Miss UKFF 09 – Grand Final

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

So which one of these lovely girls will be crowned Miss UKFF 09? 25,000 girls, 8 finalist, 1 winner, you decide! So get those votes in!

We hope to see you all at Mayfair’s exclusive Vendome club on Thursday July 23rd when the winner will be announced.

Good luck to all the girls

ukff girls

Miss UKFF 09

ukff girls

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  • chef derek

    wow now tulls has her own website
    i,ll bet she gets loads of hits
    just to here her mackem patter
    and to glimpse at her luvlly.er… herb garden.???!!!!!!!!!!!!(f**K off im a chef)

    tulls is such alady
    she even ses thankyou
    thats more than me first wife sed
    or the second or the third one too

    this lady has admiration
    mackems worship her like the sun and the moon
    praying one day her knicks will slip
    just like the dear old toon

    alas that will not happen
    cos this mackem has too much class
    so vote for tulls lets get this won
    and lets shearer kiss my ass…

    down with the boro u went down with the boro



    sunderland til i die…..=chef

  • swhotrod

    Claire Tully and the way she might look at you, is only Massive. The real trick is to say or do something, when within range of her. Difficult enough when the Black Cat has your tongue and you feel like you are in quicksand. If a shy guy can feel at ease with her and find the gift of the gab with the Force flowing through him, then there is hope for the world she rocks.
    Navan man can voutch that Claire’s new website is Moon-Navan dialect for Brilliant. I might be blinded by Love, so make up your own minds. You just find a nice bit of Heaven.

    i havent had the pleasure of being in the company of Brandy Brewer, as of yet but might rectify that soon. From mails and photos, I know she is a beautiful Woman. By all accounts, the craic with her is ’90- reference to being in the rurals of Gaelteacht, in Connemara, Co Galway at the time of Italy World Cup for those not in the know. Brandy’s website is worth checking out as well.

    Torn between a Love and a good friend-Life is hard and never gets easy.

  • Dexy

    only the best girls appear on Dexys Den!! I’ve met all the girls are they are all crackers, each one of them is Miss UKFF in their own right!

    May the best girl win!!

  • stevie

    My Vote is for Sarah she is clearly a natural beauty and she has the whole package ! Fingers crossed for u hun xx

  • DJ

    Happy birthday Sarah Sexy legs! Come on guys make Sarah’s birthday extra special by giving her some birthday votes x

  • swhotrod

    Claire Tully would command the Highest Transfer Fee but like she would never leave “The Black Cats”. Same applies to Brandy and the Chelsea Blues but I suppose a switch is a non-runner given for all the good Women on here.

    Penalty shoot-out after extra time between Claire and Brandy is my belief. I cant help being biased but as we might say, at least I am full on about it.

  • dexylongshot

    One month to go!!!!!

  • chef derek

    it may be rose coloured glasses
    but tulls is the prettiest by far
    plus shes got brains to match her boobs
    to make her a shiny little emerald star

    brandy and claire
    in ashootout
    as the lad above suggests
    ive got a better idea
    so lll get it off me chest

    in the event of a tie
    theyll have the hardest challenge
    a feat not for the fient of heart
    its scary and its horrible
    and a piece of it i want ..no part

    so all there beauty will be tested
    for the challenge they have to do
    is make the toons new strip look good
    a task impossible to do

    but wee tulls she can do it
    she,ll make the monstrosity a hit
    because as a chef i always imagined her
    as part of a banana split……..!!!


    (that has got to be the worst away strip ive seen in my naffin exsistence)

  • James

    Ha, I think a penalty shoot-out to decide which one of you has the biggest obsession is a much better idea! 🙂

  • chef derek

    james im 53 and never have i seen wor club
    represented by a finer lookin lass than claire

    a big club like us
    needs the prettiest face to portray us

    hence the tulls

    and this is agreat competition
    listen mate …back in the 60,s i saw cheerleaders for the rirst time at roker park
    there was about 30 of em and they all chucked a ball into the crowd
    and then asked for em back
    3 were returned…and my mate took one of em

    moral of this story is…….

    i personally think its brilliant to have all the lasses involved in the sport as we have today
    and i respect there love for them and thier individual clubs
    but if they pull my shirt on
    then we talk obsession kidda lol

    we want the tulls to win …………
    and were sunland til we die

  • stevie

    Come on people start voting for Sarah she is by far the hottest!! X

  • dexylongshot

    Derek, do you actually do any work in the kitchen, i can imagine you writing the lyrics on the back of menus before chucking knifes at dartboards Siegal style!

  • dexylongshot

    Jay Says:
    June 13th, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Brandy I’ll be testing you the offside rule on the 23rd!!!

  • dexylongshot

    In fact, i’ll be testing all of you on that!

  • James

    Ha, good points well made Mr Chef. I think Mr hotrod would win the obsessive shoot-out hands down anyway. At least you can decide who you actually want to win! If it was a UK and Irish competition then Claire might get my vote but I think the winner should be British.

  • chef derek

    hoi dexy ive been known to dabble in the culinary side occasionally
    but i prefer writing shite poems instead lololol
    your right about chucking the knives tho
    dartboards are ok
    but chef prefers moving targets
    appentices waiters angry customers
    there all good fodder….. :o)


  • chef derek

    hoi rory whose rod is hot

    ye need not to explain yersel to me here or anyone
    if ye feel enuf to write for the lass .
    ..then thats good enough
    fuck everyone and just do it

    do what ye feel
    and if it comes yer way
    deal wiv the grief ye get
    cos ye made that decision to shout out son
    and im sure claire appreciates that

    but this is acompetition and a decent lookin one i must say
    the lads have done well here promoting this
    and chef likes the look of it…
    .its gettin feckin exciting dexy man !!!

    claires up against it
    countries and borders shoudnt come into it
    and certainly not her one cos its afine feckin line at best
    and weve had enuf of all that

    she embraced our mackem culture thru our total irish makeover
    and thank god they did that
    cos we now have the lad in charge that naffin cares
    and its been emblazoned IN POSTERS AND T SHIRTS that we are.


    and wee tulls has worn HER shirt proud
    in the sun ..on our fanzine als..includin front page..soccer am ..and now this

    i make no bones
    id love to see her win it.,,,i really would
    ..im tired i just worked all day..(believe it or not dex lol)
    but ive botherd me arse to write this
    because the lass has put her self out to support aclub she believes in
    a club that forgets boundarys
    plus were fuckin shite at the best of time asweel
    for that reason alone she should win it……..:O)

    and aLL ye lasses are lovely ye really are
    i must reiterate that

    but the tulls is the complete package

    but wee tully has it happening its the whole vibe shes got goin that stands out
    simple as that and she loves her footie
    and she is…..F.T.M.

    SO……….case closed

    im workin the weekend so poems will dry up abit ….lol

    sundireland til i die………….


  • James

    Ha, relax yourselves. Nobody was giving anybody any grief, just a bit of friendly banter. Come and introduce yourselves at the final and I’ll buy you a drink (I’ll be the one wearing the Union Jack trousers). If I’m not there it’s because I’ve done rather well in either Mr China FF or Mr Luxembourg FF who unfortunately both have their finals on the same evening 🙂

  • Swhotrod

    Good stuff all round. Thanks Chef, you are damn right, told Claire appreciate the thanks given already. Like i say you are a real trooper and I invite you to Navan anytime. James I take that olive branch with both hands. I think you will know me apart from big smile as Navan Man always has. Look for Shamrocks on red sleeves, cant say anymore then that for will ruin surprise. Whatever your poison is, we shall party like its 1999, ten years out but its the spirirt that counts. Here’s to having the laugh, cheers Ror.

  • dexylongshot

    Blimin ell chaps, calm it down a bit, your scaring the girls of!!!

  • Peza

    I hope there’s going to be good security at the final! The film The Bodyguard springs to mind…

  • dexylongshot


  • swhotrod

    Nothing to worry about lads, no funny business here just mad Navan Man. I am a nice guy really. Dont have to post sentries. Girls know who they have here. You will know who I am if I break Fort Knox so put a freeze ray on me if you wish. Dont watch crap films so you will just have to take my word that nothing bad will happen, Navan Man’s word is gospel unless he is telling you a joke, ask Tommy, Hector or Dylan. Mind yourselves, cheers Rory

  • Eve

    Sarah sounded great on the radio on Saturday xx http://www.andoversound.com/pages/extranet/face-for-footy-i-2007.php

  • swhotrod

    Navan man cannot keep quiet anymore. Bursting to say

    Claire Tully- Constant Lumination Animated Intensely Rocks Effortlessly Treasured Uber Lovely Larkful Yellowbird.

    Brandy Brewer- Blonde Radiant Always Natural Dancing Youngling Bright Real Enduring Wonderful Entertaining Rockstar.

  • dexylongshot

    Final Less than 3 weeks away, can’t wait! Better start working on flattening this belly of mine.

  • eddie

    go Sarah, your the tops (SApsursfan)

  • http://www.freewebs.com/park-academics-fc Daveyboy

    I’m in love with all of them so how can I vote for one,lol

  • Chris

    Claire from ireland is a beauty – if she reads this…fancy a date?!

  • swhotrod

    Two weeks to go. U Way, Thats a good old shout from Navan. Hopefully will be at Final but you dont always get what you want. Claire Tully is there so Ireland well and truely represented. She will bedazzle you and set the place alight. Be ready to have some fun.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Navan, please remember this is a football blog and not a CT fanclub!

    It’s shaping up to be the event of the year!

  • swhotrod

    U Way is a football chant here in Navan. I just shout for who I want to win. I thought that was the idea of this section. i put some football references along the way. Yes I am ott about Claire, who wouldnt be? What exactly did I say wrong? Yes event will be one to remeber with lots of fun, that was my ending. Hope all else ok with you, good luck Rory O’Donnell

  • James

    Rory, If you do make it to the final for that drink I think we should try to find you a real girlfriend. 🙂

  • Stevie

    Alan Partridge you mentalist springs to mind!

  • Tef1on

    Cannot wait! Teflon’s getting his dancing boots ready!

  • dexylongshot

    Danny Zucko better watch out

  • Larene

    I think Lizzy is clearly the winner i wish her all the best and good luck on the night, girl go for it!

  • swhotrod

    Reading fan supports The Black Cat Dublin Woman, you know who I am talking about. Get your jerseys and rattlers at the ready. Going to be a night to remember. Have the laugh, cheers Navan Man

  • Kacky G

    Go Keely! Such a beautiful girl inside and out! Definitely deserves to win this. XxXxX

  • Col Robs

    Faye is a winner whatever happens! 😛

    Good Luck!!!!

  • swhotrod

    Look out London, the Irish influx will be coming over the next few days. Vendome the place to be. Diamond formation with Claire Tully as the focal point. At the end of the night, everyone is a winner for having the laugh even if Yellow and Red cards have to be brandished. Good luck to all the Girls!!

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