New years day predictions

by Mystical Mike

Sunday, December 30th, 2007


Arsenal v West Ham

Arsenal’s pogo stick is stuck in 2nd gear. Wenger introduced Space Hoppers in training to give his side a much needed lift. The Hammers have been bouncing along nicely away from home. They are still the only team to win at the Emirates.

Prediction 1-0


Aston Villa v Tottenham (17.20)

The Villa boss has been doing the Christmas jig in recent weeks, both he and Sergio Ramos are members of the Derby and Joan line-dancing club. Both men will be sharing a dance on the streets of Trinity Road.

Prediction 1-1


Fulham v Chelsea (12.45)

If Fulham were a computer game they would be Doom, Chelsea on the hand would be FIFA 08, all the glitz, all the stars with no playability what so ever. Saying that, Chelsea could field a team of computer-generated players and would still win.

Prediction 0-2


Man Utd v Birmingham

Christano Rolando is over rated, what does he do? He’s a playground player with no end product. I’m joking of course, since giving Rooney the eye he has become the most exciting player on the planet. Birmingham have improved under McLeish but will struggle to contain the young wizard.

Prediction 3-0


Middlesbrough v Everton

If Middlesbrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz were a game they would be Chess. Everton would be Buckaroo. Tough, no nonsense and angry!

Prediction 0-2


Reading v Portsmouth

Steve Coppell has been approached to play the lead roll in the movie ‘Jack Dee my life story’. Harry Redknapp once turned down the ‘Deputy Dog’ role.

Prediction 2-2


Blackburn v Sunderland (Wednesday)

A much needed home banker for a Blackburn side that has lost it’s wack attack. Roy Keane will have money to waste in the January sales but I don’t see it being enough to save them.

Prediction 2-0


Bolton v Derby (Wednesday)

Bolton have laid their hats, cos that’s their home, which is just as well, what with their away form being so poor. Derby have no hats to lay.

Prediction 2-0


Liverpool v Wigan (Wednesday)

Wigan will not win the league, neither will Liverpool. Saying that, this should give the Kop more false hope with an easy victory.

Prediction 3-0


Newcastle v Man City (Wednesday)

Big Sam was looking for a job then he found a job, heaven knows he’s miserable now, In Svens time, why did he give valuable time, to people who didn’t care if he lived or died.

Prediction 1-2

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