More Blancs and it’s Au Revoir my froggy friends

by Dexy Longshot

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

France V Spain

Another blinder in the 3rd tie of the of the quarters awaits on Saturday night and I for one will be breaking out the San Miguels and jumping aboard The La Furia Rosa bandwagon. They take on France and from what we are hearing in the media, it could be a walkover. The Blues camp has again been reverting back to the bad old days of in-fighting and sulking as Ribery & Co appear to be undoing all the good work Laurent Blanc has worked on over the past 2 years. Still moaning after we stifled them in the first match, a win against the hosts livened them up for a few days but then they we’re given something to really cry about as they surrendered to the Swedes. Spain who have been quietly going about their business cannot wait to get stuck into them & I cannot wait to watch them do it. The Bullfighters tore Ireland to pieces in their 2nd game and it was pretty sexy stuff but not for Ireland. It was a mediterranean masterclass delivered at a frightening pace and that game alone will probably have given Shay & Dunn no better excuse than to hang up the gloves & boots. I watched it in Ibiza and along with my old man and half a dozen Paddies around us, we were about the only people on the white isle who wasn’t olaying and bibbing a car horn…at least the Guinness helped us forget. One thing I will say about the Irish is they have definitely got the best supporters in the competition, even in the last game, they were rocking the Pozman and singing The Fields as loud as I’ve ever heard it, even when they knew they were hiding to nothing.

As for the match-up ahead, the surprising new tactic of playing with no striker may yet again be used by Spain. Torres wasn’t too hot in the last game and didn’t look happy being hooked of but it could have been worse, Llorente hasn’t had a sniff and I put him in my dream team at the start of the competition. I expect Spain to do what they do to most sides, tik-tak it all over the shop and eventually run out winners by at least 2 goals with or without a striker, The kermit defence is weak and the brilliant Iniesta, Silva & Xavi will make muppets of them. They got a bit of a shock in the final group game when Croatia tactically had a blinda and were unlucky not to have pulled of the shock of the tournament. This has served as reminder that they are there to be got at and Del Bosque will know this too. I bet you all the Euros in Spain (there won’t be many left soon) that he has given them a right rollicking and they have been looking at ways to stifle Slaven Bilics blueprint. Maybe France will try it & get a breakaway goal if they can get the ball at all but all I can see is Les Bleus struggling in the 2nd half & it descending into farce as the arguments reach fever pitch. I might have a few bob on a red card as The Red Fury continue their assault on redeeming the Delauny SIlverware.

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