More hypocrisy from the media and Manchester United fans about those Manchester City ‘Munich’ chants

by Paul Connolly

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Let’s get this straight.  I’m not even going to try to defend the chants of  ‘Who put the ball in the Munichs’ net’ aimed in the general direction of Yaya Toure at last night’s Blackburn vs Manchester City game. They’re bang out of order.

I will contextualise the chants, though. The use of ‘Munich’ is seen by many City fans as an ironic term, inasmuch as many of them believe, in my view wrongly, that Manchester United has tried to almost commercialise the 1958 disaster. Many City (and non-City fans, indeed) believe that without the disaster United would not have become as huge as they are right now.

But the chant is still inexcusable. There may be shades of grey in this argument but to almost revel in an accident in which people lost their lives is just plain wrong. It needs to stop.

However, there are more than a few United fans who need to take a close look at themselves as they fan the flames of indignation. On at least two occasions during City/United games I’ve witnessed a large section of United fans, arms outstretched, singing ‘Where’s your famous Munich song?’ before exploding with anger when it duly finally gets an airing. It’s like screaming at someone to punch you and then getting furious when they do. Only someone stupid would do it.

There are plenty of awful, unpleasant chants, from Hillsborough taunts aimed at Liverpool fans to ‘gas oven’ hissing aimed at Spurs supporters. Those who perpetrate it are stupid enough. They do not need other witless idiots to provoke them.

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  • Feedthegoat

    2 songs regularly sung at old trafford:

    ” murderers” to liverpool fans re Heysel

    “we’ve won it 2 times, without killing anyone, we’ve won it 2 times” to liverpool fans re Heysel

    all these chants and the city fans ones are wrong , but the media need to be a bit more balanced in their reporting and united fans need to get off their high-horse until they follow the laws of decency that they crave

  • Fred C Dobbs

    For me it will always be the ‘Frank Swift’ disaster, and yes you ‘Rags’ have milked the tradgedy for all it is worth for over half a Century.
    Without it you would not have the fan base you have now, you are a load of hypocrites!
    However I am glad you have got one foot back in Wembleys door, there you will probably meet Barca and will end up humiliated just as in 2009.

  • Jay

    Brilliant generalizations being being thrown around here.

    Fucking idiots.

  • fairwayblue

    Mr Bretherton you had to have been the kid that held the coats when there was a playground fight, what an absolute pratt.
    When the discussion swings away from you you resort to jibes about people being assulted by morons, most of the attacks witnessed by fans at the semi were carried out by cowards, who were smug in the fact that they had hit (with mostly snide punches) scarf wearing fans some with children, who dared to come to London and stand up to the cockney reds (in out of date shirts) on their manor. But alas Mr Bretherton you and your hero’s were not the only cowards at the semi, people looked at me as though I had two heads when I remenstrated against three teenagers chanting Munich bitch at a young lady in a united shirt who dared to pass the City end of wembley, cowardly thuggish behaviour is worse than ignorant fools chanting songs and throwing insults about an incident they dont even remember yet you seem to get a kick out of it, I cant help but see you standing in the playground with your glasses on, short pants, girls haircut with an hand full of coats, COWARD

  • Mr Impartiality

    Now then. I’ve been reading all these posts as an impartial observer with a wry smile on my face. Why do I have a wry smile on my face you may ask. Well I’ll tell you.

    I don’t believe all the diatribe I have been reading would have taken place say, 2 years ago. Why? Because Man City weren’t a threat. Over the last 2 years Man U fans have watched City spend a fortune and get better and better on the pitch and, although not yet the finished article, are back to being ACTUAL competitors of Man U whereas in the past they were classed as insignificant.

    Man U have had to look over their shoulders for the last couple of years as their “noisy neighbours” start catching up with them.

    I really don’t think N. Bretherton would have wasted his time and energy on this sort of forum a couple of years ago when City were still classed as insignificant by their neighbours in Stretford. But that isn’t the case anymore, is it?

    I visit Manchester regularly and, it has been quite evident that the intense rivalry that had been dormant in Manchester for going on 30 years, is now returning. I also have to say, it’s good to see.

    I’ve read drivel coming from both sides of Manchester on this forum but, just the fact it happening at all, tells me one thing!

    Man U are worried at what it going on over the other side of Manchester………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://TheFootballFinder N Bretherton

    Fairway Blue, you can’t even see the irony in your post, Pratt.
    What an upstanding member of society you are and as with all the others you don’t wish to see or admit that my jibes where designed and did indeed elicit the usual cliched responses.

  • Blue_heart

    Let me first remind you of how Manchester City fans respected the 50th anniversary Munich tragedy only a few seasons back. Their deafening silence was the biggest indicator as to what is really felt about loss of life in any walk of life by the City supporter. I understand it’s convenient not to mention this cold hard truth/fact.

    The wonderful respect shown that day, now forgotten by the united fraternity.

    The thing is united have milked the cow that is the disaster, it can’t be denied. Like a man year after year publicly bringing the tragic death of his parents up, whenever it suits him in order to gain sympathy or publicity. It’s not private grief it’s in your face blubbering of the lowest order. Even his closest friends would shake their heads at the pathetic and sad fashion in which he is using the names of those close to him to gain attention simply for himself.

    No, that’s not my queue to say its right to chant anything about Munich because it’s not.

    City fans should realise that they only fan the united flame by singing such hateful songs.

    However I have to say this, not in the defence of City supporters that choose to disgrace the club with these song, but to highlight the fact that it is beyond strange how the united Munich banner is always brought out at their times of failure and feeling sorry for themselves.

    The facts then, just last week and announced just a couple of days after the semi final defeat. What gets programmed to be coming up on the BBC (the BBC that adores all things united remember.) Yes, you guessed it a film about the Busby babes and that afore mentioned disaster.

    Coincidence or not it’s not the first time this has happened. United stumble and out comes the unmentionable (unless it promotes united) re-enactment of said event. Call it milking the event if you want because there is a smell of turned milk about the way it the way it constantly rears its head.
    So let’s ask ourselves why just now? Apparently the film had been meant to materialise about 12 months ago. Could it be possible that it has been held back for just a moment like losing in an FA Cup Semi? I’m not scratching my head as I have seen the same type of event unfold time and time again. No one is talking about United, I can almost guarantee a Munich/Busby babe headline splashed somewhere in the media.

    No those City fans that embarrass the club and themselves cannot be vindicated but those united fans that through bottles at City coaches in London and threw punches at the innocent there. Well it’s funny to me how song are being brought up and violence is ignored, again quite convenient.

    As for united, let those without sin cast the first stone.

  • zorrin

    The Munich air disaster was the most important moment in utd’s history. Its not like people aren’t allowed to mention the name of this german city without utd fans saying “Oh, the hurt. It’s bought it all back again like it was yesterday!”.

    It was 50 years ago, now its just a nickname. Are only man utd fans allowed to say the “M” word, like black people and the “N” word? Because Utd treated the families of those dead players shamefully.

  • http://thefootballfinder N Bretherton

    Blue_heart wrote at 9:46 am
    Let me first remind you of how Manchester City fans respected the 50th anniversary Munich tragedy only a few seasons back. Their deafening silence was the biggest indicator as to what is really felt about loss of life in any walk of life by the City supporter. I understand it’s convenient not to mention this cold hard truth/fact.

    The wonderful respect shown that day, now forgotten by the united fraternity.

    I was there that day and recall the banner by the city fans that recalled Frank Swift “one of our own” and I think many saw it is perhaps a watershed moment in that while we could still be rivals the Munich type chants would be at an end, how silly of me.

  • fairwayblue

    Mr Bretherton the morons who chant about Munich and other events are not being disrespectful, the chants are designed to get a response… Oops sorry thats the reasoning you use to get around your delight in people being assulted

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