Newcastle United Lettering

by Ryan Holmes

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Well over the past month Newcastle United have had reason to complain with Mike Ashley and the board, firstly renaming the stadium, secondly failing to bring a number 9 in, but his latest stunt must be the last straw.

Ashley has shown time and time again he is not a football chairman but rather a businessman, though I am not saying this matters as the two have seemingly become mutually exclusive.  Though to me Mike Ashley’s latest move doesn’t seem to be that wise as he has taken down the signature Newcastle United lettering that resides on the East Stand.

This to me is a piece of our history, and although this move has been no secret, with Ashley’s PR people saying that it will be replaced with identical writing this prompts the question, Why bother? Why take the sign down at all just leave it. After the changing of the stadium name, I am worried that another commercial for one of Ashley’s business will make its way into our stadium. After all how can we trust this guy, he has promised a new number 9 and didn’t bring one in after months of speculation leaving us with few quality strike options. Though the Sports Direct sign that appeared above the Gallowgate end last season is surely the catalyst that is cause for concern and is what is the most worrying. After all how can we trust this Spurs fan and when will Ashley’s commercial advertising assault on our club end.

I would love to be proved wrong and the lettering finds its way back onto the stadium, but then is he doing this on purpose to anger more fans? Why not put this money, this small amount of money into something positive something, which will get Newcastle fans back on his side.

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  • Mark

    At the end of the day, when I go to St James I don’t care what the lettering says. It would be nice to have a scoreboard, it would be nice to have one of those TV type scoreboards. But as I said at the end of the day I go to watch the match, not the names of the stands or any advertising or scoreboards that we don’t have.

    I hate the electronic advertising around the pitch, but once the game gets going, I don’t notice it. If FCB wants silly names then can it get sillier than the “Sir John Hall Stand?” Sir John Hall…why not someone who really did something for NUFC – Joe Harvey – Player, Manager, Legend. SBR?

    Any others…please feel free to comment, but whatever comes up it doens’t matter once the players run onto the pitch.

    It will always be St James to me, never*!

  • Billy

    I’m not saying that this is the case but signs and fixings don’t last forever. If you were sat underneath one of those letters when the fixings failed you’d be complaining that he hadn’t changed them years ago. Having said that I fully expect there to be some reference to sports direct when the new signage does go back up

  • jachin the Columnist

    Can’t understand why he hasn’t put the Yids cockeral up there yet. He seems as though he’s looking for any excuse to wind the fans up . Why oh why don’t he just f**k off and leave us alone .

  • Ketz

    I am not really that bothered about the signage on the stadium and as the tv cameras primarily point towards the east stand it makes commercial sense to exploit it. However it would also make more sense to sell the space to other sponsors which would bring real money in. I would be surprised if sports direct pay much into the club for the vast amount of advertising.

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