Mickey Marble’s one minute mouth-off

by Mickey Marbles

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I bloody hate that I do!

Introducing Mickey Marbles, a grumpy old Northerner who once had trials for Donacaster Rovers in 1965, he didn’t make it and has been bitter ever since. He remembers the good old days when footballers were real men, they could sink 10 pints the night before a game, could take a tackle and get by on 2 bob per week.

I hate that I do!

Here’s his first of many rants

I was eating my chips and gravy last night when I saw this little gem in the wrapping.

Our flag of St George has been banned at the Emirates!! A Rovers fan recently had to take his flag down while watching the Arsenal.

“We hooked it over the hoardings but they took it away saying it could be seen as a racist symbol. It’s the national flag and the bans stupid”, I bloody hate that I do!

Now, I can understand if the flag had racist wording, swearing or even a pic of Big Sam on there but a flag with Rovers written on is beyond a joke. You would have thought a club like Arsenal, steeped in history with one of the most multi-ethnic squads in the league would embrace the togetherness of national emblems at its modern state of the art arena.

At Gooner spokesman said “We have decided only flags without any national emblems can be displayed”.

Maybe the real reason we didn’t see any St Georges waved by the Arse was because the latest team didn’t contain one Englishman, I’m sure Arsene didn’t see anything at all.

I tell you what, it’s not like it used to be!

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  • Dexy

    Welcome on board Mickey, you talk so much sense, I love you already x

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    welcome Mickey Marbles, look forward to all your rants.

    Oli will say I told you Arsenal have the most middle class fans!

  • Dan Church

    i read that too, its disgusting. do you reckon Italian and Spanish clubs ban their national flags at their grounds ?? Its a bloody english football ground. What id give to be Prime Minister for a day….

  • James Webb

    I think all English Arsenal fans should make a stand by taking an English flag on St George’s day and see if they all get turned away.

  • Bobby

    thats because mostly Prawn sandwiches are eaten at the Emirates Library!

  • Bitter Arsenal Fan

    Arsenal fans don’t go to Arsenal games because Arsenal Spectators and Corporate £$£!” buy all the tickets! Its the reason why the atmosphere inside the emirates is created by the 3000 away fans every game. Rest of the stadium is quiet. To quote the West Ham fans that visited earlier in the year… “More life at a funeral”

  • http://reassessthepress.wordpress.com Sam

    Great point, well made – especially bout how Arsene didnt see anything! Like Dan said, there’s no way that would happen in Italy or Spain. The game is their national institution just like it is – i thought – in this country and they make every opportunity to promote that. The Inter kit (at least the home one when they played United) had the green white and red flag of their national identy slapbang in the middle of their chest. Yet in England, that would apparently be seen as some kind of declaration of your allegiance to the BNP’s most radical wing, i presume! Whatever next!?

  • dexylongshot

    Talking of St Georges flags.

    At the last World cup, i went to Equador game with my mate Babysham Briggsy and I nearly eat my trilby when one of Ze Germanz jobsworth Frauleins said my St George was too big (St George is not a pet name for Hampton either!). Come again luv? She said it was too big, even though it was pretty much a standard 10×6 footer, standard for Stadiums anyway, I rowed with her for over 15 minutes saying it was for charity, that we were being sponsered, I told Briggsy to get the media who were starting to circle. She soon copped them in the corner of her eye and bottled it and let us through. “Ok go, go quickly..”

    heh heh, VICTOIRE! VICTOIRE!

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