Mike Ashley – You have no shame

by Michael Somerville

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Sport companies and clubs have, in living memory certainly, always gone hand in hand with advertising. Formula 1 has given much wide- spread criticised publicity to cigarette companies on the sides to their big red engines, cricket players are sponsored by airlines and football teams are sponsored by companies by all walks of life. Betting websites, paint, beer, electronics, communications and yet more beer adorn the present Premier league clubs’ shirts this season. But that’s okay isn’t it? We’re used to it… the days of Sharp and JVC shamlessly blazened on Arsenal and Manchester United shirts are almost a badge of honour when we were growing up.

Stadiums have got in on the act as well with the JJB Stadium (now the DW stadium) the Emirates stadium (Arsenal got it right), as well as the Reebok and the Brittania stadium plugging various companies. It doesn’t really make much difference when the stadium is new and hasn’t much history such as the Emirates or the Reebok stadiums respectively. St James’ does have history and it should be preserved as a unique stadium and one adored by its supporters and respected by fans of the Premier League.

However, what Mike Ashley has done, and what will obviously anger many Geordies, is the renaming of St James’ Park Stadium to sportsdirect.com@StJamesPark. Yes it really is that awful. Is it an email address? Could Ashley have been just a little bit more imaginative and not advertised his OWN COMPANY on his beloved club that he bought himself! It really does make me think of when a parent names their kid something embarrassing, and you know that kid will get the p**s ripped out of them.

This really shouldn’t make me this angry but the shambles that is Mike (C)Ashley continues to be a disgrace to football. His company won’t have to pay a penny for the naming rights- how convenient!

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  • Stevie

    The Newcastle soap opera gets more chavy day by day! Ashley has no class what so ever. What next build an Argos in the ground?

  • ray stanamaz

    i’ve changed my name to ray@greggs_pasty.face

  • jimmythegent

    jimmythegent4jimmys_one size fits elephants@bigones.com

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