Most hated players – Top 10

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

1) Christano Ronaldo

The Winker from Portugal was arguably the best player in the world last season, a title the arrogant spotty bean pole professed himself. When it comes to diving Boonaldo is in a league of his own. I have no more to say on the topic, I hate him too.

Facebook hate groups  22,060


2) Joey Barton

With a name like Joey, it was always gonna be a case of “A Boy named Sue Syndrome”. Instead of duffing up his old man though like Johnny Cash, bad boy Barton gives his teammates a hiding and collects the cash.

A big fan of Big Brother, his CC TV moment resulted in a few months porridge where he no doubt made loads of mates with his shorts down – arse out japes. Just  got injured for 18th time this season, Geordie fans will be getting fed up with the gobby Scouse git.

Facebook hate groups  309


3) Craig Bellamy

Risse once told me that Bellamy loves a new club, and know one argues with Ginge, apart from Craig! Bellas has been to more clubs than Charlie Nicholas & Frank McAvennie put together except he leaves all of them on bad terms while the other two left with dogdy perms.

The nippy taff striker breeds a new fanbase of hatred with every departure. After fleeing the Irons, Bellas has gone to City for bench warming duty before he’s of again at xmas.

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4) Ashley Cole

Arguably the most hated footballer on the planet. Cashley Mole represents everything that is wrong with the Premier League today. His antics on and off the field are a disgrace. He may have a sort for for a wife but if the papers are anything to go by then he is a cheating lying, money grabbing bling bling scumbag.

A quality player when on form yet gets away with murder, his two footed tackle at White Hart Lane in 2008 was the worst tackle of the season. Images of Cole swearing at the ref, Spurs players & the crowd were an absolute disgrace. Chasley Mole is a terrible example to any young footballer.

Facebook hate groups 7,907


5) El Hadji Diouf

Went to Anfield in a wave of publicity after the Senagalese whipped France at the 2002 World cup but was soon spat out by Houllier after some unconvincing displays. A prize sh*t, it is beyond me that no one has ever run on the pitch and stuck one on his ugly little boatrace!

Currently playing for the Black Cats 2nd string although why no nonsence Keane ever bought him is beyond me.

Facebook hate groups 38


6) Lee Bowyer

I’m just misunderstood guv? Cobblers, the not so crafty cockney has run into trouble his whole career on and off the pitch. Docklands Maccy Ds, Leeds Nightclubs, the boy Bowyer even had a barney with teammate Kieron Dyer at St James Park and they both got their marching orders.

A once promising youngster at Charlton & Leeds, Lee is now getting stick in The Championship with Birmingham.

Facebook hate groups 30


7) Didier Drogba

Put simply, a complete tosser! Just ask the Burnley fan who copped some shrapnel in the mush when the diving moaner decided he’d rather throw nuggets than tantrams for a change.

His slap on Vidic in the Champs League final and subsequent offing made my night (on par with Terry’s slip)

Facebook hate groups 798


8) Emmanuel Eboue

A truly appalling excuse for a Premier League footballer. In typical Arsene Wenger style, he doesn’t quite see it, what a muppet!

Eboue is even hated by his own fans. The man is a cheat and will do anything to get the opposition send off. To think Junvetus offered Arsenal 6 million for him and they turned it down. Just shows how much Wenger has seriously lost the plot of late!

Facebook hate groups 97


9) Robbie Savage

For want of a better word, Robbie Cabbage is a complete twat and somewhat of a laughing stock. Not only is he a crap footballer who believes his own hype, he also has the worst dress sense in England, not to mention a massive nose, goofy teeth and flip floppy girls hair.

Cabbage appeared on MTV cribs and hasn’t look backed since, playing for the likes of Derby County and Brighton and Hove Albion. A truly world class plonker!

Facebook hate groups 96


10) John Terry

The most over rated footballer in Europe. Pee Wee the Parrot has a divine right to contest every decision that goes against his beloved Chelsea, but somehow gets away with it because he’s the England captain.

A serial night clubber who has been known to pull out his pecker on the dance floor and let Cashley Mole touch it.

How we laughed when he slipped on his bottom and missed that vital peno in Moscow.

Facebook hate groups 7,034


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  • stevie

    Stevie G is a total embarrassment, did anyone see his dive yesterday?

  • Darren

    Ashly mole all day long! I’m the only one who has made it to the office, waiting for mel to arrive to unlock. Good day skivinh ahead for sexy, try not to look at to much angel long!

  • Sam

    How bout Wigan’s Michael Brown and his attempts at takin chunks out of the far gifted players on the oppisition (eg aiming kicks and stamps at Ryan Giggs last season); then again Diouf and Drogba’s anticks have rubbed off on Nik Anelka who has famously stabbed every team in the back as soon as a marginally more lucrative contract has been dangled in front of his greedy gob.

    And if there’s one for the past how about Martin Keown and his ape like celebratery attack on van Nistelrooy after missing that spot kick…and internationally if there was a players’ player of loathed professionals the prize would surely go to the bitting, gouging, snarling, cheating Matterazzi!! I think all the hate reserved for the former Everton hard nut was concentrated on the swift retribution intended in Zizu’s infamous headbutt on the Italian in the World Cup Final of 2006. In a just world the ref would have given Zinadine a reprieve and instead sent Matterazzi off for offending the Frenchman’s inspired forehead.

  • Darren

    good shout Micheal Brown, my old flatmate used to play with him at junior level, he was a thug then! As Stevie rightly points out, Stevie G is a bloomy disgrace. Diving all over the show, what a roll model!!

  • Dan Church

    Anyone see the Bosingwa tackle at the end of the match yesterday ? where he decided to tackle the Liverpool chap in the small of the back ?? Surely something must be done about that but it seems to be being ignored….

  • Darren

    total disgrace! Chelsea are an aweful side, Arsenal have problems but not as many as the Chavs. They never look like scoring. They so are predictable. They rely on the fullbacks to get forward, what’s the point in having wingers, thats their job!

    I can see Chelsea fading fast. I actually think United will win the league by at least 10 points. Liverpool played the whole match with 1 up front, even when the Chavs had 10 men, it shows how cautious Rafa is.

  • Sam

    Give Boswinga time. Im sure he’ll be giving Eboue a run for his money for most hated right back in no time – especially with more above the belt tackles!!

  • Darren

    Eboue is actually a right midfielder, hopefully now we’ve signed Ashavin (hope) he’ll be right back behind the goal!

  • Matt Quinn

    Totally agree about Michael Brown. Absolute thug who shouldnt be allowed to play professionally ever again.
    I also hate Tim Cahill. Nasty piece of work. Dirty, sly and arrogant.

    I, however, like Eboue as a person. Its only the fickle Arsenal “fans” who have jumped on his back. He is a very popular member of the dressing room whose popularity was shown by how all the other Arsenal players supported him when the mindless Gunners fans reduced him to tears.

  • stevie

    Eboue does play with a smile on his face, and you’re right, he is a very important member of the Arsenal squad. However, I think this top 10 is based on the pitch, not in the dressing room

  • Darren

    Arsenal = super moth wallet

  • dexylongshot

    Darren Says:
    February 2nd, 2009 at 9:54 am
    “Good day skivinh ahead for sexy,”

    oh Darren, Angel will have to take a back seat now….
    she takes everything else!

    Boswinga , what a idiot, he should have the book thrown at him for that, 5 match ban at least.

  • Darren

    Dexy sexy you are the one for me. Those bloody iPones, thats my excuse!

  • dexylongshot


    No, iphones are the nuts, a bit like the UKFF girls (cue canned laughter).

  • Pete
  • Darren

    quality! well looks like him, maybe it is him?

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