Money Clouds Everything… even in League 2

by Michael Somerville

Friday, September 25th, 2009

We’ve all been there; somebody has dangled a carrot in front of us and instead of thinking through the various pros and cons we quickly take the plunge. Our excuse for what we did was that it’s a bit “out there” and less work for more money is always worth it isn’t it? Sol Campbell yesterday cancelled the five year contract at Notts County on “mutual terms” with the clubs executive chairman Peter Trembling and director of football Mr Sven- Goran Ericksson. The “oldest club in British football” strongly insisted that the split had been amicable and best for both parties, but we may never know what caused Campbell to leave so swiftly and seemingly without reason.

Campbell’s character has always been quiet and slightly withdrawn in discussing his personal life, and with the mystery surrounding the clubs Swiss owners, we may never know what caused him to pack his bags and leave. Perhaps it was the inevitable roughness of the players in the dressing room and on the pitch, who looked upon his £40,000 a week salary with envious and hateful eyes. Another possibility could have been David Beckham telling him not to go through with it, exemplifying his paradox at LA Galaxy as a venture that should not be carried out. Or conceivably, Campbell just couldn’t see himself playing football at 40 years old, at any level.

Although Campbell has greatly embarrassed himself with this transfer mess (he cannot play professional football now until January 1st) it is Sven- Goran Eriksson who has come out looking like the fool. Despite turning down offers from Aston Villa and Newcastle United for his signature, Eriksson spoke to Campbell directly, manipulating the relationship the pair has shared through three international tournaments with England. No agent was needed, as was Sven’s charm on the former England and Arsenal star.

Campbell left confusion in the air at Meadow Lane; encouraging a passing shot and a remainder of his own reality and mortality by manager Ian “Charlie” McPartland

“At Notts County we obviously wish him the best with the remainder of his career and hope that he is able to obtain a place where he can play at international level ahead of the 2010 World Cup.”

Likely indeed.

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  • Patrick

    Hard to say what goes on in Campbell’s head. Surely he had time to grasp the reality of what he was getting himself into before he put pen to paper on a 5 year contract. It’s tough to speculate on the exactly why he walked out but given that he can’t play professionally again until January it’s a racing certaintly that he won’t be putting himself in the frame for a spot in squad for South Africa.

  • Darren

    He’s a bit of a loon to be honest. This is what his doing now.

    I remember when he walked out of Arsenal after West Ham done us 3-1 at Highbury. He has serious world issues!

    This is what he’s doing now

  • Mike

    Very true, I forgot about the Arsenal strop;
    I was a little harsh on Sven in this blog, he has a right to feel very aggrieved with Sol Man.
    I feel he couldn’t deal with earning so much more than everyone else in the division.
    Sven doesn’t mind though!

  • dexylongshot

    I was at that game at Highbury and it was actually 2-3 to the hammers, great night, especially hearing all the gooners moaning about Arsene. Sol went of at half time and bolted, nut nut!!!

  • jimmythegent

    Read a few papers yesterday and Sol man was disappointed that Sven promised the transfers of Roberto Carlos, Vieri and Benjani but failed to deliver. All sounds a bit fishy to me, Sol was probably right to give it a swerve although Sven should have been straight with him in the place.

  • Mike Somerville

    It’s utterly bizzare isn’t it? The former Prime Minister of Pakistan has been named as one of the members of the independent company that now owns Notts County. I reckon Sven did promise all of those players plus a couple more.

  • Mike Somerville

    So it looks as if Sol Campbell is going to be able to overtun the rule book, and be back playing Premier League football in a few weeks with Wolves and Hull vying for his signature.
    It would be best for those clubs to have him (Hull especially!) but a part of me wants Sol to take his punishment like a man, and suffer the consequences for his childish behaviour

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