Newcastle fans deserve better

by Michael Somerville

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Going going………?

Am I the only one thinking that Newcastle will finish bottom of the Premier League this season? After selling their best player in Shay Given, the team has lacked purpose and quality, and due to the unfortunate manager changes, (of course Joe Kinnear receiving heart by=pass surgery was an unforeseeable event), the tactics have been all over the place, and Newcastle just haven’t worked out how to play football. They hired Sam Allardyce (remember him at Newcastle?) to play hard, competitive, direct football to which he was renowned at Bolton. After the fans grew tired and weary of Sam’s overhaul and playing style, the “transformation” was reminiscent of Lawrie Sanchez’ short tenure at Fulham. After Allardyce was sacked which it caused Sir Alex Ferguson to speak out about the short residence in which so many Premier League managers are granted these days. After board room wrangling through the baseball capped Mike Ashley, in stepped came the fans hero, Kevin Keegan whose attacking football was sure to get Newcastle hearts racing again. Disappointingly, his slow start didn’t help matters and momentum was lost very quickly, and after disparities with the board he left the club.

Then bringing in Kinnear, who has had a bad history of health problems (not exactly the best place to be manager at) took its toll on the man, and then the 2nd coming of the hero in Alan Shearer arrived, prompting… well so far not much at all. Shearer’s body language in the last couple of weeks hasn’t done him any favours, after smiling and rolling his eyes at the Liverpool fans who were chanting “You should of stayed on the tele!” He seems like he wants to leave as well, almost thinking “What’s a nice guy like me doing in a situation like this?!” Shearer and Dowie need to take charge and undermining the club will not instil confidence in his players.

The motley crue of managers who have come and gone at St James’s Park has been at times ridiculous, and at times like these you have to blame the board for having such little faith in Allardyce and Keegan. Newcastle don’t know how to play, their best player is a loan player ( Jonas Guittierez) and Michael Owen is simply showing everyone that he is past it, failing to impress even his No1 fan in Alan Shearer after he only brought him on in the last 10 minutes of their last league game. If Newcastle fail to overcome Boro at home then they really will have had it, and they will deserve the drop.

Some say that Newcastle could even drop below the Championship after Charlton, Norwich and Southampton were all relegated, all once reputable and well run Premier League clubs. They will need the experience of Nicky Butt, Viduka, and the strength of Steven Taylor and Kevin Nolan if they are to stay in the division. Even Joey Barton would be very useful in the Championship, but after the events at Anfield, it seems unlikely that Barton will play for the Magpies again.

It’s a shame because Newcastle are one of the few “romantic clubs” left in the division, full of faith, persistence and a desire to do well.

Their fans deserve better.

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  • Patrick

    Do you Newcastle fans deserve better? In a word, no.

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