand at this PC & Mac  marlarky but for the more elder members of England’s supporters, the option of only watching it on a tiny screen streamed over tinternet is an outrage. Half of my mates down the Social club still watch games on old Rumbalows Black & White tv’s.

Being forced to stump up for ESPN or the old Setanta was bad enough but to have the right taken away from the majority of the public to watch it in the comfort of your own living room or local boozer is really taking the Marbles….

And another thing!

Dexy predicted before the brilliant Holland blog :

… that Fabio will want to play Brazil, And I quote”

“The Dutch are up there with Brazil & Spain as our main rivals for The World Cup. The Don knows this & will itching to see how they set up against us, like he did with Spain in Feb (don’t be surprised if we face Brazil & the Argies before next June either).”

Low and behold, we have the game against the samba stars of Brazil on Nov 14th in Qatar………..FUDGING QATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An FA spokesman wheeled out all the tripe that it would be ideal preparation for the world cup in the 50’000 capacity Khalifa Stadium. What a load of codswallop, it’s all about the brass, the bigwigs putting money before the fans. How often has an England team played opposition in a totally irrelevant country except in tournaments? It might be good preparation for Fabio against the World Cup favourites but how many England “Regulars” do you think will suddenly come down with a few niggles before the squad sets off & how many England fans will actually make the 14 hour round trip.

What next? England V Scotland friendlies in Sydney?
You heard it here first.

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  • Darren

    i think paying for games online is the future I’m afraid.

    In fact, ITV are considering charging for all their main shows too, Xfactor, Cori, Champs League etc…

    Imagine paying to hear Clive Tilsley lick Man Uniteds ars, it may well come to that!

  • Tom

    Glad I didn’t spend that £4.99 in the end! Saw the highlights, we were poor but I actually believe that defeat will do more good then harm.

  • dexylongshot

    The FA are a total embarrassment at the moment. It has yet again all gone quiet on the 20 million that has gone missing to bring the youngsters into the game. The Burton project has been put on hold but that’s ok, at least the suits have got a new HQ at Wembley with all the trimmings. When it comes to the rest of Europe, we are pretty much at the bottom when it comes to bringing young talent through and lagging well behind the big boys when it comes to coaches on the park working with the youngsters. I wonder how much of the no-doubt millions the Qatar contingent will be paying the FA actually goes towards the youngsters. The’ll probably spend it on another roof that doesn’t work.

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