Miss UK Football Finder 2009 – April heats

by Mystical Mike

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

It’s month three of the biggest and best competition on the internet. Who will join the lovely Brandy, Leah, Keely & Jenna in the grand final of Miss UKFF 09.

The top 2 girls with the most votes will go through. Voting is free but you can only vote once per day.

Good luck to all the girls.

ukff girls

April Heats

ukff girls

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  • T25

    Dat Heather is da fittiest one me likes!

  • Dan Church

    im torn between fern and jules ??? both worthy of the title….

  • Paul

    Surf chick Rachael all day long!

  • Biggy

    top top selection, I’ll vote for them all!

    Although if I have to choose then I’m gonna ha to say the lovely Fern, and Jess, and Rachael and……

    🙂 🙂

  • ricky haynes

    jules gets my vote not just because she is a beautifull woman but also highly intelligent she must be because she has been an arsenal season ticket holder for many years, and knows her footy in side out good luck jules hope u win xXx

    come on guys n girls vote jules

  • Suresh

    Arsenal have the best team and the best girls on the land. Arsenal ladies are the best team in the world and the Arsenal woman are the sexy ones.

    I give my support to Jules x

  • Micky

    this my friends, is called a collection of honeys.

    Good luck to u all

  • James

    Faye is super sexy! Faye should win!!

  • Skip

    It’s got to be sexy Sarah

  • Jim

    It’s the toughest heat yet but it has to be sexy Sarah! Absolute stunner!!

  • Mark

    Spurs have got the sexiest supporters – come on Sarah!

  • Peza

    For more information about Sarah and to see some even sexier pictures of her go to her UKFF Girl of the Week page!


  • Ed

    There are a couple of stunners but Sarah get’s my vote!

  • logan

    Sarah is juicy! I think April has your name written all over it. Sorry ladies

  • Nick

    Sarah, your “thanks for voting for Sarah” picture is even sexier than your main one!! I’ll be voting for you every morning as that pic has brightened up my day!

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