Newcastle United

by Ryan Holmes

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Mike Ashley and the Newcastle United board asked fans to judge them on 1st September after all of their transfers had been done. Well it’s the 1st and I think I speak for Newcastle fans across the nation, when I say that Mike Ashley and the rest of his henchman are guilty of nothing but time wasting, negligence and parsimony. Why doesn’t Mike Ashley and his team of directors come and address the fans the way Keegan did with the sale of Cole, and tell us what is going on in the club?

Though I can say I am happy with the fact we signed Davide Stanton for £5million, which covers the left back departure of the sell out Enrique. I am also pleased with the introduction of Cabaye into the centre of midfield after the exit of captain Kevin Nolan to West Ham.

Though I am extremely disappointed and angry at the way in which Managing Director Derek Lambias conducted his business. His constant hunt for a bargain to find the perfect transfer and inability to grow a pair and pay over his own valuation for players have left Newcastle in the same situation they started.

Pardew promised a striker and with £35 million received for Andy Carroll it would of surely of been smart to reinvest some of this money, rather than being stubborn. The £10million bid for Kevin Gameiro and the £8million for Mevlut Erdinc both being accepted could have lightened up the summer but both declined the contract offers. This makes me wonder whether this was because the deals where not enough to tempt them from the French league, were we offering them similar insignificant contracts that saw Barnetta turn down a move to Tynside?

Though these are not the only transfer moves Newcastle fans can look at and wonder what could have been had Mike Ashley been willing to take more risk such as, £8million bid for Modibo Maiga though when Sochaux demanded more money the transfer was not followed up despite his passion to come and play for Newcastle United. Another was the £10million offer for Papiss Demba Cisse, which was made and rejected a day before the end of the market and not followed up on the final day. This just proves Ashley really just does not care about the club but rather his own pocket.

Though as I say that some of the transfers for me are positive with Cabaye coming in from Lille for £4.5million, Obertan from Manchester United, Davide Stanton from Inter Milan for £5million and as long as Demba Ba carries on his form from last season and in Germany I will be happy.

Though every single Newcastle fan knows that the two top goal scorers from last season have gone, we have lost midfield guile in Barton’s departure, and Enrique from left back. Though these positions have been filled, I still wonder what the quality is like that we have filled them with?

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  • Kingworth 38

    You do not speak for me a Newcastle fan for 60+ years. I rate this a good transfer window and though regret the non arrival of a big striker do not blame MA or AP. I am sure they tried hard. Only a blinkered idiot could believe that they want NU to fail. Great strikers do not grow on trees and two main issues have to ber satisfied; that they want to come to NU and that their club agree to them leaving. MA-AP cannot control these matters. Thank goodness MA will NOT shell out silly money for nonentities. The current policy of finding and raising talented youngsters is just fine.

  • Ryan Holmes

    Kingworth38, I agree I don’t want to spend ridiculous money on players that will flop, like Owen etc, but I do think we should of brought some striker in, even if it does mean spending a little bit more money than liked. Football has changed from the days of Super-Mac and Jackie Milburn it is not just about the game itself, but its now a business and clubs are not going to accept limp bids for their best players. And in my opinion limp bids were all we made in this market. The bids we did make did nothing, we have needed a striker since we sold Andy Carroll and MA and his cronies have not stepped up. The wool has been pulled over the eyes of fans everywhere including yourself by all of these bids that I am sure Ashley knew would be rejected to divert some of the flack that is now coming his way so they can pretend as if they tried, but did they really? I am guessing from the previous activity while Ashley has been at the top of this club, he didn’t really try that hard. You believe they did their best, well I would disagree I believe that they didn’t try at all, if we really tried that hard then why didn’t we look anywhere else other than the French league?

    I don’t believe that they want the club to fail but they certainly are not that bothered with it succeeding. I don’t blame Pardew because I feel that he is probably receiving the same treatment that Keegan quit for, and that treatment is being promised money but never in the position to receive it.

  • Ed Eyre

    The truth is somewhere in the middle as always.
    We didn’t need to spend huge, but did need to spend. Didn’t need to wait until the last moment of the window, but also don’t need to throw money out on the first day of it.
    Don’t need to tell the fans what you ate in the morning and what you did with your wife on the weekend but do tell us what are your plans for the clubs future and come in general once a week/month and talk to the press and the fans.
    They shouldn’t lie to us. Treat us as their costumers, and show that they care for the club.
    This is what the owner or his chairman should be doing. Credit for buying cheap? Credit for scouting cheap players.
    I will not give credit to Ashley directly, no way, he is a horrible owner when it comes to us the fans, he treats us like shit. What can ease the anger would have been a good striker (no, doesn’t mean we need to spend 50M on him). and that didn’t happen. Now who’s to say Tiote, Ben Arfa and now Santon, the real bargains we picked up in the last year isn’t just another £70 million profit for Ashley in a years time. Now I’ve just read he’s ripping down the famous Newcastle United FC lettering on the stadium to replace it with his advertising – for me thats the final straw.

  • Harkstinator Delux Edition 2.1

    Basically, i share the same views as yourself Ryan. At the end of the day we (Newcastle United) needed a top class striker to fill the boot of the big lad AC… Yet again the board and the manager have failed to do this. 60 year awld bloke at the top – we have done some good business in the window yes, but where is our number 9?
    In terms of finance we have done well, but not as a football team. We are full of average, at best, players. The board need to pull their fingers out from each others arse’ and show the fans the ambition and drive that their puppet Alan Pardew so often tells us in his press conferences. If they don’t in January then they are at serious risk of loosing a few loyal supporters.

  • Matt Quinn

    Its strange. A lot of pundits and neutrals seem to think Sunderland have purchased well this window and Newcastle have foundered. I personally think the opposite.

    I think Pardew has bought exceptionally well…. Cabaye, Santon, Ba, Obertan, Marveaux all look exciting talents. I thought it was the right decision to sell Nolan, although its a pity that Barton didnt stay as a midfield of Tiote, Cabaye and Barton would have been very impressive.

    The only downside is the lack of a striker among their purchases… but i still think they have enough in their squad to have a decent season. Unlike sunderland where i think Steve Bruce has wasted a lot of his money on average talent. Gardner, Larsson, Wickham, the Korean (cant remember his name), Westwood etc… are all average. With the money at his disposal, Bruce’s purchases compared with Pardew’s are, to my mind, uninspiring in the extreme and i think Sunderland may have a difficult season.

  • Kingworth 38

    As fans we will always be in the dark about motives, intentions and actual conduct during negotiations. How could it be otherwise? It would make no sense at all for MA/AP to make a public announcements or give a running commentary on the list of targets. What would the point be of knowing that x club was asked about y striker and told there’s no chance? Of course necessary secrecy means acres of mad speculation by our tawdry media!

    On actual alternatives in the age group and price demanded there were m,assive risks of not being even half way certain they would be better than what we’ve got.

    We should not forget that MA has apparently plugged a big financial hole at NU plc. If we now have a period of stable financial prudence I welcome it.

    On your blog – congratulations on encouraging sane, literate discussion. Let’s keep it that way.

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