Moving With The Ages

by admin

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Hi guys, I was watching the Napoli v Roma derby yesterday,and I haven’t watched Roma play for a good couple of years and to my surprise with along with young talents like Bojan in their team Totti was playing.Yes at the grand old age of 35 Francesco Totti was starting and captaining Roma.At the heart of AS Roma’s attacking threat Totti was there.Recently Italian football has not invested in age,yes sure there are players like Stefan Jovetic who are young and talented but will get thier head turned by bigger European leagues.Inter Milan are classic example of ageing players.They replaced a forward at his peak (Samuel Et’o) with an aging understudy to Sergio Aguero (Diego Forlan) and doesn’t stop there Inter have a average squad age of 31.31! they need to cash in on Sneijder and sign someone promising and young.

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  • Mike

    Come one mate, this is an extended comment not a blog!

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